-The next day in the living room-

The Brotherhood members were scattered around the room with various books, and school supplies in an attempt to study.

Sneezing could be heard coming from down the hall. Followed by a stuffy voice, "Ah hate being sick." The person could then be heard blowing her nose, "This sucks more than when Todd tried to feel me up yesterday."

All of the Brotherhood members looked at Todd. He looked amazingly guilty, "She's delirious yo."

Rogue stepped into the living room; nose running, no make-up, comforter wrapped loosely around her body, and a tissue clutched tightly in her exposed hand, "Toad!" she nearly shrieked, "I blame you, you got your slimy hands on me and I contracted your toad-cooties."

Todd rolled his eyes, "I didn't hear the weather witch complaining 'bout my toad-juice yo."

Rogue wiped her nose, "That was before she sobered up." She walked over to the couch and glared at Freddy and John, who immediately jumped up. She then proceeded to collapse on the couch.

Pietro peeked an eyebrow in confusion, "Is she alive?"

Laura stared at the mass of linens, as it began snoring, "Does that answer your question?" He only nodded in response.

Pietro smirked, "Whose feeling brave?" he asked as he whipped out a sharpie from a near by pencil bag.

John chuckled, "Toss it here mate." He walked over to the couch and pulled back the comforter very slowly.

Lance looked at the Aussie, "What are you gonna do when she wakes up?"

John smirked and began doodling on her face, "Same thing I do every time mate, try to take over Canada."

Lance's face twisted in confusion, "But…" he was interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Wanda.

Wanda shook her head, "Just drop it. I doubt he knows what he's saying most of the time."

Pietro took the marker from John, "Leave some room for me." John had apparently drawn a Phoenix on her left cheek, which inspired Pietro to draw a lightning bolt on her other cheek.

Todd then grabbed the marker with his tongue and began drawing on the victim's face, "This is great." He began drawing flies all over her forehead and when he finished he handed it to Freddy, who took it without question and drew eyes on her eyelids. He snickered and tossed the marker to Wanda.

Wanda looked at the marker in her hand and made her way to the Rogue, "At least we're doing this as a family." She wrote 'Insert here' with an arrow pointing to her mouth on Rogue's chin; she tossed the marker over to Laura, and she placed her gloved hand on her chest and drew an outline around each hand then proceeded to write 'Toad was here' on the innocent victim. When she was finished she handed to Lance.

Lance eyed the marker, "Fearless leader goes last huh?" Everyone nodded in agreement, "Okay just checking." He smiled as he wrote 'Kitty + Lance' above her upper lip.

Pietro looked at her, "She'll never figure out it was us." As he finished his sentence the Professor wheeled in.

He looked at the Brotherhood, "You're supposed to be studying."

Lance smiled, "We're studying psychology."

Todd hoped onto the back of the couch and pointed to Rogue, "Yeah we're gonna see how pissed Rogue is gonna be after she looks at herself in the mirror yo."

Hank rushed into the room, "Charles there's a giant magnetic disturbance approaching us."

The Professor looked at the Brotherhood and then back to Hank, "Magneto." The Brotherhood members visually tensed, "Suit-up, Wanda find some where to hide with Luna, Pietro when you're finished rush Rogue back to her room."

Pietro and Wanda only nodded and The Brotherhood members ran off to change.

-Several minutes later outside the mansion-

Magneto stood tall, arms crossed with a villainous smirk upon his face. Several metallic orbs lie behind him. Four orbs began to open and out walked Mystique, Sabretooth, Mastermind, and a woman wearing a gold theatre mask and a white gown.

The woman with the mask approached Magneto, "The large one will be a problem."

Magneto nodded, "Sabretooth take care of the Blob." Sabretooth let out a feral growl to express his agreement. "Mystique can you handle my heir and the Toad?"

Mystique loaded two 9mms with tranquilizer darts, "Of course."

Magneto looked at Mastermind, "When they fall alter their minds."

Mastermind stepped forward, "Of course sir."

The woman with the gold mask spoke, "They have arrived."

