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Chapter 1: Searching for survivors

An emotionless young woman stood in front of a deserted battlefield. Even though she didn't show it, she couldn't believe what she was looking at. She wondered who or just what fought there, but it was obvious to her that the fight had been intense and of a rare violence. She looked in all the possible directions and the only thing she could see was an endless pool of blood and dead corpses. For a lot of corpses she couldn't even determine if they were human or not, but it obviously already belonged to a living being of some kind…

But something even worse haunted the woman's mind. About 2 week ago, she was at that same exact place and…

"Joanna it's useless to stay here, if someone from the CI would be alive they certainly wouldn't stay here! Let's try to get information about what happened!" exclaimed Elvis

…Two weeks ago the CI would have been just in front of Joanna…But now she couldn't even find a trace that it has been there just a few days before…everything was gone.

"I have a question", whispered Joanna.


"Just where should we go now? We absolutely have no idea where we could find any survivors" commented Joanna.

"We'll just get aboard the ship and have a look around, it's not like we have the choice anyway…" responded Elvis with a desolated gaze as he looked around.


Joanna jumped as far as she could to avoid the creature's attack. The huge skedar had just tried to shoot her with a slayer. The agent's shield was completely broken so she couldn't count on it to protect her anymore…she had to be very careful. The monster had gotten especially violent for the last hour and she started to lack of energy to fight. The Skedar King's shield seemed unbreakable, and she was unsure of what she should do to defeat it…

The king suddenly summoned more Skedars to attack the woman in front of her. Joanna killed one of them instantly but lacked the energy to avoid the second Skedar's attack. The creature tried to bite her neck but Joanna protected herself with her left arm and killed it with her legendary falcon 2. It's only then that she realized she couldn't last long. She suddenly got an idea. She took out her slayer and shot at the pillar behind the creature. It broke and fell on the Skedar King that died instantly. Perfect dark suddenly realized the place itself was falling into pieces. She started running for the closest exit but the king who seemed to have a bit of life left within it bit her right foot and made her fall on the floor. She tried to crawl to the exit…

"Joanna, wake up!"

Joanna suddenly woke up. Since all of this happened she couldn't stop to see the moment the Skedar King died and the moment she nearly did the same in her dreams…Of course with a bit of luck she succeeded to survive and to kill the King for good…but you know it's overwhelming for someone to kill the master of an extra terrestrial race! It happened about 4 days ago. Since Elvis wasn't very comfortable with ships made by Skedars it took them more time than they should have to come back to Earth. Now the only thing she knew is that the CI was destroyed and they had no idea if there were any survivors…well first of all they had to find humans who were still breathing and only after that they could hope to find some information…

"Jo you alright?" asked worriedly Elvis as he was flying over the United States.

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine, really. I was just thinking…" answered Joanna.

"Yeah all of this is pretty sad, this is probably why it was so easy to infiltrate the Skedar's main base. Most of them were gone to attack Earth! I'll have to report that to my emperor as soon as I can but for now we have other priorities…" replied Elvis

"Your emperor?"

"Yes…on my planet. But it's useless to tell you her name because it would be too complicated for any human to remember!" exclaimed Elvis.

"Haha, I see…" replied Joanna with a thoughtful tone.

"What is it Joanna?"

"For how long have we been exploring the country now? There are really that many people who died?" asked Joanna with a worried tone

"I'm afraid so…you stayed asleep for about an hour and a half so it's been about 3 hours I'm searching" answered Elvis.

"I see…that doesn't sound to good…"

"Yes but right now I'm searching the northern states of the country, I'm sure we're gonna find something here"

"Really? Why the north?"

"Simply because Skedars hate cold. They're acclimated to very hot climate so going in colder places for a long period would be real suicide for them!"

"Mmm I agree it's not like we have 3 suns here" responded Joanna.

"LOOK! Jo I was right! There's something up there!" exclaimed Elvis as he showed a city that didn't seem entirely destroyed

"You're right…but let's not fly over the city or they might think we're enemies…" commented Joanna

"Yes of…what th…"

"Oh no!"


Joanna and Elvis landed not too far from the city and got out from the ship. As soon as they went outside they ran the quickest as they could in the direction of the unknown city. Maybe they found some survivors, but if they didn't do anything soon to help them it's not like they were going to last for long.

"Joanna! Go in the city, I'm gonna stay here and use my farsight. I'll let you go to the front… you're an expert in these situations after all! exclaimed Elvis.

"You sure it's safe for you to stay here?"

"It's certainly the best option for me. All the callistos are out of ammos and it's not like I'm gonna last long in front of a bunch of Skedars with just a phoenix…don't worry I'll cover you with my farsight!"

"Fine be careful!" replied Joanna as she reloaded two maulers. Considering her only human weapon was her falcon 2 she preferred to use the weapons she found on the Skedar's planet.

"You too Joanna…you might just be a human, that doesn't mean you aren't a big hope for humanity…" replied Elvis as he crouched on the ground, ready to shoot.


"Man, what are we gonna do!"

"There are too many of them! We're not gonna last long!"

"It's over…it's over, we're all gonna die!"

