AU. She was the new girl in school. He was the popular punk, older twin of Ryou Bakura, Akiefa Bakura. She hated him. He hated her. But everyone has a secret. They did too. These are their secrets.

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Dear Journal,

There's this girl at school. She transferred a week or so ago. I hate her. She's annoying, she insults me every chance she gets. She's not very smart in math; I personally think a monkey would be smarter than she is. She's always drawing in that stupid sketch book; I stole it and dropped it in the garbage bin today. She deserved it. She calls me "Aki-Bunny", which is just stupid. She thinks she's better than me; she calls me an idiot all the time. I just hate her completely. But she's a good dancer, you know? We played DDR last night at the arcade, and she only lost to me by three points. No one else has ever gotten that close before. And even though I hate how she's always drawing, I think she's really good at it. She'd make a great artist. And she's funny. Even when she isn't being sarcastic, or even trying to be, she can be really funny. And when she pouts when I call her an idiot, she'd adorable. The way her cheeks puff out and she glares, it's like a chipmunk, I just want to pinch her cheeks. And she's really smart in science and ancient history. And when she wears a skirt, I swear I just want to punch any guy who looks at her. Perverts. You know what Journal? I honest to Re hate that girl. But I thinkI love her too.

There. There's one more chapter after this, her point of view,and if it's good enough for my liking, I might add more later on. But so far, it's only two chapters for this thing. Have fun.