I'm Home Again
By: Akeryou-sama
Chapter 3

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Recap: Tohru visits with Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki. They learn of why she left. She visits with Hatsuharu and finds that he heard the whole conversation between her and Akito. She confides in him that she really does love Yuki. Haru tells her that Shigure and Akito used to love each other. Haru tells Shigure and Ayame that Tohru loves Yuki.

It's been a long, eventful day. She (Tohru) thought as she crawled in bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

Tohru was the first to rise that morning, before dawn. She had yet to get out of the habit she built while staying with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo. It was a never ending occurrence. Tohru started her day with a quick shower. She dressed in a white tank top and a knee length jean skirt. She slid a jean jacket over her arms and nodded before brushing out her hair.

At exactly dawn, she left the house in search of breakfast ingredients (Author's note 1 at bottom). She collected the few ingredients need for Tamagoyaki. She got some nori, natto, milk, and salmon to fry. With a nod she paid for the groceries and left the store, heading back home.

She noted that no one was awake when she got back and smiled. She started on cleaning up the kitchen and washing the dishes before getting started on breakfast. She poured the rice into the rice steamer and started to re-heat the Miso soup. As the Miso soup heated, she fried the fish and mixed the natto with soy sauce and Karashi mustard.

Haru was the first to come down from his room. He entered the kitchen, inhaled, and sighed as he closed his eyes.

"Tohru's cooking. I haven't smelled that in sometime," He said, smiling as if he was in heaven as he inhaled again, "I am in heaven."

"Hatsuharu, stop it," Tohru said, blushing and smiled at him, "It's not that good. Though I have to admit, it does smell better than cold cereal, burnt toast, and orange juice."

Haru laughed as he got into the fridge, "You got milk?"

"Yes. I went shopping early this morning," She said, beaming at him as he poured a glass of milk for himself.

"Just how early did you get up?" Haru said, glancing at her as he put the milk carton away.

"Sometime before dawn, I think. Probably around 6:00," She said thoughtfully and shrugged, "I can't remember the time exactly. I just know it was before dawn."

"I don't know how you do it, Tohru," Haru said, shaking his head before poking her side and watching her laugh, "I'm going to go get Yuki and the others. I'll be back shortly. Hanajima and Arisa should be getting up here soon. I believe Hiro and Kisa will be returning in about—" Haru looked at the clock, "8:30 in about a half hour."

"Breakfast will be done by then," Tohru said, nodding her head as she flipped the fish, "As a matter of fact. I'll be setting the table at about that time."

Haru left, leaving Tohru alone until Uo and Hana got up. They both entered the kitchen, smiling.

"You're up early. I expected you to sleep longer. When did you get up?" Uo said and Tohru smiled.

"Before dawn, at about 6, I think," Tohru said and turned off the burner the Miso sat on, "Hatsuharu left to get Yuki and the others. Kisa and Hiro will be here in 15 minutes. How long does it take Hatsuharu to wake them up anyways?"

"About 20 to 25 minutes," Uo said and shrugged.

"Arisa! Haru! Saki! We're back!" A woman's voice called from the front door.

"Kisa, come here please," Hana called out to her, "Hiro can you go up to Shigure's and help Haru wake them all up?"

"Why do I have to?" Hiro yelled and Kisa laughed.

"Just do it, Hiro," Kisa said as she walked into the kitchen, "It would make me very happy if you did."

"Fine. I'll be back in a few minutes," Hiro replied and left, Tohru laughed.

"That's a girl, Kisa. Wrap him around your finger," Tohru said and smiled.

"Saki? Arisa? What is that you wanted me for?" Kisa said as she looked at Uo and Hana, who were blocking Tohru from view.

"Oh would you two just move?" Tohru said and frowned, placing her hands on her hips.

"Tohru, you're ruining our fun!" Uo said and pouted.

"Arisa, you ruined our fun," Hana said and smiled slightly.

"Tohru? Tohru's here? Where! Sissy!" Kisa said and the two women moved to the side as the 18 year old girl called out to Tohru.

"Kisa!" Tohru said and opened her arms to the younger girl, who ran to her, causing them both to topple over.

"Sissy! I missed you so much!" Kisa said and Tohru smiled.

"I missed you too," Tohru said and smiled.

"Why did you leave, sissy?" Kisa said and Tohru inhaled.

"Akito threatened me. She told me that if I had anything to do with you guys, she'd have me killed," Tohru said and smiled, "I also wanted to get a post secondary school education so I went to college why I was in America. I realized that I'd die sooner or later, and I'd rather be with my family until I died, so I came back. And surprise, surprise. Akito's dead."

Kisa frowned as she nodded, taking in the new knowledge. A smile replaced the frown as they stood up.

