-Random construction site-

"Hey Pyro how about you thaw me out?" Pietro was frozen from his waist down.

John looked at his new teammate, "Sorry 'bout that mate, gotta deal with this Sheila and the ice-boy."

Todd was leaping around the construction site Rogue hot on his trail super-charged with Toad juice. "Hey where's Avalanche, yo?"

Freddy rushed towards Scott, "I think I saw him go behind the bulldozer with Kitty."

Although Pietro was freezing he couldn't help but laugh, "Even in the middle of a fight he still wants to get that Kitty stuck up a tree."

Freddy leapt towards Scott, but he ripped off his visor letting out an optic blast that sent all of Blob's momentum in the opposite direction, "Oh man look out!" he shouted as he was sent hurtling towards Wanda.

Wanda looked up in shock, Freddy had a bit of a growth spurt after the ordeal with Apocalypse, he grew about a foot taller and grew a great deal more dense, he did not get any wider just heavier. He now stood at seven feet tall and weighed nine hundred pounds. She looked at Freddy in horror surely this could not end well. Suddenly there was a loud crash and a bit of a shockwave as Freddy landed.

"You killed my sister Summers, when I get out of here I'm gonna… I'm gonna… dear god she's gone," he wept silently in his ice prison.

Freddy got up and looked down at where Wanda should be. "She's gone, Pietro she's gone. I didn't squish her. She's gone," he exclaimed tears of joy streaming down his face.

Relief flushed over Pietro's face, "Wait! Where is she?"

-Down the street on a random rooftop-

"You? Why did you save me?" Wanda asked a smiling blue demon.

Kurt smirked, "Vell I don't think anyone vould like to be squished by the Blob's backside."

She smiled and looked deeply into his yellow eyes, "Wow you're cute. I mean…"

Kurt blushed, "You really think I'm cute?"

She turned her back to him and crossed her arms, "I suppose so."

Kurt smirked, "You know you're the prettiest girl I've ever met, Liebchen."

She walked up to Kurt hands glowing blue. "How about you get me to the 'hood house before I decide to turn you into a cat," she said more seductively than threatening.

Kurt blushed, he had never known the Scarlet Witch to be 'playful,' but there she was flirting, smiling, and threatening to turn him into a feline. He reached out and grabbed her hand. BAMF

-Outside the Brotherhood Boarding House-

"Your castle milady," he gestured to the slightly damaged house.

Wanda peeked an eyebrow, "Um you're still holding my hand."

Kurt looked down and began to blush, "Oh. Sorry."

Wanda smirked and began walking towards the house, "Are you coming in or not?"

Kurt was more than shocked, "Um… what?"

She turned around, "Don't flatter yourself." She winked at him, "I was just going to offer you a drink for saving my life."

Kurt faltered, "Oh… okay."

-An hour later-

Lance's jeep drove up to the boarding house; "I can't believe you guys stopped for burgers while my sister had been witch napped by a blue elf." Pietro slurped at his milkshake.

Todd rolled his eyes, "Well you didn't have to go with us yo."

Freddy stuffed a burger in his mouth, "Besides you've seen what she does to Todd just for lookin' at her, she probably turned him inside out or somethin'."

They walked into the house and noticed Nitghcrawler's uniform on the floor. John picked it up, "Sheila musta vaporized him."

Pietro sped off to his sister's door and knocked, "Wanda are you home?" He could here muffled voices. "What did you say I can't hear you?" Again he could only her mumbling, "I'm coming in!" He opened the door and was promptly hexed across the hall and into the wall.

She rushed towards the door in a scarlet bathrobe, "I said I was changing you idiot."

Pietro started to rub the back of his neck, "Well excuse me for being worried about my sister, who was witch napped by a fuzzy blue elf."

She blushed a little at the mention of a certain demon, "I taught him a lesson about unwanted teleporting."

Pietro peeked an eyebrow, "Then why is his uniform down stairs?"

Wanda was caught off guard but quickly regained her composure; "I hexed him out of it and made him go home naked."

Pietro smiled at his sister, "Well we brought burgers, you hungry?"

Wanda rolled her eyes, "I'll be down in ten minutes." She turned back into her room and locked the door after she shut it. "Okay you can come out now."

"Good thing I can blend into the shadows, ja?" a smiling somewhat naked Kurt walked out of the shadows of Wanda's closet. "Please no coming out of the closet jokes."

She smirked and walked up to him, "Wouldn't think of it." She paused, "Now why did you leave your uniform downstairs?"

Kurt wrapped his arms around Wanda, "Vell if I recall correctly, ve vere caught up in the heat of the moment."

Wanda pouted, "Speaking of heat, if the Brotherhood boys find you in here, John will definitely light your very useful tail on fire."

Kurt gulped, "But I can't show up at home naked."

Wanda rolled her eyes, "Fine here take this." She took off her bathrobe.

Kurt was shocked, "You expect me to show up in front of all those people wearing a scarlet bathrobe?"

Wanda smirked, "Yes I do." She paused as Kurt slipped on the robe, "Tell me again why you don't wear underwear under that thing."

