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Chapter 2 : Good old friends

"If you excuse me I'm gonna try to contact Carrington, I'll tell you if he wants to tell you something"

"Wait, if he wants to talk to me he can contact me on my own communicator right?" asked Joanna.

"I don't think so, Carrington removed yours from the network because he was afraid your communicator would fall in the hands of the enemy" answered Shadow.

"…So that's why when I came close enough from Earth it was still not working…"

"Yes…now if you'll excuse me I'll be back in a minute"

Joanna watched the younger agent get a few meters away to try to hear Carrington well. She didn't truly understand what Shadow meant when she said it would be dangerous for them to go on their own. After all if this ship could bear the extreme temperatures from space she didn't understand why it couldn't go in polar region. Elvis was next to her watching the stars.

"It's fascinating how Earth is dark at night, it's just like in space!" exclaimed Elvis.

"It's not like that on your planet?"

"No…at night it's darker but since we have 2 suns it's never pitch black…"


"I'm back" said Shadow as she popped out of nowhere.

"Hey! Couldn't you make more noise when you walk, we'd like to have a warning you're coming once in a while!" exclaimed Elvis.

"Well sorry but it's part of my job to be discreet so you better get used to it" replied the girl while rolling her eyes.

"So…what did he say? How are we going to reach the CI?" asked Joanna.

"Actually the reason why he doesn't want you to go on your own is because you're very likely going to be blown up. Every skedar ships coming close from their perimeter are destroyed with rocket launchers it seems" replied Shadow with a smirk.

"It's…logical" commented Joanna.

"Yes well Carrington wants us to borrow a car from this city to reach Montreal in Canada. When we'll be there you're gonna meet another agent who will bring you to the Institute. As for me the same agent will be with some reinforcements to help me with Manchester…"


"Well it's the name of this city…Ah and in case you didn't know we're right now in the state of New Hampshire" explained Shadow with a slight smile.

"Well you know it's pretty hard to recognize anything with the way US has been destroyed" commented Elvis.

"Indeed…Well now, you can have some rest, we'll leave by tomorrow morning at 9am, it's not safe to travel during the night and we must let some time for the CI agents to reach Montreal. I'll take care of renting the car…" instructed Shadow.

"Good…it'll give us some time to recover" commented Elvis.


-The day after, 9:35 am.

"Damn it Elvis you shouldn't have let me sleep in the Skedar ship yesterday afternoon. I'm not even sure I got to sleep more than 2 hours last night" commented Joanna as she rubbed her eyes.

"Well if you fell asleep in such stressful situation that's probably because you needed it" replied Elvis.

"Instead of arguing on such silly matters you should make sure our car doesn't get attacked by any creatures of some kind…as long as we're far from cities we'll be vulnerable targets"

"Besides, why did you rent this old piece of junk? Cars unable to fly these days are pretty rare…"commented Joanna.

"Actually it's safer for us to stay on the ground…there are too many skedar ships in the sky around here…It's easier to get away from Skedars when they aren't in these damn things" replied Shadow

"Well for now it looks pretty quiet…and I'd be surprised any Skedar could run quick enough to catch up with us", commented Joanna as she yawned.

"Indeed…but they're still very unpredictable creatures. Who knows we might find 2 or 3 of them waiting for us in some bushes…"replied Shadow as she was driving.

"I can always check the area once in a while with my farsight. If there are some Skedars around they won't be breathing for long!" exclaimed Elvis as he took out his beloved farsight.

"Do Skedars even breath?" asked Shadow

"They're dependent to oxygen as much as Humans and Maians do" answered Elvis.

"I see…that's good to know…"

Joanna yawned and rubbed her eyes. She realised she was better to wait until she reached the CI to have some rest. She looked outside, hoping she would find something to forget her tiredness. Her wish was quickly fulfilled…

"Oh my…Shadow I suggest you to press on the accelerator, now" said Joanna with a surprisingly low tone.

