The Final Stanza II: Tales of the Awkward

There was really was something to be said about the mindset of a teenage boy indulging in fantasies in the middle of a date. So now, Ron Stoppable had to all kinds of gymnastics trying to cover for his slip-up. This could be a serious flap he was looking at. Minutes ago, Kim just finished talking about his maturity being a reason why she turned a favorable eye in his direction in the first place. He didn't want Kim thinking that was some kind of lecherous pervert or anything like that.

"What was that in your pants, Ron? I thought you kept Rufus in your pocket."

"Actually," he said slowly, in awe of how much leg he was exposed to. "I don't think the dress is short enough."

My hips pressed heavily against her backside? Five seconds until the roll of quarters exposes itself… Abort! Abort!

He figured that his only option was to tell the truth… even if it would result in Kim looking at him with the mother of all sideways glances. Speaking of sideways, didn't she say that she'd noticed him grow in other places too; other places, implying places that he wouldn't dare mention? He privately smirked at himself… looks like both of us are a couple of lecherous perverts, K.P.

"m-My spot?" He asked.

"You were majorly spacing out on me. What was that about your spot?"

He rubbed the back of his neck in apprehension. Should he really cop to having a rather T-to-M-rated vision regarding her?

"I kind of had a vision of you…"

Oh, he was in it now. Kim was now focused on him as he attempted to craft what he was going to say.

"…taking my favorite spot on the couch. It was very frustrating."

Damn… so much for honesty.

Kim eased back into her chair, almost in a disappointed way. She inwardly knew that Ron wasn't being honest like he usually was, but she was willing to let him slide for now. It must've been something intense if he was going to fib about what he was daydr… date-dream about. He practically was moaning as he was complaining about his spot. In spite of it, she smiled at him anyway, flattered that he would think about her that way. Sure, it was also weird in a way, but to be honest; it wasn't as if she didn't have some un-friendly thought sequences about the blond.

The Ride Back Home by Kim Possible

It seemed to be an abnormally quiet ride home for globe-trotting heroine Kim Possible and her partner Ron Stoppable. Usually after foiling the plot of some world-domination minded sociopath, they would have a chat about whatever came to their minds at the time. But tonight, in a cotton-filled cargo jet, the ride was eerily quiet.

Ron sat in the back next to the soft cottony mass while Kim stared out of the lone window. The redhead wondered about why no one was speaking. She snuck occasional glances in his direction. He seemed as he was thinking about something seriously… which didn't happen often.

"Kim, do you ever think…" Ron began, interrupting the silence. "About what might happen if something ever happened to you? Like, if Drakken or Shego, or any of those guys left you seriously hurt?"

It's a question that she tackled often, but her brimming confidence never forced her to look at that situation realistically.

"No-not really, why do you ask, Ron?"

"Because I think about it a lot, Kim," he answered. "I know you can do everything and all that, but… if something were to happen…"

It was so out of the ordinary for her to hear Ron think about things that way. He didn't seem too be shook up after this particular mission, and the result was just about the same as it always is, Kim kicks butt, the evil plan of world domination is foiled, and now the ride back home. Concerned, she took a seat next to him and took his hand in reassurance.

"Is there something wrong, Ron? It's not often that…"

"'Cause there's so many things I wouldn't have got to say, you know?" He was avoiding her glance moments ago, now looked directly in her eyes.

Kim's breath hitched in her throat. Where was all of this coming from? And, he looked so serious. She could almost feel a chill in the air as he sorted his thoughts.

"I know you probably don't need it but I always want to be there for you, Kim," he said.

He didn't show any signs of hesitation… and his admission left the redhead at a loss. He was so serious… and he was looking at her in such a way that was…there was something about him right now. His eyes smoldered with something she couldn't quite perceive. His voice usually wasn't what she would call alluring, but at this very moment, he sounded confident, reassuring, even… dare she say, sexy, like that delightful lead character in Batman Beyond.

She wanted to say something—she really did. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, the plane seemed to hit turbulence of some kind, and as a result of extremely contrived coincidence, the world-defending girl ended up being pinned down by her sidekick. If she was flustered then, then there was about to be a heat-wave of epic proportions—on her face alone.

"Ron…" She could only manage a squeak. Then, she found herself speechless again at what was above her.