Kurt just had an innocent grin "I chafe." He paused, as he looked Wanda up and down, "So are we together now?"

Wanda rolled her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes and kissed him passionately.

"So is that a yes or a no?" Wanda was about to hit him, "I vas kidding I vas just kidding."

Wanda smiled, "You should go, I have to go grace the idiots down stairs with my presence."

Kurt wrapped his arms around Wanda and held her tightly. He kissed the top of her head, and BAMF'he was gone. She took her time getting dressed, but when she was done she headed for the door.


Todd leapt up and hugged Wanda as she came into the kitchen, "Did that blue elf hurt my cuddlebumps?"

Wanda glared at her green teammate, "Get off me slime." She then proceeded to hex him into the pantry.

Todd landed with a thud, "Owe, hey check it out there's still cheese on this rattrap." A snapping sound could be heard, "Owe meh ton!"

Pietro handed her a burger, "Just the way you like it, no pickles, no onions, and mustard."

She almost smiled and grabbed it from her brother's hand, "Thanks."

"So Wanda how did you get home?" Lance asked as he took a bite of his burger.

Wanda tensed up, "Oh… I threatened to turn the elf into a cat, if he didn't bring me home."

Everyone was thinking the same thing, but Freddy was the first to ask, "You… you can really do that?"

Wanda shrugged, "Who knows. It got the job done though."

-Wanda's room thirty minutes later-

Wanda instantly smelled brimstone so she closed her bedroom door and locked it. She made her way to the nightstand where a rose and a note lied. She picked up the rose an twirled it between her fingers, indulging in its sweet scent every so often. She then picked up the note and read it aloud to herself, "I hope you like the rose. I picked it from Ms. Monroe's garden for you. I was wondering, if you didn't have any plans, that maybe you could meet me at midnight in the park by the fountain." As Wanda finished reading she had a rather large smile on her face, then she looked over at the clock, and realized she would have to kill two hours.

Then there came a knock at her door, "Or maybe I could kill five idiots."

"Hey Wanda, Pietro's gonna go grab a couple of movies you want anything?" Lance asked calmly through the door.

Before she could respond she heard Todd's voice, "Me and cuddlebumps are gonna watch a romantic flick, yo."

Before Wanda could hex her amphibious roommate through the door, John spoke up, "You're crazier than I am, we need a movie with lots of explosions!"

Freddy took this opportunity to ask a very important question, "Since when do we have money to rent movies?"

Wanda peeked an eyebrow at Freddy's apparent rise in intelligence. Pietro then smugly said, "That's an interesting observation. I guess we'll just have to create a distraction."

"Oh no I'm not faking a seizure so we can get a few movies, besides that's the reason we're not allowed back at the burger place." Todd protested.

Lance, the voice of reason, could only say, "Well I'm not letting Matches be the distraction, last thing we need is to end up in jail… again."

John pouted, "Hey, I get the job done don't I?"

Pietro seemed more determined, "Come on Todd, you throw the seizure, and we'll run in and grab everything that isn't bolted down."

Todd sighed, "Fine." Everyone cheered. That is until the door was engulfed in a blue flame and was then shot off its hinges. Wanda walked out of her room with a duffle bag.

Freddy pushed the door off of himself, "Good thing I'm the Blob huh?" everyone nodded in agreement from behind Freddy.

Wanda looked at the boys peeking from behind Freddy, "I'm going out, and any one who follows me will be a dead man." She began to descend the stairs, "And that door better be back on its hinges when I get home!"

-Two hours later at the fountain in the park-

BAMF Wanda smiled as she smelled the familiar scent of brimstone, "How long have you been here Liebchen?"

Wanda looked up from her book, "About two hours."

Kurt was shocked, "Vhy vere you here for two hours?"

Wanda closed her book and put it in her duffle bag, "Well it was either sit here and read for two hours, or kill my idiot brother and his dumbass friends." She then threw him his uniform.

"Thank you, Liebchen. Here is your robe." He said thankful that he wouldn't have to explain to the Professor how he had lost it.

Kurt walked up to the fountain and sat right next to her, "Kurt why don't you turn off that watch?" She looked into his blue eyes, "I'd much rather see the real you."

He flicked a switch on his watch, and suddenly Wanda was staring into big loving yellow eyes, "Is that better Vanda?"

Wanda leaned in close and whispered into his ear, "Much better." Kurt stared deeply in Wanda's big gorgeous blue eyes, "So, why did you want to meet me this late?"

Kurt rubbed the back of his neck, "Vell ve are moving pretty fast and I guess I just vanted to get to know you better."

Wanda was surprised, "Well that's a very good answer Kurt, but why so late?"

Kurt sighed, "Vell I think it's the only time we could be alone. Mein sister isn't here and neither is your brother."

Wanda smiled at the fact that Kurt did not want to share her, "Or our teams for that matter."

Kurt grinned, "Ja I'm very glad you understand."

Wanda smirked, "You said you wanted to get to know me. Well what do you want to know?"

Kurt looked Wanda over and smiled, "Everything!"