RiD Sideburn toy: I'm a toy!

Um... you mean a tool Sideburn

RiD Supercharge Sideburn: I have blue optics!

Uhg- why are you my favorite character on RiD again?

My best friend DarkLordZafiel's Mini Iornhide toy: I'm a farmer! I'm a farmer!

(Inside joke- my Spanish teacher took her toy during Spanish Club and said that- took him forever to transform him...)

Okay, this is just a short little prologue to a story I thought up 1st during a Dr. Purple drill at school, and then adjusted when today (The last day of school Yay!) I wore a skirt (Gasp!) and kinda dressed like a hippy/gypsy. So it was amusing! Yeah- anyway- enjoy the pre-story!


Gypsum to Gypsy

I was created by earth-bound Predacons- I was meant to be their spy on the humans. They told me to get information- mostly about energy sources and who knew about them. I found information on Dr. Onishi for them. I heard most of their plans, and I heard the plans for them to capture Dr. Onishi- right up to the one that actually worked.

But I was spending more and more time in human society- especially the United States of America. I fell in love with humans. Even now I spend all my time at libraries, reading about their society. I shared my knowledge of humans with Sky Byte- he really liked things from Brittan, especially from the Renaissance and Shakespearian times.

Sky Byte is the only Predacon I wanted to talk to- but I had to talk to Megatron, I don't have a choice. I had to report to him once every seven days. I hate him. I asked Sky Byte about Cybertron- our home world. He told me about the wonderful plant, what it's like physically, emotionally, and even between the Cybertronians on the planet.

I also found out his Primary creator was an Autobot and his Secondary creator was a Predacon. It didn't surprise me- he's too kind a heart to be all Predacon. He loves kids, but no one believes me.

I need to get out. I've told Sky Byte that I want out, and he's agreed to help me. He's agreed to help me get in contact with the Autobots for me, actually, he's just going to lure them, but it is to help me, Thank Primus for him.

I don't want to be Gypsum anymore. I heard of a name that's similar to Gypsum- actually it's more of a kind of people, but I want to be called that. From now on I have a new name. A more human name,

I am Gypsy.

Done-Done-Done! I know exactly where I'm going with this, but I'm open to rants, suggestions, and-

RedSideburn: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Blue Sideburn: I'm prettyful blue!

...Yeah… RnR please!