His milk-chocolate eyes grew dark with desire… desire for her? She found herself short of breath suddenly. He just said something so heartfelt to her and… was so assertive about it, and he was so close now. She nearly could feel his breath tease her exposed skin ever-so slightly. She shut her eyes, not believing that this could be real and opened them once again. Same plane, same suddenly attractive best friend on top of her… and he was grinning at her.

"It's for real, Kim," he said with that Terry McGinnis-like air before chuckling again. "I guess I'll have to thank the pilot."

Suggestive collisions were so awesome.

Closer and closer he came to her, his lips puckered and she shut her eyes once more… this was for real. This was for real. This was for real…

Oh, my… was it hot in here or was it just her?

Ron could tell that Kim's mind was somewhere else. The smile she'd worn on her face after his blatant lie stayed on her face and only seemed to get sillier and sillier over the past minute or so. He wondered what she was thinking about. Maybe she was fantasizing about winning something prestigious? Or maybe she was thinking about something awesome, like Metta World Peace's prodigious elbows, or…

Whoa, his mind was starting to wander a bit… again. Focusing back on Kim, he snapped a finger in front of her face, hopefully not loud enough for the other patrons to hear.

"Eh, K.P.? Did you hear what I said?"

Hear what you said? Wait! You're not on top of me… whispering sweet nothings in my ear! What's going on here? Oh. It looks like she had an immediate inappropriate fantasy of her date sitting across from her. Well, looks like she wasn't in position to chastise him anymore.

She snapped to attention. "K.P., I was saying we should… see a movie or something. I think we're starting to draw attention to ourselves."

Kim looked around the area of the restaurant. Hm, they did seem to attract some stares. She guessed that this is what came with the two of them date-dreaming about one another while at such a fancy spot such as this. Hopefully no one else what paying attention to Ron… after all, Ron was hers… for the evening, anyway.

"You're right, Ron," she said raising out of her seat and taking Ron's hand as he rose from his side of the table. "Let's go to a nice, dark theatre where no one will see us."

Ron stopped in his tracks as Kim dragged him about to the restaurant's exit. What was up with Kim's suggestiveness? It was as if the red-haired heroine had transformed into some sort of femme fatale… not that he was complaining, of course. In his eyes, Kim was free to take the lead on this date and going forward as she saw fit. It wasn't as if her leading the way and him following obediently was anything new to him. Then again, that Eric Matthews-look-a-like was right; he needed more confidence in himself. He needed confidence like the New York Jets needed a competent quarterback.

Then again, some things were just flat-out impossible.

Mrs. Dr Possible's Sensitivity Training: Session Three

"I mean, Ronald of all people! I thought he would be the one to protect Kimmie from those lecherous vagabonds!"

"James, Ron, is a boy too, and maybe..."

"No, he's not, honey," James countered. "He's Ron!"

Mrs. Possible glared at her husband. Firstly, he interrupted her, and secondly, there was no way Ron was so different from the other boys that he assumed his own gender.

"You know, the somewhat asexual young man that has passing attractions toward young women but absolutely no attraction to his best friend who happens to be my, er... a loving father's daughter," the rocket scientist described.

"Jim, Kim has known Ron longer than she's known anyone her age," she then smiled. "I've always thought that it was just a matter of time."

(So Mrs. Dr. Possible IS a shipper, just like we suspected.)

"And why is that?"

"Because I remember some 22 years ago, this neurology major and an automotive engineering major who were friends for some time before..."

"So, you're saying that Kimmie and Ron are a direct parallel to us?"

Anne cracked a smile and nodded, hoping that this could win her husband over.

"Hm, I don't see it."

With a sigh, the brain surgeon reclined on the couch once more, hoping that she could find another route to break her husband's stubbornness.

A nice dark theater where no one could see them, yes? Well, for Ron, it felt like he was pawing his way through a fog. Funnily enough, his date was even admitted inside the theater after a heartfelt apology and that she would do her best to not disrupt the moviegoing experience for other patrons.

It was so hard to concentrate on things when you were on your first date with your best friend. From the drive-by daydreaming to misunderstanding certain situations to guys who sound suspiciously like you but only two pitches deeper from alternate universes giving you pep talks, but now trying to concentrate while your date is continuously reaching for popcorn in your lap… and seemingly coming closer to him every ten minutes during the movie they were watching.