These were the words of a few citizens trying to fight back against the vicious attacks from the Skedars. There wasn't any discrimination among the fighters. Even though most of the fighters were men, we could see a lot of women and even teenagers. Everyone were desperately fighting for their own good.

"Will you just stop moaning? We need fighters not cry babies!" exclaimed a girl as she threw a grenade on a bunch of incoming Skedars. Even though she was pretty young and frail compared to the others on the frontline she seemed to have a pretty strong will. Considering her high and size, just the fact that she could hold a gun was better than average.

"Wow, now that was well aimed" commented one of the guys with a smirk.

"WATCH OUT RICK RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" shouted another one of the boys as a Skedar was running in the first man direction.

Before Rick could even try to escape or fight back the creature jumped on him and stuck its claws in the man's back. The teenage girl who was just next to him tried to shoot at the monster but it seemed determined to kill its prey before even looking at her.


"Rick! Do something you fools!" shouted the girl as she tried to shoot at the Skedar.

They could suddenly see a few powerful rays being shot at the creature. The monster roared in agony and let the poor man go as it fell on the ground, dead. Their saviour came to them as she reloaded both of her guns.

"You okay guys?" asked Joanna Dark with a smile.

"You saved us! Thanks a bunch!" exclaimed one of the boys with a relieved smile.


"Rick you okay?" asked worriedly one of his friends as he took a look at his injuries.

Joanna shot a glance at the young girl staring at her…the way she was looking at her gave her the impression she already saw or heard about the famous agent she was somewhere… She then looked away and checked the man's injuries.

"He obviously needs to be watched by a doctor, but I wouldn't worry…Skedars' fangs and claws aren't really poisonous. We just have to make sure he doesn't bleed too much" commented Joanna.

"Just how much do you know about these monsters?" asked the girl curiously.

"We don't have the time to discuss about such matters. I don't know what you're doing here but I suggest you to bring this man to a doctor and to stay with him. If you aren't careful I wouldn't be surprised a Skedar could get you in only one bite" replied Joanna.

"What! Who do you think I am! That's not because I'm not as tall as you that I can't fight! Ask them you'll see I'm not as dainty as I look!" replied angrily the young girl.

"It's true even though she's small she's better than all of us!" exclaimed one of the boys as he helped Rick to stand up.

"Yeah we don't call her Shadow the aliens' worst nightmare for nothin'! replied Rick with a grin.

A loud explosion could suddenly be heard not very far away. Joanna cursed to herself. The sound from the explosion was very similar to the sound of a slayer and she could bet it was being held by a Skedar.

"Shit we don't have to waste! One of you bring this Rick guy to a doctor and all the others can follow me! We're gonna haunt some Skedar today!" said Joanna with a determined tone.

"Right you should go Alex you're probably the best to carry heavy charge" suggested Shadow as she reloaded her pistol.

"HEY! That's…"

"Okay! Fine I'll go. Don't get yourself killed out there" said Alex as he left with Rick.

"…That's not very nice to call me a heavy charge…"

"Come on some people might be dying out there!" shouted Joanna.

The young girl and the only boy left followed Joanna in the direction of the flames to hopefully, find some people alive.


As the group approached the explosions Joanna could indeed notice there was 2 Skedars shooting at buildings with their slayer.

"Be careful, stay hidden behind the wall I'll try something…"

Joanna charged her maulers and took a deep breath. She got out of her hiding spot and tried to shoot both of them at the same time. The one she shot with her right hand died instantly but she didn't aim as well with her left hand and only slightly injured the second one. The creature looked at her and shot a missile in her direction. She jumped behind the wall to avoid the attack. As she reloaded her mauler she heard the shot of a farsight and a roar of pain. She took a discreet look in the Skedar's direction and noticed it was killed.

"Thank you Elvis" murmured Joanna under her breath.


"Never mind…just a friend of I, come on let's go" replied Joanna as she took the slayer of one of the dead Skedars.


After about an hour of fighting with the Skedars, the citizens had the joy to notice that the few survivors among their hunters preferred to retreat. Indeed after the arrival of a pretty violent young woman and her mysterious friend with an extra-terrestrial sniper they were able to eliminate the majority of the terrifying creatures. Now they just hoped they would have the time to recover before being attacked again…

Joanna had a bit of difficulty to make the citizens believe Elvis was there to help them when they noticed he wasn't totally…human but the fact that he was another specie than the Skedars convinced them he wasn't necessarily dangerous…

The young woman sat down on the bench and looked at the sunset. This has been a tough day but at least they got to find survivors. The citizens seemed to fight pretty well for simple people who aren't used to fight. Let's not forget that 2 weeks ago they were still having their peaceful lives, unaware there were such creatures in the universe… Elvis came to sit next to her.

"Elvis are you thinking the same thing as me?" asked Joanna thoughtfully.

"I dunno… it would be useful to know what you're thinking about first of all!"

"These citizens…someone learned them to fight…and I bet it wasn't the army, they wouldn't have the time for that right now…"

"Yes you're right. After all it's been less than 2 weeks since they first got attacked. They couldn't be as good only after about a week and a half" commented Elvis.

