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Ray sat alone on the floor of the empty dark apartment, his guitar sat on the floor beside him, screwed up pieces of paper were strewn scattered all over the floor, he looked down at what he had written, sighed, screwed it up and through it across the room in frustration. He had tried hundreds, no thousands of times to let her know how he felt, but every time he'd got her alone he'd clammed up and just come out with some stupid babble that made no sense, and she'd just walk away thinking he was "taking the piss." So he had decided he'd do what he did best he'd right a song, a special song just for her. Easy! Or so he thought! He'd written hundreds of songs before, but they were made up of empty words and meaningless feelings.

He got up and went to make himself a coffee hopping some how it would give him some inspiration.

He loved her so much, he didn't know it was possible to feel like this, it hurt so much, not a short sharp pain that he could handle, but no this was more a dull throbbing pain deep in the pit of his stomach, niggling and nagging at him every day. She was the first women to ever make him cry! Yes him Ray Barnett cry, before she moved out he hadn't cried since he was 12, but after that night he'd cried himself to sleep every evening alone in his bed in the oh so empty apartment.

He could live with out being "with her" all he wanted was to be able to talk to her again, be her friend again! She was his best friend, he'd told her that the night she left, but it hadn't helped she's still ripped his heart out and took it away with her in that cab with out so much of a backwards look.

He shook his head he'd been stood in the kitchen for five minutes just staring at the wall, he decided to scrap the coffee, and reached up to the cupboard to get the Jack Daniels but when he opened the door all he found was an empty bottle "darnt it" he exclaimed that was the 5th bottle in 3 weeks! Why was she doing this to him! And why couldn't he get over her! She wasn't that special!

Who was he kidding not that special? She was more than special she was……… no words described what she was, she was no not perfect, far from it, but that's why he loved her! He loved her faults as much as he loved her positives!

He eventually slumped back down on the floor with a carton of slightly walm milk (the only thing he could find) and started once more to write.


I sit alone in a darkened room,

I close my eyes and think of you,

I remember how I used to be,

Living life on the wild side,

A pretty chilled out guy,

But you've taken all that away,

Stolen it from me,

Like you stole my heart,

Then drove away,

With out turning back,

Do you not know you doing,

Can you not see my pain,

Cuz I see yours,

And I almost hope,

That maybe,


You feel the same,

But then why would you drive away,

That darkest night,

When you stole my heart,

And became,

The first women to make me cry.

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