He tried to rationalize the fact that he'd been down this road before—with Tara, but it was different, man. For one thing, he was pretty sure he didn't stick the tub of popcorn near his roll of quarters the last time he was on a date and another thing, it wasn't just any girl he was out with—it was Kim. Well, the least he could do is enjoy the movie, and maybe it was just him catching a good whiff, but Kim sure smelled good. Hey, maybe if…

"Hey, K.P.," he whispered to her. A compliment was in order here. "What's that you're wearing? I-it smells good."

'So, he does notice,' Kim smirked to no one in particular. After all, the perfume she was said was advertised to make men, 'melt into marshmallow paste.' Calvin Klein was certainly lacking in the ad campaign department nowadays. She decided to reward him by drawing closer to him, so he could get more of her scent.

At this moment, Ron was actively attempting to watch the movie, smell the redhead's perfume and/or shampoo, and debating whether to get a bit closer to her or not. Well, the movie seemed to be as predictable as most summer blockbusters, maybe without cars turning into robots, or president's-turned-vampire hunters and so forth. Would Kim really be upset if she found him focusing more on her than this snore-fest of a flick?

Kim had noticed that her sidekick's attention wasn't completely on the movie, and there was certainly nothing wrong with that. Her mind made up, she lifted the cup holder and boldly leaned into the young man and she immediately felt him tense up. Sure, she footed for the increasingly expensive tickets, popcorn and the sodas, but as long as the blond was distracted with her as the source of his distraction, it was all worth it.

Speaking of worth it… someone thought that it was worth it to tear this wonderfully budding relationship with every fiber of their being; someone who was devious in their mind, someone particularly prideful and unrelenting in the pursuit of the common goal of destroying Kim Possible once and for all.

"Look, I'm just trying to watch the movie," a disguised Shego said to an equally disguised Dr. Drakken.

Oops, wrong devious.

But, what was this? A lone brunette sat a few rows behind the pair; studying the sidekick and his date as they were lost with each other more so than focusing on the movie. They seemed to be having a great time in each other's company to say the least. Her conscience was telling her to let the two be happy.

But, heck with that! Why should she be happy?

She didn't necessarily hate Kim. She would like to say that she hated the head cheerleader, that would be easier to do… but resentment was more appropriate. Every time she had proved something to someone at any given time, there was that red-haired super heroine stealing the spotlight that she so richly deserved, and now that she found a weakness in the allegedly perfect Kim Possible, why shouldn't she exploit her for its worth?

Oh, yes, she was going to get Kim Possible this time. And from the magic of fan-fiction related plot fatigue, the time was now.

The movie just about ended with neither Kim nor Ron remembering about much of the plot. Doesn't that sound familiar? Either way, both of them felt fairly good about the way things went tonight; Ron's pants had stayed in an upright locked position, and Kim didn't have any momentary lapses into a clingy creeper. As they strolled out of the theatre and into the hallway, things were looking up for the redhead and her blond beau.

Then again, when things were looking up, there's always a chance for turbulence.

"Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable?"

It didn't take for either redhead or blond to realize that they'd been found out by the most unwanted of sources. Worse still, the shrill outburst attracted the attention of other moviegoers. This… this wasn't good at all. Both glanced at each other, then turned around to see the smiling, deviousness in clear sight, face of Bonnie Rockwaller.

"Kim and Ron, what's going on here? Are you two on a… date?" She asked as loud as she could to attract even more attention to three of them. Sure enough, some more folks gathered around them. Both had the feeling that they were being boxed in. If there was any time for a publicist, diversion, overzealous bodyguard, now was the time.

"Did you guys know that just a few weeks ago that Ron was out on a date… that's shocking in itself…"

Dude, harsh!

"But the best part was that the world-famous Kim Possible was hoping in the treetops stalking her sidekick. Isn't that insane?"

The small crowd which had surrounding the high-school celebrities murmured in disbelief. Oh, this was just a Bonnie Rockwaller special, wasn't it? No, this was the Bonnie Rockwaller scorched Earth policy. The only way the brunette could put any more shame on Kim was if she accused her of drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the locker room during Cheer Regionals.

