Okay- so.

I regret to inform you that because this story has been on hiatus for so long, that I would like to put it up for adoption. Being in college has absolutely sapped me of almost all free time as did the job I acquired over the summer.

I have invested much of the time that I do have in this story and therefore would like for the person to adopt it to have a similar writing style to my own. Not necessarily the same but enough that it will not turn people away from it.

And so, if you do have any interest in Adopting this story (even though it's just a fanfic) please leave me a sample of your writing and I shall get back to you A.S.A.P.


P.S: Thank you, to those who have review in the past and have enjoyed the story.

P.P.S: The underlining in eleven was an oops. Please over look that if possible.