Cold Case Hook-Up

Fiction Rated: T

Summary: Totally AU. Vampires, Slayers, and demons don't exist. Faith's a SVU detective (who would have thought, huh?) who meets the unit's new caseworker; Buffy and that's about it. Really if I tell you anymore I'll give the whole story away. It's just a story that popped in to my head and I couldn't get rid of it unless I wrote it. Don't like it don't read it easy as that.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy that all belongs to Joss and Fox. I don't own Sergis' I'm just borrowing that too.

A/N: I don't have someone to look this over and tell me what to fix or whatever so bear with me it'll probably suck. I know that my grammar and spelling isn't good, there's just so much Microsoft Word can do, so please don't have me for it.

Special Victims Unit detective, Faith LeHane, sat at her desk with her booted feet upon all the files on her desk. She leaned back in her chair and sipped her Mango Passion Fruit smoothie from Dunkin' Doughnuts while looking at her latest case. The day seemed slow and the heat wave going on out side was not helping the day move along. There had not been any new leads in her latest case for the past few days and she was about ready to give up. Then again, she didn't go to school then to one of the toughest police academies in the nation and work her ass off to get where she was just to give up when a case started to run cold. She sighed and flipped one page of the file and scribbled down some notes.

"Don't you hate it when a rape case runs cold? It just doesn't sit right with me when we let the cases go cold for so long or never solve them. Then some sick fuck gets off and thinks they're God and they go hurt some other girl an get away with it. Buncha Bullshit." SVU detective and Faith's partner, Kate Dell, stated as she threw the file she was looking for on her desk and sat up.

Faith looked up at her partner with an amused grin, "why the hell do you let things like this get to you. You always do this. Have we ever lost a case? No, we haven't. We're the best SVU detectives in all of New York City, K. We'll catch this sick son of a bitch jus' like we do all the others."

"If you say so. I just don't get why someone would wanna do something like rape or sexually hurt someone or abuse them."

Faith took a sip of her mango smoothie and shook her head. "You got me, K. Its not my job to get into the minds of these sick fucks I'll leave that to the profilers. I just arrest them."

"Yeah, like Dale Himlyon or whatever her name is from the cold case files or something." Kate sat forward and grabbed her soda and looked up at Faith. "What!"

Faith shook her head and scuffed, "You watch way too much TV, girl."

"Yeah, yeah I know. Don't rub it in, but what else am I suppose to do? I have no real life, no girlfriend, no kids, not even some annoying room mate." Kate slammed her head down on her desk. "My life is pointless. All I do is work, or sleep, or be on the computer. God, I can't even get the courage to ask that hot cryptographer that works in the tech labs out without making myself look like an idiot."

"Wait! You mean you haven't asked Kennedy out yet!" Faith slammed her hands on her desk causing Kate to jump back. "What the hell are you waiting for! Yunno if you don't ask her out first then Rosenberg from the Cyber Crime Unit is gonna beat you to it. Then I have to listen to you complain."

"I don't know if she even likes me, Faith. I don't wanna make an idiot of myself." Kate said quietly and played with her pen.

Faith gave her a "d'uh" look, "are you kidding me! I know for a fact, you know, shit everybody knows she has the hotts for you. Every time we have to go to he labs you two are always flirting. Will you just get it over with and call her and ask her out to dinner." Kate sheepishly shook her head no. "Fine! I'll do it for you." Faith picked up the phone and started dialing the number for the tech labs.

"No!" Kate jumped up and tried to get the phone from Faith. "No, Faith man don't. Your gonna make me look like an idiot! Please, Faith."

"Oh and jumping up and down and begging me isn't already making you look like an ass? Will you just sit down and relax, I can handle this." Faith waited a few moments before someone picked up. "Hey Kennedy, this is Det.LeHane from SVU…, nothing important, more of a social call. See I got this friend that really, really likes you but she doesn't have the balls to ask you out herself and I'm sick of hearing her complaining and shit. So I thought I would help her out a lil yunno." Faith paused a second to listen to Kennedy. "Yes you know her. So would you be interested in dinner? With her that is." Faith paused and nodded her head while listening to Kennedy. "Kate Dell. So you interested?" Kate's face fell when Faith mentioned her name, her fear of rejection surfacing again. Then Faith looked up at her and winked. Kate's eyes then grew wide in hope of something good. "Great! She'll pick you up tomorrow night at 7. Ok, can do. No problem. Bye." Faith hung up the phone with a satisfied smirk and leaned back in her chair and laced her hands behind her head. "See now that wasn't so hard. So what do you say?"