On one hand, she felt embarrassed enough to make herself as small and unnoticeable as possible, not unlike the defense of the Green Bay Packers. On the other hand, it took some kind of effort for her not to turn green and completely throttle the meddlesome brunette. Her Urge to Kill Bonnie meter was catastrophically high, but there were way too many witnesses around to not garner prosecution, conviction, and life imprisonment.

"Sooo, K. Are you dragging ol' Ronnie again?"

Ron saw the expression on Kim's face; one of apprehension and even hopelessness. He saw the growing smirk on the rival cheerleader's face. He thought back to the many times that Kim protected him from many of the ills of just about anything malevolent that came his way… even the dreaded lawn gnomes. That guy who closely resembled Duncan Fletcher appeared in his subconscious, urging him to return the favor. It was out of the ordinary, but this wasn't ordinary circumstances, now was it?

See, but tonight, it wouldn't be Kim defending Ron like the status quo dictated. He was an easygoing guy, leaving the confrontation to other people, all he wanted to do was go with the flow, but seeing Kim being berated by Bonnie on tonight of all nights was more than he could take.

He stepped in front of Kim and prepared to uncork a rant of epic proportions.

"Would you back off, Bonnie?" He asked. "Gosh, I don't know what your problem is with Kim but—"

The smirk vanished from the brunette cheerleader's face. The sidekick sticking up for Kim? She didn't like that, at all.

"Problem? How about the fact that she tries to be this paragon of perfection when in reality she's a creepy stalker? Or maybe the fact that everyone believes that she is? Or maybe it's the fact that you would so easily forgive her? If I were you—"

"You're not me," he said in the loudest voice he could muster. "Kim has been my friend for longer than I remember, and maybe if you weren't—"

The brunette was starting to get frustrated with this. Darn it, both were supposed to be shamed, for crying out loud. Maybe the two of them weren't worth it.

"I give up! It's clear my words are lost on losers on you two," she taunted as she turned her back from them and finding a spot to clear the circle of humanity who surrounded them.

"I'm not done!" Ron shouted. "People make mistakes and unless you're the only perfect person on the planet, you've made some too, Bonnie. And either way, if Kim made a thousand mistakes and picked the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series this year, I'd still stay by her side because… I care about her too much to just abandon her."

Bonnie scoffed at the blond's explanation. "I am perfect, compared to—"

Oh, no… not this time.

"Perfect? I don't think so. In fact, perfect isn't what I would choose to describe you," Ron said, almost flaring in anger. "No, if I had to describe you, you'd be a prissy, stuck-up, self-centered, gold-digging, snooty, conniving Ho-Bag!"

Oh, snap. Ish just got real up in the hizzy.

The onlookers gaped in horror, as did Bonnie, as did Kim… and Ron just pretty much felt everything he mustered up flew out of him once he uttered the word 'ho-bag.' Now, he just felt plain embarrassed. In fact, he felt a little faint and a little dizzy, but it was worth it, right?

He wanted to think that he wasn't giving himself away too much, but with a crowd of people surrounding Bonnie, Kim and the eavesdropping moviegoers watching him bare his soul… somewhat.

"I—uh, we should go," he quickly stated, gripping the hand of the perplexed redhead. The small crowd gave them the right of way before they began to disperse themselves. Heck, in all likelihood, this situation bought them more drama and entertainment than any flick about Abraham Lincoln slaying zombies ever could. This left Bonnie standing in the hallway alone trying to make sense of what just happened.

'That Ron Stoppable just stuck up for himself, and Possible, and just totally dissed me. That was… that was… he was…

…kinda sexy,' she smirked to no one in particular.

The return trip was silent for both Ron and Kim, and ironically enough, they found themselves walking through Middleton Park, the site of the 'Surveillance' debacle earlier in the summer.

Stoppable had hoped that he didn't go too far, but the look on Kim's face told the story. Well, at least if he was going to crash, he would crash spectacularly. He let go of Kim's hand and stopped at a nearby bench. He gestured for Kim to sit with him. Once seated, he couldn't find the gumption to look her in the eye.

"About back there, K.P. I have a tendency to say some.."

"Don't apologize," she interrupted. "I should be thanking you for forgiving me."

"Really?" Asked Ron.

"Of course," she said, a smile gracing her features for the first time in an hour or so. "Remember a few hours ago when you said I'd never lose you?"