The girl didn't even bother asking why and increased her speed to 180 km/h. Good thing there weren't anybody on the road. Joanna took out an AR-34 she got in Manchester and reloaded it.

"Joanna what is it?" asked worriedly Elvis.

"Look at your right, and if I was you I'd be ready to anything…"

Elvis looked in the direction Joanna told him and noticed there was a huge group of Skedars walking to the East. At least they weren't approaching, they were just moving away but there were still some risks to be seen by them.

"What the hell! I'm glad we're not in their way!" exclaimed Elvis.

"That's bad…you say they're walking to the East?" asked Shadow.

"Yes, that looks like it" answered Joanna.

"Mmm, they're probably going to attack Rochester. I'll try to contact the police from this city. It would be good they get prepared" commented Shadow.

"Wait! That means we won't help them!" asked Joanna.

"I'm sorry to tell you they'll have to solve this on their own…Do I have to remember you we're only 3? Even though they call you Perfect Dark I'd be surprised you could kill hundreds of Skedars all alone" responded Shadow.


"There are no buts Agent Dark, your objective right now is to stay alive. Carrington is waiting for you and we're not in the state to make a genocide of Skedars"

"So we have to let them die!" asked desperately Joanna.

"Who knows? They might be well prepared. As sad as I think it is she's right Joanna. We should be glad they don't seem to care about us" commented Elvis.

"I'm gonna call the police and the mayor. That's the least we can do for them"

Joanna looked sadly at the Skedars that were getting further and further. She felt awful not to be able to do anything but it seems it was an unavoidable part of wars…it's hard for both the mind and the body…and she couldn't deceive Carrington. She knew he was probably going to make her work overtime again…probably like everyone from the CI right now…


-Montreal, a few hours later

"Whew, finally!" exclaimed Elvis.

"Okay, now Carrington told me they should wait for us in a bar called 'La Pleine Lune'" commented Shadow as she desperately tried to drive in the traffic.

"I don't think a bar is exactly the best place for a meeting between secret agents but anyway…" commented Joanna.

"Yeah I know but technically we aren't on a secret mission. We're only there to meet up, have a small talk and leave. And besides I guess you should go on your own Jo…Elvis should stay hidden in the car because I'm not sure it's a good idea for him to show up when about 99 of humans don't have any idea of 'what' he is. The people of Manchester only accepted him because he helped you saving the city…" replied Shadow as she tooted an aggressive pedestrian.

"Yeah even though I'd like to visit this place I'd rather make sure to stay alive!" exclaimed Elvis.

"Indeed, the atmosphere is too tense to take any risks…oh well…I guess I'll just meet them in that…bar…alone. Anyway I bet Shadow is not old enough to get in these kind of places"

"What did you say?" asked dangerously Shadow.

"Oh I just said the truth" replied Joanna with a smirk.

"…You'd be surprised by what the truth really is…"


-Later that day, inside the bar

Joanna was positively surprised by what she saw. This place wasn't a crappy bar like she thought it would be. It looked more like a nightclub. There were so many people that it was hard for her to walk inside the place. Joanna doubted she could find the CI agent and the reinforcements easily but at least they will be unnoticed by the citizens. She decided the best option for now would be to sit at the counter and hope they would notice her. With a few apologies she was able to reach the counter and sit on a bench. As she faked she was looking at the different drink she could order a barmaid approached her.

"Ouais le gars là bas te paie un verre"

Joanna blinked for a few second as she was looking at the barmaid. She forgot about the fact there were a lot of French speakers in the area.

"Hum…I'm sorry can you speak en…"

"Oh fine the guy out there paid you that" interrupted the barmaid as she gave Joanna a drink and quickly left to talk to a drunk customer.

"Wait which guy? Ah damn it like I need to be dragged right now…" commented Joanna as she looked at the drink that was actually a 'sex on the beach' with a sceptical gaze.

