Summary: Nine months after the events in X3, the mutants are under a new threat due to 'the cure', the X-Men are forced back into action as arguments once again set up across the globe. Marie is forced to adjust to life once again, choosing to stay with the Canadian mutant who had first saved her, and learning to cope with the many changes thrown at her.

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Wrong Side of Right

Chapter One

"In other news a family of three were admitted to hospital earlier today when a neighbour found them all unconscious in the kitchen. We have been told that they will all be alright but police are still trying to find the cause of the sudden illness that struck them. They currently suspect a gas leak but no evidence has been found to support thi…" The news reporter was cut off mid-sentence as Marie reached over and changed the channel to a music one. She started humming along to the song as she put her breakfast plate into the sink and wiped down the table. Another song came onto the TV and she turned to look at it.

It was a new band, with both mutant and non-mutant members – proof of the success in what had gone on recently – and the video they had created was of the X-Men.

Marie settled herself into a chair as the video progressed, watching as both clips of the X-Men fighting and of actors who looked a lot like the heroes themselves did everyday things that would have had the two-toned female laughing (or running for her life in one case where 'Logan' was spring cleaning in a pink frilly apron) A clip of the actual mutants fighting had her crying.

On it was something that obviously been made by the mutants themselves and sent over to the band – a room Marie recognised as the Danger Room materialised into a swamp environment, and the group known as the X-Men set about fighting simulated robots. Marie watched as Bobby Drake and Emma Frost fought side-by-side, and remembered the day four months previously.

She had been living with Bobby for several months, although no longer a mutant, she had been allowed to stay with her 'family' and had spent her time with her boyfriend. As soon as she had found out the good news, she had gone to find Bobby, instantly wishing she hadn't when she had run into his room, and had stopped abruptly at the sight of him and Emma – who had came to the mansion not long after the war -, in several states of undress, kissing on his bed.

She had left then. Not just Bobby's room, but the mansion as a whole, had moved into an apartment in New York and had then phoned Ororo to tell her what had happened, and where she was. She refused to go back, she had felt an outcast with them ever since she'd taken the cure, and had only stayed because Bobby was on the team, and she had loved him. Now that that was over, she saw no reason for her to stay, and had not returned since. Though Ororo had often gone to visit her, to check up on her, and to make sure Marie was comfortable staying on her own with her baby on the way.

That last thought had her straightening up and wiping away her tears. The video had long since finished, and she turned the TV off. Ororo was coming again today, to try and persuade her to return to the mansion – she only had four months of her pregnancy left, and 'Ro was trying to get her to return to the mansion – worried about how well Marie would cope with raising her baby on her own. She smiled, Ororo worried to much about her health, she decided, walking from the kitchen into the lounge.

Pain surged through her body suddenly, and she screamed, the floor rushed towards her in a dizzying surge, and everything went dark before she hit the red carpet.


"I don't see why I have to come." Logan complained, pulling a cigar out his pocket and sticking it into his mouth

"Because you're her friend." Ororo replied "Besides, she's likely to listen to you."

"I'm her friend 'Ro." Logan pointed out, searching his pockets for a lighter "Not her father. I can't make her do something she doesn't want to do. It's up to her if she comes back or not." He triumphantly pulled the lighter from his pocket

"Logan, if you light that anywhere near me, I'm going to shock you." Ororo threatened, pulling the car up outside Marie's apartment block "It won't be healthy for Rogue or her baby, and I don't want it near me." Logan scowled, but pocketed the cigar and lighter, stepping out of the car as Ororo did, listening to the bamf as the African woman's husband, Kurt Wagner, appeared beside him

"Come on then, Elf." Logan said, starting towards the apartment block "How long do you think it'll take the two to go into an argument over Stripes' coming back with us?"


"She should have answered the door by now." Ororo mused. They'd been standing outside of Marie's apartment for fifteen minutes, Logan had stuffed the cigar into his mouth after the first five and was walking up and down the corridor. A satisfied smile on his face as he smoked.

"Maybe she went out for a bit?" he suggested

"She never goes out when I come and visit." Ororo replied worriedly "She's always here."

"Maybe she has the television up." Kurt suggested, he was sitting on the floor, leaning casually against the wall. The three paused, silent for a moment as they listened for any sound inside the apartment to prove Kurt's theory correct. Logan's claws came from his hands after a minute, making the other two jump.

"Logan?" Ororo asked

"Stand back, 'Ro." He replied tersely, stepping up to the door, his claws sank back into his hands, except for one which went into the gap between the door and the wall and broke the lock, allowing them to swing the door open with a simple push.
The living room was silent, the curtains closed and blocking off all light from outside, it was also incredibly tidy. Logan's eyes scanned the room quickly, taking in the picture on top of the TV of all the X-Men, taken some while before because it included Jean, Scott and the Professor. He eyes then slid to the floor, a slight movement from the other side of the couch had his claws sliding out again, and he walked over quickly.

"Shit." he muttered, seeing what lay on the other side, claws disappearing into his hands as he dropped down "'Ro? Get over here!"

"Logan?" Ororo called out, not seeing where the man was for a moment. She spotted him, crouched on the floor beside the couch, pulling a cushion from the cream seat

"You're alright, darlin'." Logan said quietly, sliding the cushion under Marie's head as she lay convulsing on the floor, his hand going to check her pulse "You're alright."

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