What If... What if Lamb and Veronica's favorite cousin were in love until she broke his heart? LambOC with plenty of LoVE. Takes place after season 2.

Disclaimer: I do not own Veronica Mars.

Chapter 1

"Chinese take-out. You sure know the way to your daughter's heart" remarked Veronica as they drove back to their apartment from Mr. Lee's.

"Who's your da…" started Keith, smirking.

"Don't." interrupted Veronica laughing as they drove past the office.

"Wait. Whose car is that?" asked Keith as he admired the silver Porsche Boxter convertible parked in front of the office building and noted that the light was on, "Looks like we have some company at my office".

"Probably some 09er looking for our help" sighed Veronica as Keith parked the car and they made their way up to the office.

They walked into the office to see a woman who looked to be in her mid-20s sitting in Veronica's chair talking on the phone. She had long blonde hair that was slightly curly and light green eyes. She was wearing a white blouse, a short black skirt, and knee length black boots which were propped up on the desk. She looked up as they came in and her tanned face caused her smile to look exceptionally white as a solitary dimple appeared on her right cheek.

"Can I call you back?" she asked and then put the phone back as she jumped up from the chair. "RONNIE!" she squealed as she enveloped Veronica in a huge hug.

"Lexi? Oh wow!" exclaimed Veronica as Lexi's gaze moved on.

"Uncle Keith!" said Lexi as she jumped into his arms.

"Lexi Mars. Back from all your world traveling I see" commented Keith smiling down at her.

"Haha yes indeedy Uncle Keith. I realized I hadn't seen you guys since... Ooooh is that from Mr. Lee's?"

"Lee's Chinese Food. The way to any Mars woman's heart" laughed Veronica.

They sat on the floor of the office, empty cartons strewn all about. Keith had propped himself up against the desk and was rubbing his stomach. "Ugh. Too much China food in my belly" he groaned.

"Perhaps next time you'll listen when I tell you to order the quart not the pint. Fatty" scolded Veronica.

"Hey! It's not fat, it's a fuel tank for my…"

"Oh God. Please don't finish that statement".

"I've missed the two of you" laughed Lexi as she flopped onto her stomach.

"Yeah, yeah" replied Keith as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

"So how did you find us? We're not exactly in the… place we were last time you were here" commented Veronica as she toyed with her fork.

"Yeah, I know. Mom wasn't exactly…forthcoming on the details while I was traipsing all over the world. She just said you had run into some trouble. It wasn't until I saw an article about Aaron Echoll's trial that I realized what had happened. I flew back immediately and mom finally gave me your new address after a helluva lot of begging. You weren't home so I decided to find your private eye office" finished Lexi as she sat up again. "Which by the way is not quite Film Noir enough for my tastes. Uncle Keith you really should start wearing a fedora and using low-key lighting, it would triple business".

"Already tried it. I also tried to have private eye music playing in the office and even talked with a 40s New York accent for a while. He wasn't having any of it" sighed Veronica.

"We are a respectable establishment" muttered Keith.

Veronica and Lexi laughed as they cleaned up the cartons and plates. Keith closed up the office and they headed outside. As Lexi unlocked her Porsche, Keith whistled and Veronica said "Whoah, so it really is yours".

Lexi laughed and replied "Yeah, I'm rolling in the monies".

"Ha. Imagine that, a wealthy Mars. What HAS the world come to?" asked Keith as he climbed into his car shaking his head.

"Wanna take it for a spin Ron?" smirked Lexi.

"Oh you bet your britches I do, favorite cousin" replied Veronica as she grabbed the keys and hopped into the driver's seat "And we're driving with the top down".

Later that evening, Veronica and Lexi were sitting on the couch while Keith snored loudly from the other room. Veronica had gone over the details of the past few years starting with Lily's murder and ending with Beaver's suicide.

Lexi sat in silence as she processed it all. Finally she murmured "You have had quite the high-school experience".

Veronica smiled bitterly and replied "Yeah. Not exactly how I imagined things would go".

Lexi tossed her hair and adopted a Valley Girl tone as she commented "And I like thought the Pyramid Debacle of 1998 was bad, I mean like Suzy Simmons broke her like leg and we couldn't go to like nationals! It was like sooo not cool".

Veronica laughed and gave Lexi a hug saying "God, I've missed you".

"I've missed you too Ronniekins" she replied giggling.

"You know you're probably the only person in the world I would let get away with that nickname".

"Yeah, well, that's because I'm amaaaazing!" laughed Lexi.

"So now that you know the drama that has been my life these past few years, I wanna hear about you. What happened to you?" asked Veronica.

"Oh man. This could be a long story" sighed Lexi.

"I've got time" smirked Veronica as snuggled deeper into the couch.

"Ok. Well. I needed to get out of Neptune after dad died. So, as you know, I worked my ass off and got a scholarship to Oxford. And then, well you know my mom, I just couldn't handle having to come back here and live with her. So I just stayed. And then she moved out of Neptune after the big scandal with your dad, because she didn't want to be associated with…Well it was stupid. And I didn't find out any of this until a few weeks ago".

"Yeah, your mom left at about the same time mine did. I'm not surprised she didn't tell you anything. She was pretty pissed at my dad for 'bringing down the family' after 'all his brother had done' for Neptune".

"I can't believe she would throw my father in Uncle Keith's face! She knew how close they were. I'm sorry for her, since she'll never be sorry on her own".

"Water under the bridge, Lex. Far worse things have been said to us".

"She's so…. Ugh…But…anyways. After graduation, I decided to stay in England and got a job at a travel company and started leading tour groups all over Europe. I went into business with a few friends about 4 years ago and our company flourished. I got bored, sold my share, made more money than I know what to do with, and now I'm back in good ole Neptune" finished Lexi.

"For how long?" asked Veronica quietly.

"As long as you guys can put up with me" winked Lexi as she hopped up from the sofa, "Now get off my bed".

"Hah. I'm going, I'm going. Let me get you some sheets and a pillow" said Veronica walking to the closet, "And Lexi?"

"What Ron?"

"I love you".