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In the village of Konoha a small six year old blonde boy was getting the crap beaten out of him. This was not the first time this had happened and the boy knew it wouldn't be the last. But unlike most he didn't look for a reason why he just accepted it. However this time it was getting really bad. There were more people then usual and they were using more then just their fists

The pain was unbearable so he did the only thing he could do he began to pass out. His vision slowly came back to him and all he saw was a dark hallway. Water was up to his ankle and a sick smell filled the air. He stared down the dank hallway before finally deciding to make his way down it. He might have been imagining it but he thought he could here a sinister laughter from down the hall.

The boy stopped in his tracks as he stared up at a large cage in front of him. A large set of glowing red eyes stared down at him.

"Wh-what are you?" he asked. The creature that was a giant red fox began to shrink down. The fox morphed into a small girl about his age. She had short fire-like hair, fox ears, and blood red eyes.

"Hello Naruto." said the girl. "I am the Kyuubi."

"Why are you here?" he asked quizzically.

"I'm here because I was sealed here by your fourth Hokage, I brought you hear because I have a deal to make you." she said.

Naruto looked up at her curiously thinking about something. "You're the reason I'm beat up right?" he said in an even voice.

"Those people are fools Naruto, they all deserve to be killed every last one of them." said the Kyuubi.

"If you are in me what does that make me?" asked Naruto. "Am I human?"

"No." said the Kyuubi instantly. "Naruto you are a human sacrifice, they gave away your humanity the second I was sealed in you. For such a crime they all deserve to die."

"Die?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I can help you get your revenge." said the small girl. "All you have to do is use my power. I can make you great Naruto you can make them all suffer and pay for selling your soul. Do you except?"

Naruto looked down and his hair shadowed over his eyes. A smile came onto his face.

The Kyuubi stared at the boys smile and an evil smirk appeared on her own face. "Looks like I win, you were a fool to seal me in your son Arashi. I will make him destroy everything you considered precious all he has to do is say ye-"

"No." said the blonde interrupting the fox's thoughts. Naruto stared into the fox's eyes with a childish smile on.

"Wh-what, why?" asked the small red headed girl in shock.

"Because I don't trust your eyes." Said Naruto in an innocent voice. The Kyuubi slammed against the cage changing back into the giant fox form.

"Insolent brat I will tear you-" Once again the Kyuubi was cut off as a giant wall of light appeared in front of her when she slammed into the cage. She cringed back in shock. She looked at the boy who was now glowing with a light blue aura. His innocent smile was still plastered on his face, and his eyes were glowing a crystal blue. He gave a presence of pure radiance, which shocked the Kyuubi even more. "A mental defence ho-how?"

"I finally understand now." said Naruto in his childish voice. However it held a tone of maturity. "If I was meant to be your jailer then that is what I will be. Even if I am no longer considered human I will still protect them because…" The Kyuubi stared at him listening intently. "…that is what I have been trusted to do." Naruto then turned around and began to walk out of the dark room. Kyuubi was screaming at the top of her lungs from behind the barrier while trying to break through the wall of light.

"You'll regret this brat YOU'LL REGRET THIS!" shouted the Kyuubi, not that it could be heard through the barrier.

Naruto slowly came to consciousness in the ally. Everyone was still surrounding him screaming out unmentionable things. He slowly began to stand up the entire mob fell silent in shock that he was moving considering all the blood he had just lost. His bones were broken, flesh torn, and body was bruised, but even so he stood. He looked at all those gathered with glowing blue eyes and first time he saw it, all the pain they had been hiding through their anger.

"I must have been a constant reminder of what they lost." thought Naruto.

The crowd took a few steps back in fear as Naruto stumbled forward. He grabbed on to the sleeve of a villager who instantly stiffened up. Naruto looked up at him and there was a small gasp from the man he had grabbed. Naruto's eyes shone with utter sadness, but not self-pity it was directed towards the village.

"I..I'm sorry…for what she's done." said Naruto as he let go of the villager. He made his way through the crowd. They parted for him not wanting to go near him. However a few noticed that unlike the previous times the boys wounds were not healing up.

Sarutobi looked into the crystal ball with a neutral expression on his face. He knew where the boy would go next; Naruto would come here demanding answers and most likely blame him for what he had done. The old man gave the order to let the boy in.

The Hokage watched Naruto stumble into the room on a leg that appeared to be broken; Sarutobi wondered why the Kyuubi hadn't healed him yet. Sarutobi slightly cringed at the boys state but waited for the boy to speak his words of hate. However the old man was surprised beyond belief as he saw the boy look up. There was no hate or anger held in the boy's eyes, all the Hokage could see was determination, and understanding.

Naruto got down on one knee and bowed down. "Hokage-sama, please help me become a strong ninja." said Naruto.

"N-na-naruto I-" he was cut off as Naruto spoke again.

"I want to go to the academy, but I know no one will help me there." said Naruto. "I want to be stronger to protect this land like the fourth did."

Sarutobi stared at the boy silently as a visible tear came down his face and soon it was accompanied by a few more.

"I'm not asking you to train me personally, that would be selfish when you have a whole village to protect. I…I just want your guidance…from you, a personal tutor, even a scroll would do just please…give me a chance to protect this village." said Naruto with tear filled eyes. "Please."

