A.N. Ok so i reread my last chapter, there were reviewers that said the show was 'One Tree Hill', I had no clue what they were talking about. So i reread it and I referenced 'One Tree Hill', and i didn't mean to do it. I was watching old recordings that i had and those show were on when i was doing this chapter. But yes, the reference is about Brooke and Lucas, and the guy she claim to hate was Chris Keller. The real actors are: Sophia Bush (Brooke) Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Tyler Hiltion (Chris Keller). Sidenote I highly recommend Tyler's album. It's awesome. So now I'm ranting so on with the story.

The next day the group was getting ready for the play. Rory was getting ready with the help of Steph. Tristan was plotting, 'How can I make Logan see Rory's not happy in this relationship'. As if on cue, his cell phone rang, it was Steph.

"Hey Steph"

"What are you going to do"

"I'm fine and you?" Tristan said sarcastically, trying to stall Steph scheming

"Hush you, we both know that they aren't happy, we both know the are too proud to change it. What are we going to do?"

"I say we not meddle, the second Logan thinks someone is going to make a move for Rory, his Ace, he will do something. That will either really piss her off or make her realize what she wants."

"I guess" Steph said with a sigh "or we can meddle"

"Or we could not"

"Trissy, you're no fun" Steph whined.

"Well, tough, now I got to go get ready for the play." Tristan said then hung up.

He had been trying to thing of ways to get Rory and Logan to figure out that they were both unhappy. He also knew that if he teamed up with Steph that nothing good will come of it. Steph would want to do something drastic and end up with Logan and Rory mad at them, and he knew he couldn't say no to Steph

The play went by smoothly, except for the kiss. Tristan felt weird that he was going to kiss the girl that his best friend loves, right in front of said friend. So Tristan made they kiss short and sweet.

Steph was watching Logan throughout Rory's performance. She say the look in his eyes, love pride, a little lust, and then when the kiss came jealousy. Steph knew right then and there that this relationship would end, when a real threat tried to move in on Rory.

After the play everyone went to Luke's.

"Rory you were great." Steph gushed.

"Yea, B, you got the whole chaste thing down" Finn said

"That could be because she is chaste, Finn" Colin said

"Hence the Mary nickname. Wow I just thought Tristan didn't know her name," Finn said sarcastically everyone just laughed

"Yea, Ace, looks like I have to add another reason for the nickname" Logan said with a wink, Rory blushed

"You know, Juliet wouldn't be anything without a Romeo" Tristan said, fishing for compliments

"Aww, Trissy feeling neglected" Rory cooed, while pinching his cheeks.

"HAHA funny MARY"

"Trissy you were great" Steph gushed.

"So did anyone hear about the costume party next weekend?" Finn asked

"Yea, me and 99 are going shopping tomorrow after school." Steph said, Rory looked at her

"Why wasn't I told?" Rory asked in mock offense

"You were" Steph simply stated


"Just now." Steph said with a smirk "oh and you can't pick out your own costume."

"Why the hell not?"

"Because I already know what I want you to be. We are going to be matching so we can't have dates" Steph explained, Logan's face fell. He was going to ask Rory to go to the party with him. And Steph picking out the costume could be down right lethal to him.

After school the next day Rory and Steph went to the costume store in the Hartford mall.

"So, what are we going as?" Rory asked.

"An angel and a devil." Steph said

"Let me guess; I'm the angel and you're the devil."

"Yupper" Steph said with a smile

Steph found the out fit she wanted Rory to wear; it was white corset that cinched at the waist and made her boobs look bigger and she found a white miniskirt that was 10 inches above the knee. And she would wear white stilettos. When Rory tried it one and walked out, at the same time Finn walked in.

"Damn, Bonnie, when Logan, or any man for that matter, looks at you they will need an ice cold shower." Finn said while giving her the complete once over " And on that note, I'll be seeing ya." Finn said and walked, rather fast, to his car. Steph and Rory busted out laughing.

"Oh yea, this is the costume" Steph said while pushing Rory back into the dressing room to change.

"You know it's amazing how we are so different, but we still think the same." Rory said while changing

"What do you mean?"

"This was pretty much the exact costume I was planning on wearing" Rory said with a smirk. "Now let's get my halo and your costume" Steph's costume was just like Rory's only everything was red.

After Finn left the store he ran into Colin and Tristan.

"Hey, man, what's that grin for?" Colin asked

"Well, I just ran into the lovely Bonnie and Blondie team. And saw Bonnie's costume. Let me just say if I would actual see that in heaven then I will quit all sins I am committing." Finn said

"Mary's going as an angel, how original" Tristan said sarcastically

"Oy, mate, if you saw the costume you wouldn't be so sarcastic." Finn said while look to the sky, as if thanking god.

"You must be exaggerating. Rory wouldn't wear something that sexy, not to a party. She will be covered up." Colin reasoned, mainly to keep all images of Rory scantily clad out of his head.

"Fine, see for your self mate. But do me a favor, make sure the four of us got to the party together, I want to make damn sure I see Logan's face when he sees his precious Ace, dressed like that." Finn said then left

Colin and Tristan continued, walking to the costume store when they saw Steph and Rory walking out holding their bags.

"Hey boys" Steph said

"Hey, so what are you two going as?" Tristan asked, wanting to know if what Finn said was really true.

" You will just have to wait and see" Steph said cryptically, then linked her and Rory's arm and walked away.

Colin and Tristan walked into the store, and the cashier had a look of shock of his face.

"Hey, are you ok?" Colin asked

"Yea, man. I just saw their costumes and my god, I wish I was going to be where ever they will be wearing those thing to."

"What did they look like?" Tristan asked thinking maybe Finn wasn't lying

"Well, they had these," the cashier pointed to the type of costume the girls tried on. Colin and Tristan's eyes went as big as saucers and jaws dropped

"Ain't no way in hell, Mary would wear this," Tristan said while holding up the white outfit to his body.

"If Mary is the brunette then there is a way in hell she would." The cashier said

"Logan is so dead. I knew when Steph said she was dressing them that, it would be slightly dangerous, but this is down right lethal.

"I'll have the camera" Tristan said, Colin just grinned. They picked up their costumes and left, thinking of how dead Logan will be come Friday night.