The front door to the institute burst open exposing the Brotherhood, Beast, and the Professor. Sabretooth ran straight for the Blob, and flipped over his head. He then grabbed onto his head placed a foot between his shoulder blades and used the momentum to flip him into the mansion wall. Sabretooth got back up and went to attack Beast.

Mastermind immediately ran to the fallen Blob and placed his hand on the sides of his head. Blob immediately opened his eyes and grabbed Mastermind by the shirt, "Get off me monkey-boy!" he then proceeded to throw Mastermind through the bay window back outside.

Magneto watched as his lackey's body hit a tree, "Without that fool the plan is ruined. Sabretooth amuse yourself."

Sabretooth gave out a sick smirk and growled, "Come 'ere blue-boy."

The Professor stayed on the porch, "Eric why are you doing this?"

Magneto's eyes flashed a disturbing blue, "Charles, I'm here to claim what is mine! Where are my daughter and her child?"

The Professor was shocked, "How do you know?"

Magneto smirked, "Thanks to Mystique, Destiny has made my acquaintance, and she has very useful talents."

Blob then rushed toward Magneto. He summoned the metal gate from the fence and placed it in front of Blob's path.

Blob smirked, "I'm tired of you underestimating us." He then ripped through the gate and tried to tackle the Master of Magnetism.

Unfortunately for Blob he took flight, "Fool, don't dare to underestimate me."

"Roight, Oih'll remember that for later," Pyro shouted as three fiery birds attacked Magneto.

Avalanche focused his thoughts and threw out his arms towards Sabretooth. He was suddenly swept away by a tidal wave comprised solely of the Earth, giving Beast the opportunity to viciously attack rendering him unconscious for the moment.

Beast smiled at Avalanche, "Nice work my boy, but he will rise soon."

Avalanche smirked, "No he won't," He stomped his foot creating a shallow chasm allowing Sabretooth to fall into it. He then clapped his hands together sealing it, leaving only his head exposed.

Quicksilver ran circles around Destiny, "I can see every move you make before you make it child."

Quicksilver smirked and punched her in the stomach, "Yeah but you're still not fast enough to do anything about it."

Mystique grew frustrated as she attempted to shoot the Toad and X-23, "Stand still you clumsy fool."

Both Toad and X23 gracefully dodged several darts, "Ain't clumsy no more, we've been practicing in the off-season yo."

She was so shocked at hearing the Brotherhood actually practicing that she neglected to dodge the assault aimed at her. She was soon on the ground courtesy of a tongue between the eyes.

Sabretooth exploded out of the ground only to be surrounded by Blob, Quicksilver, Toad, X-23, and Beast.

Magneto floated back to the ground, his cape slightly burnt, "I believe it's time for a tactful retreat." He then summoned his metallic orbs to scoop up his fallen generals. He floated back into the air with his generals and looked down at the Professor, "They have one this battle Charles, but I shall return to finish and win the war." He began flying towards the horizon.

Todd smirked, "Yeah get outta here ya sore loser." A piece of the front gate floated up and slammed into the back of Toad's head, "Owe!"

The Brotherhood and Beast broke out into laughter. However all was not well in the mansion, as Rogue had woken up and went to the bathroom. After one look in the mirror and down her shirt, she let out a horrible earsplitting scream.

Pietro sped over to Lance, "Three guesses what that was about, and the first two don't count."

Lance only smirked, "You know it's been a while since we've been on COPS, wanna get some burgers?" All the present Brotherhood members agreed and ran for Lance's jeep.

Pietro hoped into the front seat, "What about Wanda?"

Lance turned the keys and started up the jeep. He popped it into drive and sped off just in time to avoid an angry Rogue throwing various lawn gnomes and pink flamingos at them, "We'll bring her back something."

Todd ducked a bucket, "If we survive yo."

-Several months later in the Med-Lab-

Wanda was lying on a gurney with Kurt holding her right hand, gently stroking it from time to time. Hank was the doctor present to deliver the little miracle.

"Push Wanda push," a fully uniformed Hank told Wanda.