She then noticed something was written on a napkin under the drink. It probably came from her 'admirer'. The word was pretty…funny…

A sexy lookin' girl like you should have a look At the absolute gorgeous master of masculinity On your left smiling at you with the sexy red shirt

Joanna sighed as she read the word another time. She just hoped she would still find the people she was searching for even though some narcissist fool was dragging her. She took a look at her left to find the 'absolute gorgeous master of masculinity'. At first she couldn't find him but then she noticed a man with a dark red shirt at the last bench on the left side of the counter. The man winked at her and then blew her a kiss. He then stood up and walked toward her in a kind of … 'flirty' way. It only took Joanna a few seconds to realize who it REALLY was.

"Oh damn it! Why of all men it had to be…"

"Well well good to see you back Agent Dark. I guess you were too busy looking hot to notice me?" said the man with a lustful tone

"…Jonathan. Why of all people YOU had to be the one I would have to deal with today!" asked Joanna with an irritated tone.

"Carrington thought it would be easier for you if he chose an agent you already know and venerate for his experience and absolute charisma and…"

"Oh shut it! Anyway since when do you feel like being Austin Power's clone? You know you look really stupid that way" commented Joanna while rolling her eyes.

"Oh well…A nightclub wouldn't be a nightclub if there wasn't anybody flirting right?" asked Jonathan with a grin.

"You have a point but it REALLY doesn't look good on you" retorted Joanna with a disdainful gaze.

"You sure of that? You know, before you showed up I got 3 different phone numbers" replied the secret agent with pride.

"Yeah…from 3 guys!" exclaimed Joanna.

Before Jonathan could bite back he noticed that a middle-aged man at the counter winked at him. His eye grew wide as he looked back at Joanna.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing… just empty your drink and let's get outta here I'm bored with this place and anyway lots of people are waiting after us" replied Jonathan.

"Not sure I can trust you…" replied Joanna as she looked at her drink with a suspicious gaze.

"What? Come on Carrington would kick my ass if I put crap in your drink and anyway I don't see why I would do that! This thing cost me 6 bucks!" exclaimed Jonathan.

"Fine you won…but you didn't tell me what scared you a minute ago" replied Joanna with a smirk.

"Ah nothing really…just an old woman being flirty…"

"Told you you wouldn't catch anything good with this metrosexual look" responded Joanna with a grin.

"Yeah well let's go search the other guys for the reinforcement…they're on the balcony" said Jonathan who desperately tried to change the subject


-Outside the bar

Joanna and Jonathan got out of the bar with 4 other men whom were the agents sent to help Shadow to defend Manchester.

"I'll bring our car near yours so Elvis won't have to walk a lot outside…better to avoid taking too many risks!" said Jonathan as he walked away.

Joanna brought the other guys to Shadow and Elvis who were currently playing chess in the car.

"Well, it seems it's time for me to tell you goodbye…for now" said Shadow as she started the car.

"Yes…good luck with the citizens of Manchester. I hope everything is gonna be fine with you" answered Elvis as he prepared to go out from the car.

"Yeah good luck Shadow…and one last thing…", said Joanna as she looked up at the girl.

"What is it?"

"Just what is your real name? I know our family names are confidential but what is your first name?" asked curiously Joanna.

"…I have no name. Shadow's the only name you need to know" replied Shadow as she looked away.

"I see…"

"Anyway good luck with your missions and don't get yourself killed out there!" said Shadow with a smirk.

"Don't worry…they'll never get me!", exclaimed Joanna as she quickly got out of the car with Elvis.

Both of them entered in Jonathan's car that was brought a minute ago next to the other one. Joanna was relieved as she noticed this car was a more…recent model.

"So…where are we going?" asked Joanna as the ship got up in the sky.

"Tomorrow afternoon we have a private plane waiting for us at the airport of this city" answered Jonathan as he yawned.

"So we stay in the city for the night?" asked Joanna.


"You heard that Jo? You'll finally be able to get some rest!" commented Elvis.

"…Yeah it won't do any harm but where are we gonna go?"

"We have a reservation in a hotel not too far from here. Don't worry for Elvis…I got a plan…."


"What! I have to go in that thing!" asked Elvis as he looked at the bag Jonathan pointed him.