He did remember and he nodded to affirm it. Even though it was about four hours ago, it felt like it was three years ago.

(Wait, is that S-Chrome taking potshots at himself... again?)

"Then, I'll tell you that no matter what crazy things you do and will do, the things you say, or what happens, you'll never lose me either. Understand?"

Ron started fidgeting a bit, what with K.P. looking so deeply at him like that.

"Are you sure that you're all right with me-"

"Really, Ron. You were great," she flashed a genuine smile. She placed the palm of her hand upon her sidekick-slash-crush's cheek and turned . Her smile grew as Ron's face began to radiate. Of course, she wouldn't have seen him blush if they hadn't been under a street lamp… but never mind that, at last, an uninterrupted moment. It was just Kim, Ron, and a mountain of awkwardness disappearing in the late evening air.

No words were spoken as she pulled her hand away from his flushed cheek and continued to stare at him and likewise.

Ron was certainly slow on the uptake from time to time, routinely failing the most obvious spot checks, but on this night, he was sharp and perceptive and there was something in those pools of emerald green that just made him uncomfortable in the most intriguing way. Those eyes, they were urging him to… he wasn't sure what to make of what she was urging him to do.

She wants me to? She's coming to closer to me… I, wow… her lips are puckering… deep breath, deep breath… don't faint!

There was absolutely nothing that could stop this moment from happening. No interruptions. No meddling parents, and certainly not...


...a mere act of God.

At that moment, the Lord himself most likely said something along the lines of, "Yo, Kim & Ron, you guys have this romantic thing going, that's cool, I'm happy for you two, and I'mma let you finish, but a freak downpour is the greatest way to interrupt a romantic moment of all time! ALL TIME!"

The culprit to break whatever moment that was about to brew was a hard, pounding rain. Kim looked up to the sky as if to question why it had to start raining now, Ron, while disappointed as well, was relieved that something was going to come along to break the oppressive heat and humidity. The heat between him and Kim, however, wasn't going to extinguish as easily as a downpour. Still, all these interruptions were starting to be a bit much. It seemed to take several seconds for either of them to realize that they were being soaked by the rain. Well, Ron realized it as it was hard not to notice heavy raindrops crashing upon you. Kim, on the other hand, was still staring intently at the sky, contemplating on how she could take her frustration on fate in the most brutal way possible.

"Eh, Kim, I know the lightning and pretty and all—" Ron was cut off by a rather loud crash of thunder. In his surprise at the sudden loudness the sky just emitted, he gripped his hands around Kim's waist, an impromptu embrace.

Kim was caught off-guard in a sense as well. Not by the thunder, but by the blond's arms clutching her midsection. Maybe a sudden thundershower wasn't so bad after all. Perhaps she wouldn't beat fate to a bloody pulp the next time she came face-to-face with it… but it would get lumped up pretty badly.

Still, coming down with a cold attempting to prolong a romantic moment was probably not in either of their best interests. So, Kim took the boy's hand and made a dash for her house, which had to be at least a half-mile away. It looked as if like they were going to get soaked anyway. Well, at least, they were still holding hands.


The clouds had appeared to part just as both Ron and Kim approached the driveway to the Possible home. The moon, previously obscured by thunderheads, now seemed to shine upon the two teenagers, as if the floating natural satellite wanted this moment to be as romantic as possible. For Ron, it had already been a crazy night. He still could barely grasp the concept that he was on a date with his friend… still, he was far from complaining, and now that the date was for the most part over and done with, he had no idea what was next.

For Kim though, everything about the night had been perfect, in the weirdest of ways, and she couldn't find a better way to end it than a rather certain… show of affection to conclude this near-perfect evening.

Both stood tentatively at the walkway, a few feet from the front door. Ron became a bit more fidgety than usual. What was he supposed to do now? Of course, if there was a miniature Hitch on his shoulder, he would've had a good idea, plus he could break out some cool dancing moves, as well. Still, his date was glancing in his general direction, almost expecting him to make the next move.

"Sooo," he meandered. "Nice night?"

"It could be better," she replied, eyes still fixated him and a mischievous expression that seemed to unnerve Ron in a way that he couldn't describe.

"Better?" He asked uneasily. "So, on a rating of zero to ten, how did you rate this… this, uh…"

"Date?" She found the words for him. He still couldn't bring himself to say it.