Kate glared at her, "thanks."

"Well don't sound so upset about it." Faith chuckled. "I know you're happy about it. C'mon smile….smile." Faith coaxed Kate.

Kate rolled her eyes and a small smile spread on her lips, "thank you, partner."

"That's better. And hey no prob." Faith grabbed another file off her desk and started to leaf through it.

"So….where should I take Kennedy for our date?" Kate asked while doodling on her desk.

"Don't you worry about that, I'll take care of all that. You just pick her up and follow the directions I give you. Okay." Faith said without looking up at Kate, who just nodded.

"Excuse me I'm looking for Sergeant Tamberlins' office. I'm Buffy Summers, I'm supposed to be meeting with him today." A gentle voiced asked another detective that was stationed not too far from Faith and Kate's desks. Faith looked up and scanned the room for the unfamiliar voice. Her eyes stopped on a beautiful blonde across the room, her eyes traveled up and down the gorgeous body of the girl. "Ok, thank you." The girl turned and her eyes locked with Faith's. The girl smiled softly and continued to walk toward the sergeant's office, and Faith watched her go.

"Hey, Faith. Faith. Yoo-hoo, Faith!" Kate tried to get her partners attention.

Faith was snapped out of her reverie by Kate, "what? Huh? What's up?"

"Uh nothing but what's up with you. You just went space cadet Faith on me."

"Oh sorry. Something just caught my eye." Faith said turning back to her files.

"I guess so. Yunno you scare me sometimes." Kate stated.

Faith chuckled, "why? Cause I'm more fun then you?" Kate laughs sarcastically at that and turned back to her work.

"LeHane, Dell, my office now!" Sergeant Tamberlin ordered.

"Into the belly of the beast," Faith started

"And outta the demons ass," Kate finished. They both got up and walked to the sergeant's office.

"Yo, boss you wanted to see us." Faith asked.

"Our two best detectives but really not the brightest." The sergeant directed to the person sitting before him.

"Hey, hey there, Jeremy, be nice. If it wasn't for us the unit wouldn't be here." Faith stated as she flopped down in a chair while Kate leaned against the wall.

The sergeant looked back over to his guest, "Miss Summers I'd like you to meet Detective Faith LeHane and Detective Kate Dell. Two of the best in the Special Victims Unit. LeHane, Dell, this is Buffy Summers. She'll be the unit's new Assistant District Attorney." Tamberlin gestured to the girl sitting in front of him.

Faith reached her hand out to shake the blondes hand, that's when she noticed it was the same girl she was checking out earlier at her desk. Faith smiled softly, "Pleasure to meet you, Buffy. Please call me Faith."

Kate snorted from behind her, "Always the charmer, Faith. It gets you real far I'm sure." Faith glared at Kate, who just smiled back at her. She reached out to shake Buffy's hand, "Call me Kate."

"It's nice to meet you and I'm sure it will be a pleasure working with the best of the best." Buffy said.

"Right so," Tamberlins interjected. "I think we should all get back to work. Buffy I'll show you to your office."

"Right, boss. Gotta crack those cases. Get a snappin'." Faith said while getting up and walking out of the office. Kate just laughed at her and followed her.

"What the hell was that? 'Gotta crack those cases. Get a snappin''" Kate said in her best Faith interpretation voice.

"Shut up! I had to get out of there and fast." Faith said.

"Oh really? And why is that? Was she another one of your drunken one night stands?" Kate asked.

"What! No! It's just…did you see her? She's fucking drop dead gorgeous!" Faith stated and dropped down in her chair.

"And? That's never caused you to act like that or well this before. What makes her different?"

"Nothing. Its just she's hot." Faith sighed, "God, I just met her and I really want her."

"Right. Then what's stopping you? You've never done this before. You're always miss want, take, have." Kate sat down and picked up a file.

Faith leaned her head back against her chair, "I don't know. Its like I just met her but I already know that I don't want her to be one of my use 'em and lose 'em types. Its fucked up and really confusing!"

"Oh so you want to date her then?" Faith didn't look up at Kate but slowly and lightly nodded. "Oh my God, the queen of one night stands wants to actually date someone. Wow."

"Will you shut up! I just met the girl, I don't even know if she likes me or girls for that matter. What am I gonna do, K?" Faith asked.

"I dunno but you better think of something fast 'cause she's heading this way, right towards you." Kate watched Buffy walk up behind Faith. "Hi, Buffy."

Buffy looked at Kate and smiled, "Hi, Kate. Faith."