"You know there are a lot of criminals carrying dead corpses in these kind of bags…the only problem is that they don't need to breath" commented Joanna.

"Don't worry! I'll let a small opening and you'll just have to breath with a straw! Anyway it's only for 2 minutes I already have the room key" replied Jonathan with a grin.

"Okay okay…if it's the only way for me to get out of that car I will!"


-Inside the hotel room, 4 minutes later

"Here we are! Sorry Elvis if I bumped you once or twice!" said Jonathan as he unzipped the bag.

"Ah it's okay with this big head of mine I didn't felt anything!" replied Elvis

Joanna took a moment to look at their room. She was impressed by how luxurious it was. She wondered how Carrington could afford paying for these kind of nice places in such difficult situations.

"It's pretty nice, I didn't hope for that much" commented Joanna.

"Yeah well I think it's a kind of reward…he's probably glad you're alive and all…he doesn't want to lose any other of his oldest agents" replied Jonathan.

"But Shadow told us there weren't a lot of human losses in the CI right?" asked Elvis.

"Yeah…we were lucky but the few agents who died were ironically all experienced agents. Two of them were working for the CI for even longer than me" answered Jonathan with a sigh.

"That's sad…really…but Jonathan... I have a question I've meant to ask you…" whispered Joanna.


"What about Velvet? Is she okay? I thought Carrington would choose her to bring me back to the CI" asked worriedly Joanna.

"Don't worry for her. She got some minor injuries when the CI was attacked but now she's fine. Carrington preferred to dispatch her into another mission…a rescue mission I believe… the kind of stuff she's good at. I think he chose me because he concluded I needed a break…" commented Jonathan.

"You've been working overtime huh?" asked Joanna.

"Well yeah…and a lot of people lately are insomniac, including me" answered Jonathan while yawning.

Joanna didn't notice before because it was pretty dark in the bar but indeed noticed that she never saw him so tired before…and he usually wasn't the type to show sign of exhaustion even if he was worn out. It must have been pretty hard at the CI since she was gone…

"It's really understandable considering what happened lately…I just hope things are gonna get better…" commented Joanna.

"I wouldn't hope for that much if I was you…but anyway I'm tired I'm gonna have some sleep if you don't mind" replied Jonathan as he walked toward the bedroom.

"Oh and besides, there are only 2 single beds in the bedroom and no way I go on the couch. You'll have to fight for the other bed" commented Jonathan with a yawn.

"Don't worry! It seems there is a bed in the couch. I'll use it! Us Maians prefer to be sitting with legs extended while sleeping", replied Elvis.

"I guess it's still because of this big head of yours?" asked Jonathan with a smirk.


"Well anyway…good night" said Jonathan as he got in the bedroom.

Joanna looked at Elvis being fascinated AGAIN at the couch he could convert in a bed and at the TV he opened. She wondered if he was fascinated because he thought it was very advanced or archaic technology for him…She sighed and looked at the watch: 1:53 am.

"I guess I should have some sleep too, I bet tomorrow is gonna be a pretty long day" commented Joanna.

" Yeah I should too, but I can't help it , it's so cool! But what the hell is that?" replied Elvis as he found a crappy 3 X movie.

"Bah…just some 'human mating' for lonely people, don't watch that it's not even realistic. Anyway good night Elvis" responded Joanna while rolling her eyes at the sight of the scene involving a hairy man, 3 girls and whipped cream.

"Yeah good night…ewww can't believe some humans like that" commented Elvis as he changed the channel.

As Joanna got in the room she could see Jonathan was already sleeping deeply. He didn't even bother to change his clothes or to go under the blanket. It seems he wasn't insomniac for tonight.

"Poor thing…I guess I won't be any better next week" commented Joanna as she got changed and went in her bed.

It didn't take her a lot of time to fall asleep either. It was probably the last time she would enjoy such comfort for a while… None of them doubted of what was yet to come. Not even Jonathan who got to see the bloody genocide in United States a week ago…

End of chapter 2

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