A/N: For full explanation as to the naissance of these sidestories, please see my emsscraps journal, under the heading " Fanart: It Only Takes A Moment" posted on May 23rd, 2006. But, a short explanation is that these are based on one of Kysra (here at FFN and at dA where the picture is housed) aka GuardianKysra (on livejournal) did fanart for It Only Takes A Moment, and one of them in particular, the one for Part VIII: Puppies, Penguins, and Bunnies, inspired a series of sidestories, of which, this is the first.

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It Only Takes A Moment – Sidestory 1 (From Part VIII)
by Em

"...the bunny ones..."

The sight of Raven curled in one of the booths along their breakfast table, a book open on the table in front of her wasn't exactly a strange one. On the contrary, it was actually quite normal. It was, after all, her preferred position to be in while she waited for the water for her tea to boil.

It also wasn't strange that Robin be the one to see her in this position most often. After all, Robin was usually the first one to wake and the earliest to make it to the kitchen...that is, when Raven didn't beat him to it. And often, if she did, he would find her sitting in the booths with an open book in front of her while the kettle heated water on the stove.

So, when Robin entered the kitchen that morning, just as the sun crested the horizon and the light filtered through their enormous windows along the common room and crawled across the space toward the kitchen, it wasn't Raven's presence in the kitchen that made him do a double take.


Rather, it was what she was wearing that stopped him halfway to the counter and nearly made him trip all over his own boots.

The fact that Raven didn't so much as offer a glance in his direction as he stumbled over himself in surprise could best be attributed to the fact that they all (or those who woke up early enough...namely, Raven) knew that Robin was pretty much useless for the first hour after waking up or until after his first cup of coffee, whichever came first.

Remembering this fact himself, Robin was halfway to convincing himself that he must be seeing things by the time he had his first sip of coffee and had sat down in the booth across from her. From this distance, and with the life-giving caffeine starting to run its course through his system, Robin could no longer deny it.

Raven was, in fact, wearing a pajama set.

And not just any pajama set.

A long-sleeved-button -down -top -and -matching -long -pants-flannel-esque-light-pink-background-with-cute-little-pastel-colored-bunnies-frolicking-all-over pajama set.




He must be dreaming, he decided.

He wasn't sure whether it would be a nightmare or not, but it must be a dream. Raven wouldn't be caught dead in that kind of pajama set in real life.

He watched her get up, pour herself a cup of hot water, prepare her tea, and re-seat herself across from him in the booth all with an air of astonished bewilderment, but she must have been as asleep as he was, because she never once even acknowledged his presence.

Then again, he hadn't finished his coffee yet.

However, by the time he had finished his first cup of coffee, Raven was still nursing her tea and still reading and still wearing pink bunny pjs.

"Raven?" he called into the silence of the early morning kitchen.

Raven looked up at him, "Yes?" she asked.

"Am I asleep?" he asked.

She sighed, "Have another cup of coffee," she told him, returning to the pages of her book.

'No,' Robin decided. 'Definitely not a dream...'

"Raven?" he asked again.

Raven stopped reading for a moment, before she looked up and met his gaze across the table, "Yes, Robin?"

He pondered on how to ask her about the pjs, but in the end, decided he didn't really have to know. At least, not badly enough that he'd try asking her about it in the morning before she'd finished her tea. "Nothing."

Raven sighed and looked back at her book, "This must be Monday," she mumbled.

Robin nodded, deciding to take her advice and get a second cup of coffee only to end up making a whole new pot on further consideration. After all, if Raven really was wearing pink bunny pjs outside of her room and hell hadn't frozen over or the apocalypse hadn't come, then it was only a matter of time until one of those things happened, and he'd certainly need as much caffeine in his system for that as he could get.