Will The Drama Ever End?

Chapter 1-When?

It had been 4 years after college. The gang was 25 and everything was going great. Ryan and Marissa had gotten married, and were expecting their first child. Summer is wondering when Seth is going to pop the question, or is he ever going to. If he doesn't soon, Summer is going to end the relationship, because it isn't going anywhere. Little did she know, he was going to pop the question.

"Sum don't worry. He's gonna propose to you soon." Said Marissa. "And if he doesn't? I can't wait around till he decides he's ready. I think tonight I'm gonna end it." "You can't. You guys are meant to be together." "If we were meant to be, I would be like you, with a ring on my finger, and be ready to give birth any minute." With that Summer rushed out of Marissa's house.

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