Faith walked back to the precinct like she was on cloud nine, all thoughts revolved around a certain blond beauty and what she was planning for their date. She walked towards the main doors to the precinct, walked past the main desk flashing her badge at the new uniform that was working desk duty. Faith had to admit that if she hadn't met Buffy she would have been all over the cute brunette working desk duty. She mounted the elevator and pushed the floor button that lead to the SVU department, when the doors opened she started towards her desk.

"Well look who's back and smilin'." Kate grinned, "So how was it? Did you end up scaring her off?"

Faith glared and gave Kate an amused yet pissed smile, "Great and no I didn't. We had a great time. Yunno, I could say the same thing for you and Ken or did you not go out with her today"

" I asked her out and we had a great time too." Kate retaliated, "Oh and guess who I "bumped" into on my way there, and this will make you laugh."

Faith walked over to her chair and plopped down in it throwing her booted feet up on her desk. "Enlighten me, who?" Faith leaned forward and grabbed a file off her desk and idly flipping through it.

Kate sighed heavily and rolled her eyes, "Oh c'mon Faith guess its no fun if you don't guess!"

Faith bit her teeth and rolled her eyes then glared at Kate, she was most certainly not in the mood for games she had a date to plan. "I don't fuckin' know, the Easter Bunny! Jus' tell me already!"

"Alright, alright no need to get bitchy, jeez. Willow, I talked to Willow." Faith looked at Kate with a raised brow and shook her head in a confused manner. "Rosenberg! Red the bitch as you call her. Makin' a connection here yet Faith?"

"Yeah I know who it is now! Wadda she want? Oh don't tell me she told you to back down on Kennedy. Damn nerd! Like she could get someone like Kennedy." Faith huffed.

"Ok then anyway that's not what she wanted, well yeah it was at first but anyway we resolved things and we're kinda like friends now. I found out why she hated me and shit, it was all because of some shit back in college but now everything is cool with us and turns out she never really liked Kennedy she was jus' trying to make trouble for me. So now all is forgiven and we're suppose to be havin' lunch sometime to catch up on things." Kate babbled, while Faith listened totally uninterested.

"That's great, Kate, fuckin' wonderful you have fun with that 'kay. Now be quiet and start working on this case, ok." Faith huffed and continued flipping through files and scribbling down notes.

"What the hell is your problem? You come in here all nice and happy ready to go on about how great your date was but the moment I tell you about Willow you get pissed. What the hell?" Kate accused.

"I'm not pissed I jus' don't like the girl for some reason ok. She's too….too…geeky!" Faith argued and shrugged her shoulders.

"That's not it is it! You don't like her 'cause she wouldn't sleep with you when you first met her that's what it is! God, you are so low you know that! Sometimes I wonder why I put up with your lousy ass, you're such as goddamn pain in the ass. If it's not about sex then its not important! You are so fucking low." Kate yelled and jumped up from her desk.

"Hey you better watch it kid 'cause I ain't putting up with your shit got it! I've only had to up this gun once and I didn't want to but I won't hesitate to use it again on you." Faith said putting a hand on her firearm and stood up to her full height, towering over Kate with a cold look in her eye.

Kate shook her head and laughed sadistically, "Hide behind your gun, Faith, jus' like you always do. Things get tough you either run or pick a fight; you think you're all that F well newsflash you're not. Now tell me why don't you like Willow?"

Faith backed down and looked to the floor in an almost ashamed way then walked back to her chair and sat. "Its not the fact that she wouldn't sleep with me but it's the shit she said. It was like she saw right through me, through my toughness act and shit, she called me worthless, and lets just say I really didn't like it. I know she was trying to see get me to I don't know see what I'm doing or some shit. I don't like the idea of people; well other then you, JC, and Buffy, knowing the real me, the me that doesn't have the tough girl attitude and shit. I know that really isn't a reason to hate someone they're only trying to help right but I just can't help it." Faith explained.

"No, No I get it, I think in some weird way I understand. You never had a good life I know that hell I lived through it with you. I get what you're say but do you think you can maybe try to like her even just a little for me please." Kate pleaded, Faith looked at her sadly and nodded. "Thanks. Now I know there was more you had to tell me so spill!"

A large smile spread across Faith's face and she said in a sing-song voice "Guess who's coming to visit."

"No way! No fucking way, JC's coming here!" Kate practically started jumping up and down once Faith smiled and nodded. "This is gonna rock! You remember all the fun we had last time she was here! God this is awesome, you don't have any idea how much I miss your sister, dude!" Faith raised an eye brow at this. "Not in that way! I'll have you know that I've never slept with your sister, she's like a sister to me!"

