Unexpected Love

Another sleepless night for Sasuke, so he decided to take a walk under the moon light. "Ahh!" He sighed. 'It's so nice to be alone once in a while.' Sasuke thought. 'All those fan girls are so annoying, they follow me where ever I go every damn minute of my life. How pathetic, don't they have anything better to do with their life?' suddenly, Sasuke heard a movement in the forest in front of him.

'What is this? Could someone be training this late at night?' Sasuke wondered. As he walked near, he noticed that it was the heiress of Hyuuga, Hinata. Hinata always sort of interested him, she didn't have a crush on him like the other girls did.

Sasuke observed Hinata's moves, 'no way!' Sasuke thought. Hinata's swift moves showed pure confidence and skills. 'This can't be the same shy stuttering girl who's always blushing!'

Hinata suddenly stopped, "Who is there? Come out and show yourself!" She demanded in a cold voice. Sasuke walked out of the dark slowly without loosing his cool. "Hyuuga san, how are you."

Hinata ignored Sasuke's greeting and asked. "What are you doing here?" 'What a phony!' Hinata thought.

Sasuke smirked, "you know, I can ask you the same thing. I have as much right to be here as you do!" even though Sasuke acted cool on the outside, in the inside, he was confused like hell. 'So is this the real Hinata? Why is she hiding it? She's probably the strongest konochi in leaf!"

Hinata stared at him for a few more moments, 'pesky.' She thought. "Drop dead!"

"Make me." Sasuke said, still with the smirk.

Hinata continued staring at Sasuke, 'what is his problem? Why can't he mind his own business!' "Fine, then I'll go!" Hinata finally said. 'Dammit! I was just getting warmed up too!' Hinata picked her weapons-they were special made weapons. Tenten give them to her for her birthday this year. Tenten had been going out with Neji-niisan for over a month now. They are happy together, Hinata was happy for them. She wished that one day she would find some one for her too.

Hinata stood up to leave, then stopped and turned to. "You better not spread this! Or else!" Hinata threatened.

"Or else what?" Sasuke asked in an arrogant voice.

Hinata was really pissed now; she forced out a smile and said. "Well, let's hope you never get to find out!"

Sasuke was amazed of how superior Hinata sounded.

Hinata started to walk away, Sasuke couldn't help but ran along and followed 和er. Hinata immediately noticed, but ignored him. 'He just ruined my perfect training night! That jerk.' Hinata thought angrily. 'And now he is following me around like a stalker!' Hinata picked up her pace, really trying to get rid of Sasuke, but Sasuke picked up his paces too. Sasuke was not too fast, nor too slow, just quick enough to catch up with her. As Hinata slowed down, Sasuke slowed down as well.

Hinata sprang around to face Sasuke and demanded, "What the hell do you want?" Her sudden movement made Sasuke almost bump into her.

Sasuke was really surprised; he did not know this delicate girl could have such a huge emotional outburst. Truthfully Sasuke didn't know what he want either. It's just that, there's something about the Hyuuga girl that really interested him. She reminded him of himself, this made him want to get to know her. Sasuke flashed her one of his famous killer smiles.

'Kami!He is so full of himself!' Hinata thought in disgust. 'Why are so many girl so obsess with him? He's not even as good looking as Neji-niisan! I hate guys like that. And these girls who are after him, they are so pathetic. Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun, someone need to tell them to get a life!'

Suddenly, an idea popped into Hinata's mind. 'So many girls love him. If I get Sasuke to fall in love with me, it'll get these stupid girls really pissed. I can't wait to see their faces. Then I'll break Sasuke's heart in front of everyone.' The thought made Hinata happy. 'But then I'll have to pretend to like him.' Hinata thought grimly. 'Oh well, like the old saying: no pain on gain.'

"So why do you pretend to be shy?" Sasuke's words brought Hinata back from her thoughts.

"Well, you know what they say, a good ninja never shows their true selves!" Hinata said, flashing Sasuke a little smile.

Hanta did not know but her smile seriously took Sasuke's breath away, he had never seen her smile before, she seemed so fragile and sweet, like a newly blooming flower. 'I have never seen a true beauty until today. How is it possible that I have never noticed her before?' Sasuke thought, staring at Hinata speechlessly.

"So, Sasuke san, would you like to spar with me sometime?" Hinata asked sweetly.

"Yeah, sure." Sasuke heard himself answer without knowing what he had said. Sasuke said to him self, 'What's wrong with me? Don't I hate girls who get all over me? But she sure is different…'

"So see you same time tomorrow!" Hinata said, flashing Sasuke another smile. Her blue hair shined up the moon as she turned to walk away. "Bye Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke stood at the same spot as he watched Hinata walk away, until he could no longer see her. "She called me 'Sasuke-kun'." Sasuke murmured as Hinata's figure dissolved into the dark. Usually if other girls called him that, it would only piss him. But somehow when Hinata called him that, it made him feel warm… Sasuke knew he would have a hard time falling asleep tonight.

As Hinata walked away, she thought, 'Well, well, it seems like my plan is working already!"

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