"Yeah, that…"

"One to ten?" Kim asked rhetorically. "I'd say about six."

Six? Ron's left eye twitched. Six was only slightly above average. Six, was practically mediocre… much like Tom Brady in Super Bowls. Sure, earlier in the evening, he just hoped that he could go through this entire thing without abjectly embarrassing himself, and he did... many times with each flub being more embarrassing than the last, but that was simply pre-date jitters, or so he gathered. A six... a six was no good… at all.

"A six? Only a six?" Ron groused. Still, the smirk that made him uneasy never left the redhead's lips. Maybe she was just jerking his chain… or perhaps pulling his sausage…

Hm, where did such figure of speech come from?

Sure, she didn't seem to be too serious about rating their first date a six.

"It could be better," she said. Now, Ron wasn't the most perceptive when it came to girls, but he did know that if a girl was dropping a hint at him in the fashion that Kim was, that was usually a good thing. Plus, he noted that she said 'could be' rather than 'could've been,' which means there's still room for improvement, despite the fact that they were twenty steps from the Possible's home.

"Still, I had a great time," she continued… she appeared to be forthright with that.

"I did too," he quickly spoke up. As fast as he spoke up, though, he snuck toward her and planted a kiss on the red-haired girl's cheek. In the time it usually takes for lightning to strike, he returned to his original position, a foot or two from her, standing with his arms behind his back.

Was that… supposed to be a good-night kiss? Kim seemed bewildered at very the least. She placed a hand over her cheek. After spending the better part of a year and a half trying to sort out her feelings for the boy, and likely vice-versa, and now that they've gotten over this 'awkward' phase and go on a date, this is all she gets, a lousy peck on the cheek?

"What was that?" The smirk disappeared and a confused expression replaced it. Ron began stuttering and stumbling over every one of his words. It made the annoyance she felt toward him at the moment ebb away, and made her think about how cute he was when he stumbled over his words. Perhaps she underestimated how shy Ron was, especially with this being their first date. But, she had the perfect remedy for this.

With a playful glint in her eye, and subconscious encouragement from Hormonia, Kim advanced on the blond.

As the redhead approached him, Ron was a tad confused when he noticed that Kim had her lips pursed, and were headed in his direction. What's this about?

(Weren't they about to…? Like thirty or forty minutes ago. Ah, never mind.)

In a split-second, he perceived a flashback to a certain incident in the basement, where Kim was so comfortably on top of him, her eyes easing shut and her lips inches away from his. A sudden feeling of calm overcame him, the dizziness and butterflies in his stomach seemed to subside at a moment's notice. Tension quickly transformed into anticipation, as her lips came inches to his. Inches… centimeters… millimeters… what's the next smaller increment?


Two pairs of eyes jackknifed open to see what had interrupted them this time.

The Kimmunicator? Now?!

(Destiny 4, Date 3: The Boston Celtics would have been playing golf by now, or checking into the retirement home by now… whichever comes first.)

Kim pulled the electronic device out of her pocket and glared at it intently. Why was it that every time she tried to get close to Ron, something, someone, or some force of nature would always interrupt them? It's was almost as if someone up there or even down there wanted to prolong this tension between herself and Ron as much as possible.

(S-Chrome shrugs innocently. I claim responsibility for nothing. The muse willed it so, dad-gum it.)

The teen heroine stared a hole through the communication device hard enough to bore a hole through its circuitry. All she needed was a baseball bat, a getaway car, and a gangsta rap soundtrack and she would've rendered this interfering device to resistors and capacitors. Ron peered over her shoulder to see what Wade had for them. Thing is, that Kim didn't press the button to accept his call. Instead, she placed the Kimmunicator by her side.

Heck, the world could wait for now.

She tossed the Kimmunicator behind her shoulder and onto the lawn a few feet away from where they stood.

"Kim…why did-?"

Before Ron could finish his question, Kim turned around wearing nothing less than a predatory smirk on her face (Well, her clothes were still on, but you know... hyperbole and whatnot.) as she drew closer to him. Her gaze toward him kept the young Stoppable from saying anymore.

Ron had never seen the look on Kim's face before, it left him fearful and captivated simultaneously.

