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It Only Takes A Moment – Sidestory 12 (From Part VIII)
Lace Trim
by Em

"...and the ones with the red lace along the bottom and around the neckline..."

He should've known it was a bad day to get out of bed that morning.

He should've remembered that the whole of Titans Tower had only one working bathroom as of yesterday afternoon when Beast Boy broke the boy's bathroom after accidentally transforming into a Beluga whale in a moment of what he thought was inspiration.

The rest of them had called it stupid.

But only after they had managed to stop the busted pipes from squirting water all over the bathroom. Certainly they didn't think about anything except stopping the overflowing water from spreading too far into the hallway.

Eventually, after much chaos and screaming and explaining to Starfire that no, they did not decide to make the western half of the Tower into an indoor water park, when dripping and out of breath, they had managed to stop the water flow, they had called Beast Boy every name in the book. (In several languages)

As it was, the plumber, electrician (yes, electrician) and construction workers wouldn't be making it to the Tower until another two days since it wasn't an emergency. Cyborg could get the plumbing to stop inundating the Western half of the Tower, but despite being a mechanical genius, he couldn't fix plumbing.

He could maybe build them a bathroom from scratch...maybe.

In any case, Robin knew that they only had one working bathroom and he knew that it was the girls' bathroom.

He should've known it would be best to stay in his room until way passed noon that morning. After all, the rush for the bathroom the night before had not been pretty...the morning rush couldn't possibly be any better.

He knew that.


"Hurry UP, Beast BOY!" Raven raged, smacking her fist back into the door for emphasis. "You've been in there for twenty minutes!"

If he knew he would have seen Raven in the light pink soft, velour with the dainty red lace trimming the bottom of her spaghetti strapped camisole and along the neckline...the low neckline, he wouldn't have gotten out of...

He watched her eyes flash with anger and rethought.

"You can't hurry perfection!" Beast Boy called from beyond the door.

"Don't make me go in there!" she threatened, a vein popping tellingly on her forehead.

"Would ya?" Beast Boy teased amusedly.

"You make me look at your scrawny naked ass and I'll do more than take you out of that bathroom by force, Beast Boy, I'll kill you!" she warned.

"Sorry, Raven, can't hear you," Beast Boy said, turning on the water.

'Who'm I kidding?' Robin thought to himself, hiding a grin, 'I would've hated myself for missing this!'

Raven growled wordlessly and smacked the door again. The act drawing his attention to the way the dainty looking sleep camisole rode up exposing a bit of abs every time she did that.

That was about the time she caught sight of Robin's approach down the hall. "Get him out of there before I'm forced to..."

"Good morning, Raven," Robin interrupted.

Raven grit her teeth and exhaled, forcefully calming herself down at the calm in his own voice. "Good morning," she said, only a bit of her cool back in her voice.

"Beast Boy," Robin called through the door. "You have another 10 minutes before I open the door whether you're ready or not and I have my camera ready."

"Another ten minutes?" Beast Boy asked tentatively.

"That's right," Robin said, ignoring Raven's fiery glare.

"Booyah!" Beast Boy exclaimed happily.

Robin turned to Raven and smiled lopsidedly at her, "Come on, Raven, I'll make you tea."

Raven exhaled and pushed away from the door, automatically pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. "Thank you," she told him and started down the hallway.

"My pleasure," Robin intoned, trying not to smile outright.

"But if he's not out of there in ten minutes, I will transport him into the shower at Archam Asylum," she said calmly.

Robin choked on a laugh. When she didn't appear amused, he sobered and stopped just shy of the kitchen. "Wait...you're serious?"

She stopped at his side and glanced at him calmly and unapologetically, "I really need a shower."

'Mental note,' Robin thought as he followed her into the kitchen, 'Never get between Raven and her shower...'

He watched her for a moment as she started to set out the makings for tea. 'But if she has any more pajamas like that one...' he couldn't help thinking.

"Aren't you supposed to be making me tea?" she asked, stopping suddenly.

Robin snapped back form his less than honorable thoughts and hurried to take the tea kettle out of her hands, "One cup of white tea coming up," he saluted her with her free hand and motioned to the stool at the counter.

Robin glanced at the clock as he approached the stove, but before he could even register the time on the digital display, Raven spoke up calmly from behind him.

"Seven minutes."

Robin shook his head and went about preparing her tea. If she at least had some tea in her system she might be less likely to send him into Archam's shower...

Another planet, maybe.



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