"I'm glad you came back. You told me you'd come back sometime and every time someone was sad that you left, I told them that you'd come back soon. I think it seemed to give them all hopes," Kisa said, smiling, "Akito died right after we got the medallions made."

"Yes, Yes. I know," Tohru replied and smiled at her, hugging her again, "You're still so cute! Are you hungry?"

"No. Hiro and I ate before we left the main house," Kisa said and smiled, "I'm going to go up to my room. When Hiro gets back, send him up there for me, please?"

"Right," Tohru said as she returned to cooking and Kisa left.

Uo and Hana set the table and put the cooked food out on the table. As Tohru fished the fish, she set them on the table and boiled water for tea. She glanced at the clock.

"Haru's been gone for over 30 minutes," She said and frowned.

"Don't worry about him," Uo said, waving it off, "This all looks so yummy, Tohru-chan!"

Tohru heard the door open and several footsteps before it closed. She walked into the entrance and beamed.

"I hope you guys are hungry! I prepared a lot of food for everyone!" Tohru said and looked at the group.

Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo stood in the front, smiling. Haru and Hiro were in the back, hold someone back. Tohru laughed.

"Momiji!" Tohru said and grinned.

"Tohru!" Momiji yelled and managed to escape the hold Hiro and Haru had on him.

He jumped on Tohru, knocking them both down. She laughed. Momiji hadn't changed a bit. Sure, he looked older, wore men's clothing, and sounded different, but he was still the same Momiji.

She continued laughing as she lay on the floor, calming down. Momiji rolled off her and stood up. He reached his hand down and helped her up before hugging her, again. Tohru opened her mouth to ask Momiji what he was doing there.

"I heard from Kureno and Kagura that you had returned and I wanted to see you. So I went to Shigure's house thinking that you'd be there and was disappointed when Haru told me you weren't there," Momiji said before she could even get a word out.

"Oh," Tohru said and smiled, "I'm glad you came to see me, Momiji. I hope it was no trouble!"

"Not at all!" Momiji said as they entered the eating room.

Breakfast was eaten in silence for the most part. The occasional question was asked, or the occasional comment was thrown out. Breakfast was over and Tohru explained everything to Momiji and Hiro. Everyone left to take care of their own agendas, leaving Tohru by herself.

She sat on her bed in her room, thinking about what she would do. Deciding on reading, Tohru stood up and walked to her dresser. She pulled out a ribbon-the ribbon Yuki had given her for White day oh so long ago. She smiled at it and placed it against her lips before tying it in her hair.

The brown haired woman sighed as she picked up a book-one of many that Shigure had written and she'd bought-and climbed up onto the roof. It was a romance story that took place in high school. It oddly reminded her of her high school years after her mother's death.

"Mom…" Tohru whispered and drew in a sharp breath, "It's still painful."

She exhaled, slowly before shaking all thoughts from her mind and reading her book. She was so engrossed in the book that she didn't hear or see the silver haired man climb onto the house.

"Tohru-kun," He said and she jumped, startled.

"Ayame-san!" She said and inclined her head, "How are you?"

"I'm well," He replied and sat next to her, a smile on his face, "Yuki is searching for you."

"Oh, he is?" Tohru said and smiled.

I wonder what he wants… She thought joyfully and stood up.

"I'll be back in a few. Feel free to make yourself at home," Tohru said and smiled at him, "Just don't get to cold."

"Thank you," Ayame said and followed her off the roof.

"Where is he, do you know?" She said and he nodded.

"At his base," The yellow orbed man walked into the house as Tohru took off in the direction of Yuki's garden.

True to Ayame's word, she found Yuki sitting on the same stump she had been on the day prior. He stood quickly, his grey hair flying around his face. His expression was unreadable but his eyes were filled with love.

She smiled as she stared in his eyes. Oh his eyes. Those violet orbs were her favorite. She smiled at him.

"Hi," She said simply and looked away.

"Hi Honda-san," Yuki said and Tohru looked at him, a slight hint of sadness in her brown orbs.

A slight breeze blew, sending her hair fluttering around her. Yuki caught the ribbon in his hand as it came untied and joined the wind. He smiled down at the ribbon and looked at her.

"You still have it," It was a statement of joy, "I'm glad."

"Of course I still have it. It's my favorite ribbon," Tohru looked at him, love coating her gaze, "because it came from you, Yuki."

Yuki reached up and tied it in her hair. A look of fear crossed his face for a brief minute before he spoke again.

"I… I love you, Tohru," Yuki whispered and her eyes widened, water forming in them.

As the joyful tears fell from her orbs, she threw herself into Yuki's broad chest. He went rigid for only a moment before he wrapped his arms around her.

"Why are you crying?" Yuki whispered into her ear, "Did I make you sad?"