Before he could react, an arm slithered around his neck and pulled him in toward her. It didn't take him very long for him to realize that he was being kissed, what with Kim's lips so deliciously crushed against his. The sidekick fought tooth and nail against the urge to black out upon contact. He had kissed a girl before, but never been kissed quite like this, and for his money, he could definitely get used to something like this… provided he didn't black out within the next couple of seconds.

With his urge to faint dead away beaten back to a reasonable distance, Ron attempted in earnest to return what he was getting. His arms, while not physically imposing by any stretch, possessively pulled Kim closer to him, causing the girl to squeal ever-so-slightly. If this wasn't the best thing ever experienced in the young man's life, he was going to have to be shown something different… and then…

…was that, perhaps, Kim's tongue snaking its way into his mouth?

OK. We have a new best thing ever. Bar none.

After a moment or so, both Kim and Ron broke away from one another. Exhilarated and confused at the same time. Both inhaled deeply, eyes wide at what transpired. Green eyes stared at brown eyes, and likewise.

No words were said, however, a mutual understanding came between the two because as fast as they broke away…

…they went back into another clumsy embrace, this time with more intensity then the last. Once more, that tricky tongue of hers slipped past his lips and intertwined with his unsuspecting tongue. Her arms gripped his neck, deepening their kiss. His hands, perhaps still from the shock of his first kiss, immediately took hold of the girl's hips as they continued. They could've stayed in this position all night long had it not been for the need of precious air. Their breaths became short and ragged as their kisses became short but never the less urgent.

'What a way to relieve tension,' Kim thought as she continued to feast on her best friend's lips.

She had no idea where this sudden infusion of daring or passion came from, but now that she was experiencing something that felt as good as this, she didn't want to stop for anything. Ron... well, he didn't seem to mind either.

Speaking of whom, he proved to be a fairly good kisser, especially for a novice, Kim surmised. She felt the boy's fingers seemingly go through every strand of her hair. But, he could be better… and there was plenty of time for them to practice… and practice… and practice some more. Their kisses became so short that both began to miss each other's lips. In their fervor, Kim bit down on the boy's lip. Ron shrieked, but that didn't even stop them from devouring one another.

Kim tasted a hint of blood on her tongue as her hands roamed all over his back. Her hands then roamed lower until he felt the curve of his rather flat, yet cute bottom. Feeling adventurous, she gave his posterior a little squeeze. She absolutely loved how the boy gasped into her mouth as they continued to kiss. She had to make a mental note to squeeze him there many more times in the near future. In their frantic embrace, the boy seemed to lose his balance. They began to stumble about, unable to multitask being engrossed in one another and finding their equilibrium.

They began reaching around for anything safely rooted to the ground so they could keep the heavy embrace going for as long it could. Ron found it especially tough to move, what with Kim's dainty arms draped around his neck. Still, they fumbled about, alternating between kissing each other and clumsily searching for any sturdy object to hang on to. In their luck, a sturdy object was found.

"Owww!" Ron recoiled as his back connected squarely with the doorknob behind him.

"Are you OK?" Kim asked with concern.

"Ahh, yeah," he said with his trademark crooked grin.

"Good," she replied before attacking his ill-prepared lips with her own once again. With the door behind them, nothing could stop them.

Well, except…

"K-K.P.," Ron said reluctantly breaking their third official kiss. His chest heaved. "W-what about?"

Kim didn't bother to let him finish what he was going to say before she pounced upon him once again. Nothing was going to get in the world-defending girl's way of… letting her tensions loose, and they were being let loose all over her sidekick and no one who valued their safety would dare have the temerity to interrupt her.

Ron wouldn't dare protest being kissed by Kim. He was a bit concerned of the fact that it was now well past eleven, but still those lips beneath his was giving him a good reason to focus on other pressing concerns… like the fact that his roll of quarters was standing at full length and hoping that Kim wouldn't notice. His hands that still roamed about the girl's slim, yet shapely waist, decided that turnabout was fair play, went a tad lower and gave a squeeze of his own.

Kim uttered something between a giggle and a moan. Whatever it was, it spurred her to up the ante on her end. She placed both hands on either side of the door, effectively keeping Ron where she needed him to be, and her lips ventured below to his chin and settled upon his neck, lightly nipping and biting along the way.

