Chapter 2

"What the hell are you doing here!" Race asked with a chuckle. "You gay or something?"

Racetrack was saying this in a joking manner, but David stopped and looked at Jack's face. Jack just smiled and said with ease:

"Actually, I was looking up some old friends since I was in the area."

David felt his heart sink a bit, but stood up straighter and said

"How'd you know to look here?"

"Oh I don't know…" Jack said. "Just a feeling." He looked at David in the eyes and David thought he saw a smirk flash across his face. His heart sped up.

"Stay for a drink!" Race said, throwing his hand up in the air. "David, get the man something."

Jack ordered a scotch on the rocks. Hurrying away, David realized his knees had been trembling. He wiped his forehead and took a deep breath, trying to tell himself to calm down. It was just Jack. He had known him for years. But there had always been something.

Blink was getting of the work out equipment next door, wiping the sweat of his brow with a towel.

"Alright." Mush said. "That was good. Same time next week?"

"Sure thing." Blink said. He tossed the towel at Mush's head and laughed when Mush's delayed reaction caused it to smack him in the face.

"Hey!" Mush said. Blink grinned and walked towards the locker room to change out of his sweaty clothes. Mush watched him walk away, the way he held himself, the manner in which he strolled so calmly.

"Hey Blink…"

Blink turned around. His face was red and glowing from the workout and his hair fell in front of his eyes messily.

"Hey…why don't…" Mush looked off to the side. "Why don't we go next door to Race's for some drinks?"

Blink smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"Sounds good." He said.

He turned back around and walked right through the doors into the locker room. Mush watched him all the way.

Spot was closing up the register for the day, as Crutch pressed the idea of going on at least one date with this girl.

"Please, Crutch." Spot said. "Just no. Stop. I like all girls, I can never stick to one."

"You never know!" Crutch said. "She might be the one. You have to give her a try."

Spot was taking of his deep green apron and folding it up carefully.

"We'll see." He said with a smile. Crutch brightened.

"We'll see?" he asked. "Is that a yes? It is, isn't it?"

"Maybe." Spot said.

"That's yes too!" Crutch said triumphantly, like he had discovered the cure for the common cold. "I win!"

"You do not win." Spot said. "Never will you win."

"We'll see!" Crutch said. He took a straw from the container holding them and stuck it between his teeth, grinning ear to ear.

"What about you?" Spot said, smirking. "You need a girl too."

"Nah." Crutchy said. "I just set people up."

"But seriously," Spot said as he rounded the counter to go lock up. "You should find someone for you."

"Yeah, probably." Crutchy said. "But for now, it's you we're focusing on."

As Mush held the door open for Blink going into The Five Senses, Racetrack's bar, both were surprised to see Jack, sitting with Race, talking, with David close by.

"Jack!" Blink ran forward and tackled Jack as Mush came up behind him.

"How you doing?" Jack said with a laugh. Mush said hello too and they exchanged hugs and claps on the back.

"David!" Race said. "More drinks!"

David sighed and took his tray to the bar, where two other bartenders were talking to different customers. He filled up two more glasses and proceeded to go back to the table when a hand caught his arm and stopped him.

"Hey I'd like something to drink!" A very drunk man in a wife beater said. His voice was slurred and David sighed. He hated customers like this, the ones that thought grabbing his arm and shaking him violently would work better than a mere, "Can I have a drink?"

"I'll be right back." David said, mustering a smile. He walked quickly over to the table, and as much as he wanted to stay and catch up with Jack and be with his friends, he left he drinks and jogged back to the bar.

"What can I get you?" He asked the man.

"Jack's Daniels." The man replied, chewing on a tooth pick. He eyed David then turned away. David got out a glass and poured the drink into it. Then he placed it on the bar.

"There you go." He said. He started to go leave when the man said

"Hey, I'm not done. I have some friends coming. What can you make?"

"To eat?" David asked.

"Yeah, to eat." The man said, with a sour look. "What can you make?"

"Well, we have…bar food." David said, feeling stupid saying it since it was stating the obvious.

"What specifically?" The man asked.

Meanwhile, Spot and Crutch had walked into the bar, and upon seeing Jack, let out shouts of joy and hello's. They went to the table and began talking immediately, laughing and exchanging stories and recent events. David was watching all of this and felt a tug at his heart that he wasn't with him and instead stuck with this demanding customer.

"Spot and I can't stay long." Crutch said, nudging Spot. "Spot's got a hot date tonight!"

"Oooh!" Race said. He downed his scotch. "Hot girl?"

"It's just a date." Spot said, glaring at Crutch. The group laughed loudly.

"Let me get you guys some drinks." Blink said, and he left the table to go to the bar, where David was trying to deal with the very same customer.

"Hey David!" Blink smiled and sat down. "One cosmo and one martini."

"Got it…" David said, flustered since he was trying to prepare the obnoxious man's food and drinks for the supposed friends that were coming.

"You look busy." Blink said. "Want to come to over to the table?"

"Got a little too much on my hands right now." David said with a slight laugh. "You taking good care of my sister?" He said with a grin. Blink laughed.

"Of course, I love her." Blink said. "She's wonderful…" He leaned on the bar and turned back to look at the table, and realized Mush was staring straight at him. There was a pause, then Mush began to make signs with his hand, as if he was trying to indicate something. To David, it seemed more like he was merely trying to make it look as if he had a reason to be watching Blink, but he said nothing. Blink laughed.

"What is he saying?" He asked.

"He's…probably wondering when the drinks are coming." David said. He smiled to himself. A good cover up for his friends.

"Ah." Blink held up one finger to Mush and then turned back to David.

"And they are…" David said, handing Blink two drinks.

"Thanks!" Blink picked them up and smiled at David. "Join us if you can!"

David watched Blink walk back to the table with envy. He wanted to sit and talk and have fun. But he just couldn't right now.

"Hey, where's my food?" The man asked. Another sigh, and David turned back to the small cooker.

An hour had passed and all his friends were still joking and laughing. David stood with his back to them, punching buttons on the register and taking orders, making drinks. He was growing impatient. He wanted to get away, be with his friends, be with Jack…he really wanted to see Jack…


Davey? Only Crutchy called him that. He spun around.

"Jack?" His voice sounded much more strained then he meant it to. Jack grinned and slid onto a seat at the bar.

"I thought I'd keep you company for a bit." He said, taking a small handful of assorted nuts from the bowl and popping them into his mouth. David smiled and passed a smooth wet cloth over the bar where Jack sat so it would be clean from the previous customer.

"That's nice of you." David said. He remained calm, or on the outside he did. Jack smiled again and chuckled.

"You haven't changed." He said.

"What does that mean?"

David gave him an annoyed look with a smirk. Jack grinned.

"Let's go somewhere." Jack said, his voice soft. David's head shot up.

"What?" He said.

"Let's go somewhere." Jack repeated. He laughed at David's face. "Come on. Just a walk."

David paused, blinked, then set down his the rag he was using to clean the bar with.

"Okay." He said. Jack grinned.