The Following is an Instant Letter (IL) between Adela and one of her friends from Vegas, Alecerion Hino. It takes place right after she gets out of her meeting with Dumbledore.

SPEEDRACER:alec, r u there? Hellooooooo...OMG alec, its and emergency.

FAEDANCER:WTF do u want?

SPEEDRACER: i need ur hlp

FAEDANCER: its 2 am, r u insane? i lost rewind privlges and i need zzzzzzzzz

SPEEDRACER: how did u manage that?

FAEDANCER: well, i was with wren and...

FAEDANCER: don't u need my hlp

SPEEDRACER: alec, I did somthin bad

FAEDANCER: chill, its not like u blew n-e-thin up... lol




FAEDANCER: wait, did u use Accio?

SPEEDRACER: uh, maybe...


SPEEDRACER: they made me

SPEEDRACER:i blew up the sprts field

FAEDANCER: WTF! u'v gotta call me and tll me evrythn.


SPEEDRACER: plz don't tll n-e-1

FAEDANCER:srry, I'm tllin evry1

SPEEDRACER: thnx Alec. I won't ask u fr hlp n-e-mor

Adela sighed as she turned off her computer.

"Why do all my friends have to blab? I mean, I can't tell them anything"

She grimaced and turned to the mirror on the wall, finding she wasn't alone in the room.

"Geez Ginny, You scared the crap out of me"

"I wanted to make sure you're still alive. What did you do?"

"They didn't tell you?" Adela sat on her bed surprised.

"I figured you would tell me just the same, and wouldn't laugh your arse off doing it" Ginny said, sitting next to her friend.

"Well, I kind of made the Quidditch pitch explode"

"WHAT?? I didn't see anything different about it"

"That's because they put an illusion spell on it, so no one could see the giant crater; and so y'all could still play"

"Oh. How exactly did you manage that?"

"They made me summon"

"You can't do that, and you're a sixth year?"

"I can, it just makes explosions. Its what happens when you mix magic."

"Mix magic?"

"Yeah. You see, everyone has a bond to magic, Elves, Wizards, Goblins, Fairies, Nymphs, its just all different. When you mix the bonds, you create something new, but take away from the old at the same time."

"And what does this have to do with anything?"

"Well, I come from mixed magic. I'm a witch, but my family liked to marry others, like Leprechauns. Way back in like the sixteenth century, one of my ancestors married a leprechaun princess, and their magic mixed very interestingly, giving their son color-changing eyes."

"Ok, so why can't you summon?" Ginny asked with an added bit of interest.

"We're not really sure. It's only me that can't, and it could be caused by anything. We've proven that it could be from Leprechaun, Elf, Werewolf, Sprite, or even Faye mixed together in a combination. All I know is that it sucks on Finals Week and can be very very embarrassing."

"Aha, So why aren't you thrilled by the dance? The Bashing Wands are coming, and they're going to dance with one girl from each house. Do you really not like them?" The two were interrupted by A cell phone ringing.

"Hold that thought." Adella said. She picked up the phone and knew what she was going to here.



"Cass, Cass, CASS! Chill okay?"

"How am I supposed to chill when you are half way across the world blowing up my dream vacation destination?"

"Thanks for you consern, I'm perfectly fine Cassandra." She said flatly

"Aging I say, what did you blow up this time?"

"The... uh... Quidich field?"

"Smoth, very smoth honey, nice going. Wait, the QUIDICH FIELD? How did you manage that, thoughts things are huge?!"

"It's a long story and I'm currently talking to someone so I'll call you later and you can screech all you want, ok? Ok. Bu-bye, love." Click she finish shutting her phone and turning to Ginny, "Where were we?"

"The Bashing Wands, do you really not like them?"

"Well to put it in perspective," Adela said, "It's like always having your older brother looking oner your shoulder and sending death glares at any guy who comes within three feet of you."

"Wow, I would hate that, do you know one of them?"

"I know all of them, I grew up with all of then except Aden, he joined the group in Doug's, I think it was freshman year. . . but that's when they all started playing together."

"Wait so you know ALL of them?" Ginny asked eyes lighing up.

"Yeah, Doug and Paul were friends from the play pin, they met Caleb in Pre-Aces, I started to really hang out and talk to them in third grade. But like I said, they're family."

"So you met them all through Doug?"


"So then how do you know Doug?"

"He's my older brother." Adela said

"WHAT!!" Ginny yelled.

"Shh. . . " Adela said covering her mouth, "Not so loud! That's not a fact I like shating with people a lot."

"But. . . but, your Doug Andersen's little sister!"

"Yes, didn't you ever knotce his eyes are sometines diffrent colors on some of the album covers? It's the family 'give away' traite. Every other generation has them."

"That is so cool." Ginny said, "I'm friends with Doug Andersen's little sister."

"I didn't know it was that big of a deal."

The next morning Adela made her way down to breakfast with Rei, Debbie, and Natalia after a meeting held for the exchange students.

"You know," Natalia said as the started down the stairs, "Draco is completely hung up on you, Adela. He would not stop talking about you last night."

"Really?" She asked

"Hung up in the way I'm thinking?" Rei asked a slight smirk to his lips.

"With that look I hope not!" Both Debbie and Adela said.

"He says he knows her, but he can not place from where." Natalia said pinching Rei's arm.

"That jerk, he only stayed with us like every summer before he started school here."

"So you do know him?"

"His Dad and my Mom were really close growing up," Adela explained, "They used to let up play together all the time."

"Why past-tense?" Debbie asked.

"Things happen, parents are still close, we just don't hang out any more, I really don't care." Adela said as they neered the Great Hall, "Hey, Nataalia, please don't say anything to him, I wanna see how long it takes for him to put the piecess together for himself."

"Ok, I'll see you guys around." She said turning for the Slytherin table

"Bu-bye!" Debbie said also heading for her houses table

"Sayounara." Rei said with a slight bow of his head before heading over to his fellow Ravenclaws

"Later." Adela said rejoining her Gryphendor friends.