Ron groaned outwardly as the redhead dined upon his neck. He could barely believe what he was feeling. And while he felt kind of weird for him to be receiving these ministrations, he was supremely content with Kim taking the lead. Kim's actions become even bolder as she began to unbutton his shirt. Seizing the opportunity, he grabbed hold of her waist and spun her so that she was pinned against the door. Never missing a beat, they reverted back to kissing passionately.

"Ron," she whispered in his ear as he ventured into the crook of her neck. Her perfume did everything in its power to further entice him. Both of their hands had traveled all across each other's bodies, and were eager to do more exploring.

It had taken Mrs. Dr. Possible hours' worth of consoling and consultation to get her husband to not wait up for their daughter. Eventually the rocket scientist put away his trusty SHOTGUN and decided to call it a night. She had gone downstairs to fix herself a late night snack when she heard it—A slight rustling near the front door.

She wouldn't have given it much thought. But, since it was well past eleven at night and it appeared as though Kimmie hadn't returned home yet. After the rustling subsided, a pronounced knock broke the tranquility of the Possible home.

What was that? Kim wouldn't knock at the door, she has her own key.

Grabbing a Louisville Slugger ball bat from atop the cupboard, the Possible matriarch crept toward the front door, ready to serve whoever was at the door with some heavy lumber. Surreptitiously, she turned the knob of the front door…

One would think after several minutes of making out, one's lips would be tired from all the… full contact, but not Kim.

See, she could do anything… including making out with her best friend. For an extended period time, even.

They had returned to their prior position, Ron against the door with Kim fully in control. Neither one seemed to have a problem with it. In fact, neither Kim nor Ron had any regrets about the entire night.

Ron's eyes went wide as he felt the door turn in slightly.

"Kim-K-K.P.!" He stammered in a low voice. "We've…" He sharply gasped as Kim went for his neck—again. " –we—gotta stop… y-y-our dad!"

"No. No stopping," she insisted not bothering to see the concern in his eyes, recklessly going in for another quick kiss. Their lips connected once more before Ron broke it again.

"No… I think..."

She then growled at him to quiet his concerns. OK, never had the blond previously thought a girl growling it him would be so hot. He gave up his concern any doom that came with the door opening and Kim ambushed him again. Heck, he rationalized as he and his partner moaned from the pleasurable sensations, being aggressively kissed by a growling, attractive, and apparently sexually frustrated Kim Possible wasn't exactly a death sentence in any sense of the word. It was probably the best thing in the world that he could hope for at the moment. The world was such a crazy place... as unpredictable as all get...

And, just then at that moment, it was the end of the world, and it had nothing to do with December 21st, 2012.

Both brown and green eyes went wide as the door that Ron was propped against, suddenly gave way, causing both he and Kim to go sprawling toward the carpeted floor of the Possible vestibule.

Busted. And how.


On the plus side, Mrs. Possible was relieved to see that these potential burglars were simply two hormonally-possessed teenagers. Problem was the fact that one of these hormonally-possessed teenagers was her daughter who seemed all too comfortable to be on top of her best friend.

"Kim? Ron?" She nearly squealed in a flurry of intrigue and confusion.

Just then, a couple of scamps, or rather tweebs, ran into the scene of the crime, curious as to what was going on.

"What's going on?" The twins simultaneously asked from behind their mom.

They pushed past their mother then saw the rather compromising position that their sister was in; on top of her best friend, and definitively in a way where one would jump to conclusions.

"Gross!" They both hollered before taking off somewhere they can puke in unison.

Ron felt that it was probably a good idea to get from beneath his date, but his body couldn't, or more precisely, wouldn't, cooperate. Kim wasn't doing a good job of helping him out either.

"KP, a—," Ron whispered with a stammer. "Are we going to die?"

Kim didn't give him much of an answer to work with. Still, after a night like this, especially in the fashion it concluded, it felt like everything in life for both of them was going to go downhill from there... from a romantic standpoint strictly speaking, perhaps death wasn't the worst option in the world at the moment.

The End

So, after nearly six years and change of stuff. Tales of The Awkward comes to an end. Hopefully, the payoff… if you will, was enough to satisfy years upon years of waiting patiently or not-so patiently.

So, yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. I will take all questions, comments, and concerns at this point. Somewhat.