WARNING! The following story contains slash as in male/male relationships, at one point male/male/male. You no like, you no read. I did warn you. Oh and it's a teensy bit angsty…

Lone Angel

Chapter 1, Sketching.

Peter looked up at the subject of his sketch quickly and smiled, Warren had no idea that he was being sketched as he sat reading a book his father had sent him. The soft pencil in his hand was perfect for the beautiful white feathers and easily picked out each minute detail.

"That's good Pete," Bobby said quietly as he leant over the big Russian boys shoulder to see better. "To get some photo's of him flying in front of the sun would be brilliant for my art project."

"Why don't you ask him then?" Peter asked while adding more detail to Warren's hair. "The worst he can do is say no and it's not very likely he will if you explain properly."

"Maybe I will," Bobby smiled at Peter before walking to Warren, standing directly in front of the winged boy. So engrossed in his book Warren didn't notice the other boy until bobby clicked his fingers in front of his face. "Hey Warren, I was wondering if you could help me out with my art project?"

"How?" Warren asked with his usual shy smile.

"Just let me take some photo's of you flying. See I chose the religion topic and I'm focusing on angels. Well you happen to have angel's wings and I could really work well from some photo's of you," Bobby explained with a broad grin. "Please?"

"A-Alright…when?" Warren asked sliding his bookmark into place and gently putting the book on his lap.



"Thanks Warren." Bobby moved off and with a small sigh Warren went back to reading his book. Peter couldn't help but smile, Warren was very sweet, kind, gentle and always ready to help but his manner was so shy around everyone, so much so it almost hurt to watch.

"What are you reading Warren?" Kitty asked brightly looking up from her magazine. "You seem pretty engrossed in it."

"W-Well it's-um it's strange and um-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen," as he mumbled his reply he turned bright red and his himself behind the book. Kitty stared at him in surprise and was about to say something further when

Warren jumped up and fled to room, a single white feather falling behind him in his haste.

"I didn't mean to embarrass him," Kitty said sadly as Peter carefully picked up the father with a sad smile.

"Don't worry Kitty, it wasn't you really. The guys like that with everyone."

"But why?"

"I don't know, but if we do ever find out we can all help him over come it. Whatever it is."

"Yeah…hey Peter can you draw me? I'd send it to my parents if you did so that I'm always there as well as here," Kitty asked when she noticed Peter's sketchpad and pencils.

"Of course, I'll do it now if you like," he turned to a fresh page as she comfortable again in her chair.

"Thanks Peter."

"No problem, now try not to move too much…"

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