"Hey uh B-Buffy. What can I do for you?" Faith tried to remain cool and kept together.

"Well see I'm new to this part of town so I really don't know where the best places to have lunch are. So I was wondering if you could maybe show me around a little. But if you're too busy or don't want to you can say so, I'll just-"

"No!" Faith interrupted and stood up, startling Buffy. "I would love to show you around, as long as you let me treat you to lunch. Deal."

"Oh no I couldn't let you do that." Buffy said while placing a hand on Faith's arm.

"Please let me, its like a rule for me. I can't not treat a beautiful lady like yourself to lunch after showing her around town." Faith said flirtatiously.

Kate observed the two flirting, trying to hide her grin. "Oh Buffy just let her treat you or she'll never shut up."

Buffy looked at Kate and laughed, "Ok then I guess Faith wins but only this one time." Buffy smiled at Faith.

"Oh you say that now but after you see where I'll be treating you, you'll change your mind." Faith smiled.

"Great, it's settled then. Let me just go get my coat and we can leave." Buffy said and walked off towards her office.

Faith turned to Kate, her mouth a gape. "Holy shit, I'm taking her out to lunch. Did that really just happen?"

"Looks like it, girl. Guess all your problems were solved. Now go out there and whoo her." Kate gave her the thumbs up.

"B-But I don't know how to whoo, or do dates, or relationships! I can't do this."

"Yes you can, its not hard just be yourself. Only minus the getting her drunk and having a one off with her, oh and be just a little nice. You'll do fine. Now go, so I can "get the balls" to go down stairs to the tech labs and invite Kennedy out to lunch. Now here she comes, you'll do fine."

"Hey ready to go?" Buffy asked happily.

"Uh yeah, lets go." Faith grabbed her coat and followed Buffy out.

"Good Luck." Kate called after her.

"And this is one of the best pizzerias in all of NYC, nothing like Italian pizza in the heart of New York City. Trust me you'll love this place, one bite and you'll never want any other pizza again." Faith said as she held open the door to Sergis' Italian Pizzeria for Buffy.

"Wow." Buffy stated as she walked into the pizzeria. The interior looked just like a little restaurant in Italy would. There was a guy in the back rolling and throwing the pizza dough and everyone was speaking Italian. It really made you feel like you were in Italy.

"There are only three of these pizzerias in the world. One in Italy, one here, and there's one in a small town up state. I think the town is called Potsdam, it's like right down the street from my sister Jacey's apartment; she's going to SUNY Potsdam. And all the pizzerias are owned by the same guy; Sergi. He's a nice guy, kinda like a dad to everyone. You'll like him and his wife." Faith said as she led them to a table in the back of the restaurant. She slid in to one booth and Buffy slid in opposite her.

Buffy continued to look around the restaurant in awe. The walls were covered in murals that looked like you were looking out windows at a vinery. The carpet was a soft red with vine designs. There was a door way to the far right that led to the ballroom designed banquet halls. There was a tall cherry stained bar at the front of the restaurant near the entrance. There was Italian opera music playing low, making the pizzeria seem cozier and a little romantic.

"Ah, Faith me Donna Bella. 'Tis good to see you, yes. Quick, Louisa comes see who had visited us." Said a chubby expensively dressed man in broken English and with an Italian accent. Faith softly smiled and stood up to hugged the man then the woman that came up behind her. "Where's is Kate. Why 'tis only one of my Bellas here?"

Faith laughed softly at Sergi's question, "Kate has finally decided to take that girl, Kennedy, she's been talking none stop about out to lunch. She also has a date with her tomorrow night. I'm very surprised she didn't bring her here to eat."

"Ah I see, well 'tis Kennedy girl is very lucky; Kate is a wonderful Donna." Sergi spoke and Faith nodded her head in agreement.

"Oh Sergi this is my friend Buffy. Buffy this is Leugie, the owner of this fine restaurant. Buffy shook Sergi's hand, "Its very nice to meet you. This is a very beautiful restaurant you have."

"'Tis nice to meet you Buffy. Thank you, but really you should be telling that to me wife she designed everything." Sergi smiled softly at Buffy then looked at Faith. "She is definitely Bella. You do a nice job of finding them, Faith. Is she, ah do you put it, a "keeper"?" Faith blushed lightly and Sergi chuckled. "Ah, do not mind that 'tis not important. I shall bring you your menus, Bellas." Sergi stated and walked off towards the bar.

"Why did he keep calling us Donnas and Bellas? What did he say about me too?" Buffy asked shyly.

