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Robert Langdon was one of those men who loved travelling. He just simply loved to go to other countries and spend time at museums and all that. Of course he was always excited when he sat in the plane, waiting for landing. But this time he was a bit nervous too. But at the same time, he couldn't possibly not to be glad to see his new friend who he had seen a month ago. He remembered that night in Scotland. They had talked, walked and had hand in hand… She looked so beautiful then. She kissed him on the cheek and he invited her to come to Florence with him. Of course she accepted. And then, without warning, she had kissed him. He was so happy and all and almost couldn't say a word!

Robert smiled when he was thinking of her. Actually, he couldn't think anything else in a month. He's friends teased him about it. Well, Robert hadn't told his friends about her but they just guessed it because he didn't listen and didn't want to go out to search for that "One".

Robert had to admit that he really was in love with Sophie Neveu. It sounded a bit silly because they had met each other once and it wasn't a romantic time then. And he wasn't sure if Sophie was in love with him or not. But she just seemed to be the right person to spend life with until the very end.

Probably I should let things just go like they should, he thought and shut his eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.


Robert walked out of the plane and went to get his luggage. Then he started to head out. He just got out of the station when a familiar voice shouted: "Robert!"

And there she was, as beautiful as last time he saw her. Sophie ran towards him and stopped just in front of him. They looked at each other for a while and just smiled. She just stood there smiling and without warning she hugged him tight around his neck. Robert put his arms around her and hugged back.

"I have missed you. It's so good to see you again!" she mumbled against his shoulder.

"I've missed you too, Sophie", he said and smiled to himself.

They stood there for a while like that and pulled out of each other.

"We should get going then", Sophie said and took his hand. They began to walk towards her luggage which was left about 10 meters away. Then they took a taxi and drove to their hotel called Brunellechi (A/N I'm really, really sorry but I don't remember that hotel's name so I just guessed it! My bro is just reading that DVC so I can't check it out.).


"Here's your key card, sir. Have a nice holiday!" said a woman behind the desk at the hotel's entrance hall.

"Thank you", Robert said and smiled. He began to walk towards stairs but she pulled him by his arm and towards the lift. Robert got really nervous and said: "Sophie, I know that you know I hate things like elevators".

"Yes I do know that. But you can't ever beat your fear if you don't even try. Just come on, you're not alone. I'm right here with you", she said, took his and squeezed it. He slowly began to walk towards the lift and held his breath even without knowing it. The doors shut and he tried to think about anything else than the place where he was right then.


Their room was very simple one but still beautiful. There was a huge bed for a pair, a bathroom with a bathing tube. The window showed them a beautiful sight of the city below.

He was really tired even though he had slept a bit in the plane. He just got onto the bed and lay down on his back. Sophie smiled at him when he closed his eyes and seemed so relaxed. She lay down next to him onto her stomach and blew at him a bit. He didn't seem to notice it, so she went closer and blew to his ear. He opened his eyes, turned his head and saw her grinning face just in front of his face, very close. She noticed it too and blushed a little bit. She felt like she was still a little girl who blushed when she was too close to a boy. She put her hands under her chin and leaned on them.

"So, what are we going to do now then?" she asked and looked into his blue eyes.

"Well, uhm.. I don't know actually. What do you want to do?" he asked.

"I just want to relax today, if it's okay with you. And it's already 5:45pm. Just let's stay here for an hour or two and then go to eat somewhere. Is that ok?" she asked and turned to lie on her side next to him.

"Yeah, that's ok. The lesson is tomorrow so today we can relax, tomorrow I will go to keep that lesson and then we can do whatever we want that next week", he said and turned to his side too.

"Sounds good to me", she said and kissed him lightly on his cheek. He felt butterflies in his stomach and just stared at her. He must have looked like a fool.

Her eyes began to shut and soon she was asleep. He watched her sleeping for a while and soon he felt his eyes closing too.

To be continued… :p

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