"I'm crying because I'm happy," She said into his chest, "I'm happy because you returned my feelings. I love you, Yuki. I really do."

His face lit up as she pulled away. For the first time in his life, Yuki Sohma held a joyful smile not darkened by his past. Darkness fled his heart and a grin plastered itself on his face.

He bent his head down and captured her lips with his in a sweet kiss. Her eyes slid closed before his did. Her arms shot up around his neck and his tightened their hold upon her. He pulled away and she opened her eyes, meeting his.

"Yuki…" she whispered and his forefinger found its way to her lips, silencing her.

"Shhhh… I've waited for this moment since I realized that I loved you," Yuki whispered before capturing her lips with his.


"Hana! Uo! Have you seen my Kimono?" Tohru cried out 6 months later, "I can't find it!"

"Right here," Uo said as she walked in the room, dressed in a red kimono and held up a dark blue Kimono, "I feel so weird. I'm dressed all wrong."

Snow fell outside, littering the ground with white flakes. Tohru laughed as she took the clothing item from her friend and dressed in it, receiving help from all three girls that were helping her.

"Kisa, would you go answer that?" Tohru said, groaning as Hana and Uo tied her obi and the door bell rang.

"Yes sissy," Kisa replied and rushed off, her orange hair color flying around her shoulders.

It was New Years and Hatori had invited Tohru, Hana, and Uo to go to the New Years celebration the Sohma family was having. It was the first formal celebration since Akito had been born… or something like that, and the very first celebration anyone outside of the family could attend.

A lot had happened for the Sohma family in the six months Yuki and Tohru had been dating. The curse was broken, Kyo had been accepted as part of the zodiac, Yuki and Kyo had settled their dispute, Uo and Kureno finally started dating, and Hana and Kazuma had been spending a lot of time together. Hatori had found a love interest, though no one knew who she was, save Shigure and Ayame, but they wouldn't tell. During that time, Tohru had found a job and was quite happy with it.

Tohru sighed as she stood from the chair after the final ringlet fell around her shoulders. She looked at the other two girls, both were dressed in Kimonos.

Hana's was black (Note 1 at bottom) with a white obi. White snow flakes decorated the silk fabric from the shoulders down to her ankles. Her hair had been left down, cascading around her shoulders.

Uo wore a red kimono (Note 1 at bottom) with a black obi tying it tightly. Red and black butterflies coated the Kimono from shoulders down. Her hair had been pulled up.

Tohru's was a different style. She wore a dark blue kara ori (Note 2 at bottom) verses the hoomonji the other two wore. Chinese designs decorated the kimono and obi in vastness. Her hair was curled in ringlets, left down to frame her face.

"Sissy?" Kisa said as she walked in the room, "Wow! You look pretty!"

Kisa also wore a kara ori in light yellow. Her obi was red and both were decorated with Chinese designs. Her hair had been left down, falling around her shoulders.

"Thank you!" Tohru said, a slight blush painting her cheeks, "What did you need?"

"Oh!" Kisa grinned and bowed politely, "The prince waits for his princess!"

Tohru's cheeks were stained red as she walked out of the room. Once she reached the entrance way, her cheeks had returned to their normal color and she slid on her geta (see three).

"You're beautiful," Yuki said and Tohru flushed again.

"Thank you. You look good yourself," Tohru said, as she looked him up and down.

He wore a black kimono with 3 kamon (see four) on the chest. She embraced him happily for a moment before he pulled away and placed a delicate kiss on her lips.

"Ready?" She said and he nodded.

"Don't want to keep Hatori waiting," Yuki said, smiling.

The celebration was wonderful. Many Sohma's were there-more than Tohru ever expected existed-and Yuki spent his time talking with the zodiac members or with Tohru in the gardens. Before Tohru had realized it, the banquet had begun and she returned home with Uo and Hana.

The next month passed by in a hurry and Tohru soon found herself shopping for valentine gifts. She got everyone chocolate, save Yuki. She was having a hard time choosing something for him.

"Ayame… he might know," Tohru said and smiled, "But I don't want to burden him."

As if to answer her need, Ayame entered the house followed by Shigure. She smiled at them and beckoned them forward.

"I need help. I don't now what to get Yuki for Valentines Day!" She sighed, placing her cheek on her hand.

"Chocolates?" Shigure suggested.

"Not good enough," She replied.

"Clothes," Ayame said and she shook her head.

"Not for him," She retorted and frowned.

"Seeds for his garden?" Shigure stated and she smiled.

"Maybe," She remarked.

"Flowers?" Ayame said and she frowned again.

"You guys are no help," She said exasperatedly, "Not that you guys haven't helped me or anything. It's just… oh never mind!"

