Will the Drama Ever End?

Chapter 11

Summer: When I saw James, I felt so sad, 'cause then I thought to myself, if that accident never happened, I would be a mother in a couple of months. I just wish the accident killed me, not the baby.

Marissa: You don't mean that Summer.

Summer (hysterical): I do mean it. If I died, Seth would be happy to have the baby and he wouldn't be at home miserable.

When Seth heard this he felt horrible. He felt so guilty for making Summer feel this way.

Seth was still outside without either one of the girls noticing.

Marissa: Summer, as much as Seth would've loved to have the baby, he would die without you. He would be just as sad, if not more. You're getting yourself all worked up about this. You're gonna get sick if you continue to cry. Your already starting to look pale so why don't you lay down. You don't have to go to sleep, just lay down until you feel a little better.

Summer: Fine.

Marissa: Stop crying, everything is gonna be okay. Are you starting to calm down?

Summer didn't respond.

Marissa (shaking Summer): Summer, Summer?

Seth heard this and panicked. He had to go in there because if he didn't, he knew the problem would get worse.

Seth: Marissa, what's wrong?

Marissa: I don't know, we have to get her to the hospital. Go downstairs and tell Ryan to call the babysitter and then tell him we have to get her to the hospital.

Seth quickly followed Marissa's orders.

Within an hour, Summer had been admitted in the hospital and the three of them were waiting for a doctor to come out and tell them what was wrong with her.

Marissa (to Seth, angrily): So, you finally decided to come. How nice of you.

Seth: I heard your conversation with her back at the house.

Marissa: You see how you made her feel! She wishes she would have died instead of the baby, because then you would be happy!

Ryan: Alright guys, don't fight here. The doctor should be coming soon and Summer needs us right now.

After five minutes the doctor approached them.

Doctor: Would the three of you please follow me.

They were brought into a separate room.

Doctor: Everything is going to be fine. She just passed out due to stress. She can go home today once she wakes up. There was no damage done, she's perfectly fine. Her room is 302, so I will tell you once she wakes and then you can go in.

Seth: Thank you.

Doctor: It's my job. So if you three will all follow me back into the waiting room, I will alert you once she has woken up.

An hour later, the doctor went to check up on Summer and found her awake.

Doctor: Hey Summer, how do you feel?

Summer: Confused. What happened?

Doctor: You passed out because you were under a lot of stress. Don't worry, because everything is okay, nothing happened. Oh, we have visitors here to see you. Are you ready to see them?

Summer: I guess.

Doctor: Okay, I'm gonna send them in one at a time. And you can go home today, when you feel up to it.

Summer: Okay

Summer was very surprised to see who the first visitor was.

Summer: Seth

Seth: Hi, how are you feeling?

Summer: Why would you care?

Seth: Summer, please don't do this.

Summer: Do what? You expect me to be all happy. Oh, I'm sorry, I should be happy. I mean after all, we just lost a child and you didn't come visit me in the hospital before. I should be happy like you, you don't seem to mind that our baby died.

Seth: That's not true.

Summer: It is. Seth, you haven't shown any reaction to the death.

Seth: That doesn't mean I don't care.

Summer: Then what does it mean?

Seth: I am not gonna do this here. Are you ready to go home?

Summer: Fine.

The car ride to their house was silent and when they got home it wasn't any better.

Seth had thought about everything that had happened, and realized Summer was right. He should've been there for her. He needed to talk to her.

He went upstairs expecting to find her in their bedroom but to his surprise, she wasn't there. Then it hit him, he knew exactly where she was. "The Room".

Seth went across the hall to what was going to be Sean's room. When he opened the door, he found a hysterical Summer sitting on a rocking chair with a stuffed animal clenched in both hands. For the first time since the accident, both their eyes met.

Seth: We need to talk about everything.

Summer slowly nodded her head.

Seth made his way to where Summer was sitting and then started talking: Listen, I am very upset about the baby. I feel horrible that you think I am not. The reason I haven't shown any emotion is because I don't want to upset you even more. If I were to show how sad I am, that would just make you more upset. And I couldn't face you in the hospital earlier because I felt so guilty about the room and our fight that we had.

Summer: But I don't blame you.

Seth: Well, I still feel so guilty. And then I heard your conversation with Marissa.

Summer: You were there?

Seth: I was standing outside the door. Summer, if you would've died, I wouldn't know what to do. I never want to make you feel that way again. I love you, I'm sorry I made you feel this way.

Summer (crying): I...I... just... wanted...you to ...be..there... for me.

Seth: I know, and I'm sorry. I need you to forgive me because I can't be without you, and we need to get through this together. This big thing just happened, we lost our child. In a couple of months, we were gonna be parents. You would've made the greatest mom ever. But, we have to get through this together, its much better then trying to get through everything alone. If you ever wanna talk about it, I'm here for you. I'm always here for you Summer, I love you.

Summer: Thank you... for talking to me about it. I feel better knowing I can always come to you if I need to talk about it.

Seth: You can come to me to talk about anything. Even if its about latest fashion and a sale on the new Chanel products.

Seth was able to get a small laugh from Summer. Seth smiled at her.

Seth: I'm sorry about everything and I love you.

Summer: I love you too.

Seth then embraced Summer into a hug. For the first time since the accident, Summer finally felt nice and safe in the arms of the person she loved the most. And for now, the drama had finally ended.

The End.

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