"That's a good things, 'cause if I find out that you did I will shoot you. Ok, enough chit chat lets get this case figured out so I don't have to work on it tomorrow, I got a date." Faith said mischievously.

"Oh so you and Buffy are going out tomorrow then?" Faith nodded as Kate grinned. "Oh lucky you!"

"Thanks, now get working!"

"Ok, ok." Kate picked up another file and dove into her work while Faith smiled, she could not wait until tomorrow night.


Buffy was quickly walking toward her office and looking through a file in her hands when she bumped into someone. Dropping her files and the other person's files.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention this is my fault, God I'm such a ditz." Buffy said picking up her files and helping the other girl with her's.

"No it's ok, really it is. We all make mistakes and such, it's really no problem." The sweet voice said. Both girls stood up when they finished getting their files. "Willow Rosenberg…. um that would be me, right. I'm Willow." The girl stretched her hand out.

Buffy smiled politely and took the girls hand it a firm hand shake, "I'm Buffy Summers, it's very nice meeting you Willow."

"Are you new here? I only ask 'cause I usually know like everyone that comes this way and I've never seen you before so I figured that you're new but I guess I could be wrong it would be the first time." Willow babbled.

Buffy laughed a little at the girl's quick words, "Willow, Willow. You're right I'm new and I guess a little lost. I have no idea where I am or where my office is."

"Oh you're in the computer labs section of the precinct. W-Where are you working?" Willow asked.

"Oh I'm the new Assisant District Attorney up in the Special Victims Unit. And you must be one of the big computer girls I take it." Buffy shyly asked.

"Yep you got that right, I'm one of the head computer girls here I do like everything I know like everything about computers."

"That's like so cool. My sister's really into computer's too but not enough to have a job working with them, yunno." Buffy smiled. They continued chatting for a few minutes before Kennedy popped her head out of the labs saying that she needed help on with one of the computers.

"Well I have to go, we should get together sometime to hang out you can meet Xander and his wife or something." Willow said cheerily.

"Yeah, sounds good. You can meet Dawn and her friend, and maybe if you don't mind Faith, Kate and Kennedy could come. Hey why don't we try and do that this Friday or something." Buffy suggested.

"Yeah sounds great, I'll e-mail you or something ok, and I'm sure you'll talk to Faith and she'll talk to Kate and yunno it'll get around." Willow and Buffy laughed at that. They said good-bye and part on their way. Buffy headed back to her office with the new clearer directions Willow gave her.


When Buffy arrived on the SVU floor she started towards her office walking past Faith who had been watching her since she stepped off the elevator. As she walked past Faith she threw the girl a sexy grin and Faith gulped. Buffy nodded towards her office softly, signaling Faith to join her. Buffy continued towards her office walking in a very sexy way.

"Uh hey Kate, I'll be back in a few ok." Faith said quickly and left with out another word. She stepped up to Buffy's door and knocked lightly, the door opened and Buffy motioned her in. Faith smiled and walked in and sat down in one of the chairs, Buffy came up and stood in front of her Faith looked up and smiled.

"You wanted to see me?" Faith asked innocently through her grin. Buffy smiled sexily and stepped closer to Faith and placed her hands on either side of the chair trapping Faith.

"I feel that I didn't thank you properly for lunch." Buffy said as she leaned closer to the other girl her eyes focusing between Faith's large plush lips and her deep chocolate eyes.

Faith's eyes moved from the blonde's lips to her beautiful green eyes, she licked her lips and leaned closer to Buffy. "Oh, I see and you want to thank me properly now. How so?" Buffy just smiled and closed the distance between her and Faith. They kissed passionately, lips crushing together, tongues begging entrance to mouths, teeth biting and nibbling. Faith ran her tongue over Buffy's bottom lip before pulling the blonde's lip between her teeth, Buffy moaned in pleasure and Faith smiled. Faith ran her tongue across Buffy's lips again begging entrance to her mouth, Buffy's mouth opened and their tongues battled. They continued kissing passionately while hands roamed over bodied.

The two didn't understand why they were suddenly making out in Buffy office since they had just met hours ago but neither had the will to pull away or make any logical thought, this felt right for them even if they were moving a little too fast. They were both content with what was happening, they just hit is off that's it. They were happy for the time being and they were pretty sure things would only get better.