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This Kiss
06: the space between dream and reality
Perchance to Dream
by Em

"To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub: / For in that sleep of death what dreams may come?"
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Georgia had always had weird dreams.

It was part of who she was.

Of course, they had never been as weird as they became after she died…or, became undead actually. Yes, siree, after a de-orbiting space toilet whacked her at the ripe old age of 19, her dreams took a turn toward the decidedly odd.

The one about the frog being one notable example, of course.

Those were the kinds of dreams where she had the feeling they must mean something more than the obvious and if she happened to be the type (or have the money, in any case) she might have gone to a whatchamacallit – dream analyst head shrinker – to help figure it out.


Well, then there were the just plain loopy ones.

She didn't always remember those by the time she'd washed her face and brushed her teeth, but she always remembered waking up and wondering, 'what the fuck was all that about?'

There was the time she dreamt she was cleaning out a big honking tuba and it started playing by itself…

Or, the time she dreamt she was dressed like Minnie Mouse serving up fries at the Shake & Bake.

And, oh yeah...that one dream with the silo thing that spun like a centrifuge and spit out spikes and made zombies of everyone the spikes hit.

Weird shit, dreams.

Still…waking up after having dreamt that she was hanging off the top of a very tall building only to look up and find Mason reaching down to save her, pulling her up into his arms and kissing her stupid after he did had to take the cake.

Had to.

Mason is so not the hero type.

And fuck…it wasn't like Georgia Lass has ever been the Damsel In Distress type, either.

Who the fuck would be hanging from a tall building anyway?

Was this some sort of Superman Cartoon, or what?

And…Mason? Mason?


Hearing her name, George looked up and started a bit to see Mason standing a few steps above her.

"Come along then, sweetheart," he called down to her. "We haven't got all day, you know?"

Totally not hero material, that one.

"Aw," Mason teased as she deliberately slowed her pace just to be contrary. "Having trouble coming up a measly 18 flights of steps?"

Georgia didn't reply, only kept climbing.

"Here," Mason said in a much more normal voice. Georgia looked up at him again and almost missed a step. He was leaning over a little, hand extended, an earnest look in his eyes. "Let me help pull you up, yeah?"

Georgia stopped moving and merely stared for a moment.

"What?" Mason asked, defensive, probably because she was looking at him as if a the Roaming Gnome had just jumped out of his right nostril.

Mentally shaking herself, Georgia glared at him. "Are you sure your puny arms can take the strain?"

Mason grinned. "I'm a lot stronger than I look, love," he boasted. "Plus, we'll never get to the Reap in time if you keep dawdling like you're doing."

Georgia continued to glare and stepped determinately onto the same step he was on, slapping his hand away when he still held it out to her. "Fuck off, Mason," she said, staring right into his eyes. "I'm no fucking damsel in distress," she said, turning and continuing to climb the steps.

"Wouldn't say that you were," he agreed, good naturedly. He took a few steps in double time so when she looked up at him again, he was standing above her again and grinned. "Just that you're a slow one, that's all."

Georgia shook her head as she continued to climb stairs. "I don't know what the hell upper you've taken, but if you don't get it under control, like yesterday, I swear on my unholy soul I will cut off your head while you sleep."

Mason watched as she stepped beyond the stair he was still on and followed her ascent with his eyes for a few moments before speaking. "I suppose I can climb these steps behind you," he mused. "The view is definitely a whole hell of a lot better, that's for bloody sure."

Georgia sighed and shook her head again, thinking, 'Weird ass dreams…' as she climbed.


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