Wanda groaned, "You did this to me!" she yelled at Kurt who was now on the floor in pain because Wanda had his hand in a vise-like grip.

Kurt stood up very slowly, "But Liebchen it was your idea." He gazed at his beautiful wife.

Wanda cried out in pain, "Why didn't you wear anything?"

Kurt smiled, "I told you I chafe." He was promptly hexed back to the ground.

Wanda gasped for air, "Next time you think about being funny, just let it go."

Across the room the other Brotherhood members were sitting on a gurney wearing 3-D glasses as they watched the show eating popcorn.

Todd took a handful of popcorn and shoved it into his mouth, "Five bucks says it comes out blue."

John looked over at Todd, "Ten says it has a tail."

Freddy looked on in shock, "I didn't know women could stretch that far."

Lance held his stomach, "Oh man I think I'm gonna be sick."

Pietro shifted Luna to his other arm, "Five bucks says Wanda breaks his hand."

Laura chuckled, "I'll take that bet."

A sickening crack could be heard followed by a, "Dear Gott she broke it."

Pietro looked at Laura and held out his hand, "Pay up."

Laura rolled her eyes, "Can't I just do that thing you like?"

Pietro rubbed his hand together evilly, "All right I'm going to get a…" he was promptly cut off by Wanda's scream.

Hank encouraged Wanda, "Come on Wanda push, I can see the head."

"After I get this kid out of me I'm going to kill that furry blue man," She cried out in pain one more time.

A blue mass of fuzz suddenly escaped Wanda's womb. Hank smiled and wrapped it in a nearby blanket, "Congratulations, it's a healthy beautiful baby girl."

Lance threw up in a trashcan, "Holy hell she's blue."

John jumped up to get a closer look, "She's got a tail too mates."

Hank handed Wanda the baby, and she began crying, "She's so beautiful."

Pietro sped over with Luna, "Yeah she has her father's eyes."

Todd looked at the child, "Yeah solid yellow."

Hank put a hand on Kurt's shoulder, "Come on 'Dad' lets get that hand stitched up so you can hold your daughter."

Pietro smiled at his sister, "What is her name?"

Wanda kissed her daughter, "Talia Josephine Wagner."

-Several weeks later in the living room-

The various Brotherhood members were sitting around the living room. Wanda, Pietro and Kurt sat on the couch. Talia sat in Wanda's lap while Laura sat in Pietro's lap. Freddy and Todd sat on the floor watching Luna crawl around. Lance sat in the loveseat with Kitty, while John sat in an armchair with Amara and Tabby standing on either side.

Wanda smiled at her daughter, "So what's next for the Brotherhood?"

Todd shrugged, "We could go get some burgers."

Freddy looked down at the Luna, "Neh they have our pictures hanging on the wall."

John pulled out a few lighters selected one. He then began opening and closing it, "We could try to take over Canada again."

Lance shook his head, "No way too many moose."

Pietro smirked, "I got an idea." He sped off carrying Laura in his arms. Pietro sped back into the room just as music began playing.

Wanda snuggled closer to Kurt, "They're really good at this."

Pietro started to dance with Laura, "The Mountain is high!"

Freddy picked up Luna and got up, "The valley is low!"

Lance smirked, got up and invited Kitty to dance with him, "And you're confused on which way to go."

John chuckled, and grabbed his women, "So I've come here to give you a hand."

Todd started singing from the floor, "and lead you into the promise land."

The Brotherhood boys began singing in unison, "So…

Come on and take a free ride,

Come on and sit here by my side,

Come on and take a free ride,

All over the country I've seen it the same,

Nobody's winning at this kind of game,

We've got to do better its time to begin,

You know all the answer must come from within,


Come on and take a free ride,

Come on and sit here by my side

Come on and take a free ride!"

The Brotherhood members began laughing. Freddy looked down at Luna, "You've got one crazy family kid."

Pietro sped over and picked her up. She smiled down at him and he smiled right back at her, "Make us proud kid. You and blue-girl are the future of the Brotherhood of Evil."