"Yes exactly. And even though citizens in United States are allowed to have guns, I doubt they would all be that well armed…someone helped them…"

"I see…I bet you hope it was the CI who gave them that help don't you?" asked Elvis.

"It's possible…I doubt corporations like Datadyne would even bother telling citizens how to use guns…except if it's to buy them…and citizens like them obviously don't have hundreds and thousands of dollars to spend on hi tech weapons" responded Joanna.

"Yes you're right. I don't imagine Cassandra or any of her employees getting mushy over the average population… But you know it could be anybody…After all there are other research institutes like the CI…We just don't really know about them" replied Elvis.

"Yes I know. But Carrington is very generous for someone of his status. Wherever he is I know he's not dead and that he's doing his best to help everyone…that's just the way he is. He must also feel a little guilty he couldn't ask for help from the Maians on time…"

"You sure of that? Carrington is keeping in touch with Maians but that doesn't mean they would help humans even if he asked to. It's true that Maians want to have good relationships with humans but they're still a suspicious race…"

"Well Carrington is very discreet with all of this. I bet there are things that even you don't you about all of this…for now we must think of more urgent matters such as finding the CI and find out who helped the citizens" replied Joanna seriously.

"So…you know who's Daniel Carrington and what is the CI?" asked Shadow as she stood behind them. Both Joanna and Elvis were startled. The fact that not even Joanna noticed her was the proof that this girl wasn't a normal citizen fighting for her life.

"I'll only answer these questions if you tell me who you really are. I have reasons to believe you're not here just because you feel like it…Your accent is different than all the other citizens so that means you didn't grew up here…and your fighting skills are far above everyone from this city" retorted Joanna with a suspicious tone.

"You're very clear-sighted Agent Dark…I didn't expect any less of you with the reputation you have…"

"And what makes you believe this is my name?" asked Joanna.

"I don't know if you're just very careful or a bit paranoid, but listen to me. I've already seen a few pictures of you at the CI and some of the agents told me about you. I'm actually working as an observer for Carrington" answered calmly Shadow.

"An observer? What do you mean?" asked curiously Elvis.

"A week ago Earth was attacked by the Skedars. They chose to aim North America at first and they attacked Europe shortly after, the other continents are intact. In US though…almost everything is destroyed…there are only a few cities left. The few people who survived reunited together to be stronger against the Skedars. When the attacks became less intense about 3 days ago Carrington decided to send his recruits as 'observers' through some American and Canadian cities. We have the job to report any attacks in the city we're watching and to learn the citizens how to fight. Of course I don't do this alone it would be far too much for only one person to handle. The CI and a few other private institutes allied to help the citizens because the government is powerless…Most of the member of the government including the president escaped the country and are waiting for the situation to calm down before doing anything…But the other institutes also sent observers just like Carrington in the cities so now every city is being closely watched. That is the least we could do for everyone"

"The government isn't doing anything for the citizens? That's pathetic!" exclaimed Elvis.

"So the CI isn't destroyed?" asked Joanna.

"Yeah, I agree that the government has been pretty coward on that one…I heard they sent the army to help the citizens but until now I haven't seen a single soldier around here…And yes, the CI is okay…Some people were killed and a lot were injured but most of the members of the CI are alive. They just moved out their headquarters up to the North"

"The North?"

"Yes…to Canada, in the Nunavut Territory. It's cold and far from everything, but a lot of citizens and companies with the necessary amount of money went to northern territories so now there is new cities who are under constructions up there. It's not as empty as it used to be…The same thing is happening in Yukon and the North-West territory and also in other countries such as Russia. In short all the place nobody wanted to go before are getting full with people because Skedars aren't comfortable in these places"

"I'm surprised everyone reacted so…quickly" commented Joanna.

"Yes but with the huge amount of people who died we hadn't the choice. If everyone would have stayed where they are the few survivors of US would all be dead already…"

"I guess so…well it's good to know there are some hopes left for everyone…It won't take as much time as planned to contact Carrington" commented Joanna.

"Yes…we were all pretty sure you were dead but Carrington couldn't help but hope you were alive. When he learned that Elvis was with you he started hoping you'd show up again… He told us that if we found you and got the confirmation you really were Joanna Dark to contact him as soon as possible"

"Have you contacted him already?"

"No, not yet. I needed a confirmation you were Joanna Dark and I just got it. I will contact him as soon as this conversation is over of course"

"Good, now do you know accurately where is located the new CI HQ? We can use my ship and get there in no time!" exclaimed Elvis.

"I'm afraid not…and it would be dangerous for you to find it on your own…When you get in such deserts of ice even with the ship you have it would be risky"

"So how are we going to reach the CI?" asked Joanna.

"Carrington knows better than me…I think he didn't tell me on purpose because he's just sooooo afraid of betrayal…He only trust his oldest agents…But you don't have to worry about that, I'll ask when I'll contact him, he'll probably want to talk to both of you too anyway…"

"Good…I'm glad we can find them so quickly. Thanks to you it seems you were at the right place at the right moment" commented Joanna with a smile.

"You don't have to thank me, I'm paid for that" replied Shadow with a smirk


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