Faith gave Buffy a soft amused smile, "Donna means woman and Bella means beautiful. He said that you were beautiful, well are beautiful. Donna Bella means beautiful woman. That of which you are, Donna Bella."

Buffy stared at Faith for a moment until Faith looked up and their eyes locked. Faith was blown away at how beautiful Buffy was and how much she really wanted to kiss her but she knew that would be pushing things and she did not want to scare this girl off she liked her way too much. Buffy smiled softly at Faith making her look even more beautiful, Faith's heart made a flip and she felt butterflies in her stomach. All of which was so foreign to Faith, she had never felt this way before with anyone else. Yes, there had been hundreds of girls and boys before Buffy but none of them ever caused Faith to feel the things she was feeling now.

"Now is that you just repeating what Sergi said or do you really mean that?" Buffy asked.

"Oh I mean that, you are beautiful Buffy." 'Breath takingly beautiful,' Faith added in her mind. Faith couldn't keep her eyes off of the girl in front of her.

"Here we go, Bellas. I shall be back in a moment for your orders." Sergi said, setting the menus done in front of the girls and breaking the trance Faith was in.

"Thank you, Sergi." Faith said and Sergi nodded and walked away.

"Hmmm, so what's the best thing to have, it all sounds so yummy." Buffy asked.

"It's all very good here but I think that because its your first, but not last, time here I think you should just try the pepperoni pizza." Faith stated without even looking at her menu and plucking Buffy out of her hand and waving Sergi down. "Lu, we're jus' gonna have the pepperoni pizza." Faith yelled to Sergi at the bar, Lu nodded and placed the order.

Buffy still mesmerized by the designed of the pizzeria continued to look around, while Faith gaze her totally in trace with Buffy's beauty. "This place is like beyond beautiful," Buffy stated.

Faith only hearing part of what Buffy said responded, "Yes, she is."

Buffy blushed and looked at her. Faith was lost in Buffy's deep blue eyes, she never want to look away, she could get lost in those eyes, in her beauty. They continued to look at each other until they heard a throat being clear, Faith looked up to see Sergi standing beside the table with two cokes in his hands that he set on the table. "Two pops for the Donna Bellas."

"Thank you, Ser."

"Your pie shall be done very soon. Please continued to…. ah…talk." Sergi backed away and winked at Faith.

Buffy pulled her soda towards her and sipped it; Faith stirred the ice in her drink around with her straw. "So you're a detective." Buffy said trying to start some talking.

"I think we established that back at the station, Buffy." Faith stated teasingly.

"Yeah I know but I was trying to start a conversation." Buffy said embarrassingly.

"I know. I was just picking on you. You look cute when you blush." This made Buffy blush harder and look down at the table. "Hey, no need to get embarrassed I didn't mean to be mean."

"No, you're fine. You really mean it? That I'm cute?" Buffy asked shyly.

"No." Faith stated and Buffy looked at her with confusion in her eyes. "I think you're drop dead beautiful, no I take that back you're drop dead gorgeous." Buffy blushed once again and looked away from Faith. "Its nothing to be embarrassed about, its only the complete truth. And I don't always tell the truth…oh is it too late to take that back?" Faith joked and Buffy laughed.

"So, what to talk about now then. You said you have a sister, Jacey was her name right?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, she lives in Potsdam, New York. She's attending SUNY Potsdam to get her degrees and shit to become a high school guidance counselor. I usually head up to see her at the end of every month and when ever she has a big Lacrosse game, swimming competition or a wakeboarding competition. She's a good kid we're close, as close as sisters could be. She actually helps to run a camp in the Adirondacks for six weeks, two three-week sessions one for boys one for girls. And she's also the director for the All-American Soap Box Derby up near her. She like totally loves kids and serving her country and shit, she's like the star citizen of the year or something." Faith chuckled and played with her napkin a sad smile on her face.

"You miss her, huh." Buffy said and Faith nodded in response. "It's the same way with me and my sister, Dawn. She's off in college in Europe, she's gonna be an Art and English major. She wants to own an art gallery like our mother did. I hardly ever see her and it hurts 'cause its me and her now, our mother died of a brain tumor a few years ago."

"Oh I'm sorry, it must still be hard to get past." Faith said with care.

"Yes it is but I think I'm finally getting past it." Buffy smiled at Faith, who smiled back. "So your sister runs a camp? How cool is that, I wish I had another sister that did all that. You're pretty lucky." Faith nodded and smiled at Buffy, they continued to talk until the pizza came. They ate in comfortable silence and idly chatted after they were done.