Ayame laughed before speaking softly, "I'm sure whatever you get him, Yuki will be happy with. You can even make him something."

"I know what I'm going to do…" Tohru replied and smiled widely.

"Good. So, what are you going to do?" Shigure said a wicked gleam in his eye.

"Not telling," She said, sticking her tongue out, "Send Yuki out to his base in ten minutes, if it's not too much trouble."

She stood up and left the house after putting her shoes on. She went directly to the store and bought a huge chocolate heart, a single red rose, and several packages of seeds for his garden. Grinning at finally figuring out what to get him, she set out to the vegetable patch.

Yuki wasn't there when she got there. She sighed in relief and sat on the tree stump, holding all three gifts in her arms. She heard Yuki's footsteps and soon seen him.

"Yuki!" She called out and he smiled as he spotted her.

"Hey," He said softly after reaching her and planting a chaste kiss on her forehead.

"Happy Valentines day, Yuki," She said and held out the gifts.

"Thank you Honda-san," Yuki said and Tohru beamed at him.

She was about to say something about him calling her 'Honda-san' but her cut her off, placing a warm, love filled kiss on her lips. She melted into it like chocolate on a hot summer's day.

"I love you," He said and she smiled before repeating the same thing.


Valentines Day flew by and the rest of the month followed soon after. Yuki and Tohru's relationship had gotten serious and by White Day they had been on a date three times a week!

Tohru had found that living on her own was a lot more boring compared to living with her friends. Her job got more exciting everyday as Momiji brought a long Momo-who was told about him.

Momiji's family had been pulled back together after the curse was lifted. His mother was told that he was her son and they decided to give him up for adoption… or something like that. Momo had begun to work with her and Momiji, brightening up the day with her cheerful personality and joyful face.

March 14, found Tohru trying to avoid as many people as possible. Well, mainly the male population. She had received so many gifts; she didn't know what to do with them. Each member of the zodiac gave her a gift for every year she was gone.

The brown haired woman found herself walking around in the woods, heading to the secret base, where she would clear up leaf waste and other stuff that had found it's way there.

She spotted Yuki right away as she walked into the small clearing. A smile grew on her face and she set down the basket full of tools. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his chest.

"Hey Yuki," She said and he smiled.

"Good afternoon, Honda-san," Yuki replied and a look of hurt filled Tohru's face before it left.

"How are you, Sohma-kun," she retorted, returning the favor of using his last name.

"I'm fine. And you, Honda-san?" he stated, ignoring the pain in his heart from her using his last name.

"Fine," She remarked politely and let go of him.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked, turning around.

"There's nothing wrong!" Tohru said, before gathering what she need and setting out to work.

"Tohru, there's something wrong. What it is?" Yuki said and Tohru sighed, before standing up.

"You. You've been calling me Honda-san every time we see it each, lately. It really hurts. Why won't you just call me by my name?" Tohru replied, exasperatedly.

Yuki wrapped his arms around her, smiling slightly. He kissed her forehead and felt her head rest on his chest.

"Why? Why won't you?" she asked and he bent his head down so he could whisper into her ear.

"Because I want to call you Tohru Sohma-san," He whispered and placed a kiss next to her ear before falling down onto one knee, a small box in hand, "Tohru Honda-san, will you marry me?"

"Y-Yuki…" Tohru whispered, trying to keep her tears at bay, "Of course I will. I love you."

He stood up and wrapped his arms around her, joyously before spinning them around. Tohru laughed, the tears flying off her cheeks. He set her down and placed a passionate kiss on her lips.

"I'm so glad, Tohru," Yuki whispered and held her tightly to him, "I love you."

"I'm so happy that you want me to be your wife, Yuki. I don't know what I would have done if you had of choose some other woman," Tohru replied and laid her head on his chest.


"He proposed?" Kisa said, a wide grin on her face, "Oh that's so cute."

"I thought he wanted to break up with me. I mean this whole past month he was referring to me as 'Honda-san'. It really hurt. And when I asked him about it, he said 'Because I want to call you Tohru Sohma-san' and then he proposed. I was so shocked and happy," Tohru said all in one breath, "And the ring! It's just beautiful!"

True enough, it was beautiful. Simple and beautiful. It was a simple white gold band with a single diamond in the center. Two amethysts rested on each side of the jewel, making it glimmer all the more radiant.

"The dark cloud that was once around his heart, doesn't exist anymore. I believe that you will both be very happy. I approve," Hana said simply and Tohru beamed at her.

"Thank you Hana!" Tohru said, grinning.

"He makes you happy and you make him happy," Uo said, nodding, "I approve too. But if he hurts you, I'll hurt him."

"Oh no. That would not be good," Tohru said but Uo ignored her as she plotted Yuki's early and untimely demise.