The Hokage looked into those eyes and noticed they were glowing. His own eyes went wide at this and then he smiled. He turned his chair around so that he was now looking out the window over the village.

"Naruto, if you look to your right you will see three sets of scrolls." said Sarutobi. "In those are the basics, from handseals to chakra. Take them study them and grow strong. I expect you to study those all night and be here by morning to show me any progress you might have made. I will then explain what you need to work on as well as give you a training schedule."

The old man turned back around and threw some bands and another scroll over to Naruto. "A gift from your father, you should look at it after you learn the basics." said the Hokage. Naruto just stared at him with a look of absolute joy, unknown to him a blue aura had surrounded him and his wounds had all healed. Sarutobi on the other hand had noticed but was not at all surprised. Naruto left the office and the old man swerved around in his chair so he was facing the window.

He smiled again at his thoughts. "The bloodline Radiance has been awoken, Arashi you would be proud."

Naruto ran all the way to his apartment not even noticing the fact that his leg no longer seemed broken. When he entered his apartment he immediately opened up the first scroll. It was all on chakra and all its principles, Naruto spent the next two hours memorizing its every aspect and theory until he understood it completely. He then read every other scroll. He learned about ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. He didn't know any of them but the scrolls explained what they were and their principle.

Naruto then came to a scroll on the handseals. It showed how to perform them and what they were used for. He then made a conscious decision; he decided to not read his fathers scroll until he had mastered forming all the seals in any order with sufficient speed. He practiced all these all night testing himself to see if he forgot anything. He didn't.

Naruto ran to the Hokage tower as fast as he could. He immediately barged into the old mans office and saw him waiting their expectantly.

"Well shall we begin." said the Hokage. "I have taken the day off to show you your training and more, but don't expect me to do this often."

And so they trained Sarutobi showed him the proper ways to throw a kunai or shurrican. The old man was surprised at how fast his seal rate was already as well as his understanding of chakra.

"Now be sure to look at your fathers scroll when you get home." said Sarutobi. "You have more then enough understanding of the basics."

Naruto returned home and opened up his fathers scroll.

Dear Naruto,

Radiance, That is what they call our bloodline my son. Back when our clan was new we were said to have been blessed by a god. Our power lies in the fact that our bodies are unique. Once your bloodline awakens your bones will become almost unbreakable. You could fall from a height three times the size of the Hokage monument and not even get so much as a dislocation. This is good considering that one of our abilities is flight.

If you can awaken your wings my son, you will be able to sore above the clouds. Our chakra is that of miracles it constantly heals us at a miraculous rate. Of course it will take some time before it can heal your wounds instantly. You will be able to push your body past limits not meant for mortals. Ask the Third about it he will show you what I mean. Your eyes will glow with the power of you chakra, and though they are no were near the power of the sharringan they still allow you to see things in a…slower light.

Train hard and live long my son any of the other aspects of our bloodline you will have to figure out for yourself.


Your father Arashi, Fourth Hokage.

Naruto had run out the door to the Thirds office as fast as he could. Everything in that letter was an eye opener he needed to know more. When he arrived the Hokage was waiting there expectantly once again. Naruto was panting heavily and the old man smiled. Naruto for some reason felt compelled to smile back.

"Do you have the bands I gave to you with the scroll?" he asked. Naruto fished through his pocket and pulled out to black bands with red jewels in them. "Good put them around both your feet and I will show you what your father meant by past limits not meant for mortals."

Naruto placed the bands around his ankles and waited. The Third grabbed some ink and a knife. "What are those for?" asked Naruto.

"I'm going to place seals on you that will increase the amount of gravity placed on you." said the Hokage. "I need the knife because it requires some of your blood to be in the ink."

"And what are the bands for." said Naruto.

"They are to prevent the ground from breaking underneath you." said the Hokage. "So to others it will appear that gravity is affecting you normally." Naruto nodded in confirmation. The Third cut him with the knife but Naruto didn't show any reaction to the small tinge of pain. The old man placed seals on him faster then he could blink and they all revolved around a large diamond shaped one on his upper right shoulder.

The affects were instant as Naruto went slamming down to the floor. He couldn't move at all and was having a tough time breathing. All his muscles were screaming for relief.

"This is what he meant by beyond mortal limits." said the Hokage. "You see on anyone else I would have started it on twice maybe three times normal gravity, but because your body adapts and thrives on the tougher conditions I placed you under fifteen times normal gravity. Normally a persons muscles would snap under that much pressure if they started out with it immediately but your muscles can only benefit."

Naruto was shocked at the shear force being put on him. He couldn't believe he was supposed to be able to do this. He put his hands to the ground and pushed up with all his strength. To his immense surprise he was actually getting up. It was a snails pace but he knew he could do it. And that was when the words of both the third and his father made since. It wasn't going to be easy but he was still capable of doing this where as other would have severely injured themselves.

He continued at that pace pushing with all his might to stand, and he finally did. The old man smiled. "Good now I will take you to the place of your training." said the old man. He picked up Naruto and the two of them vanished. Before Naruto realized it he was in the middle of the forest with the old man.

"Naruto listen carefully, you are going to be out here for the next couple of months, you will not go back to the village and you will train according to your schedule." said the Hokage. "For the next two weeks I will come by every night to give you food. At the end of those two weeks I will increase your gravity by five and leave you to get your own food from then on. This will continue for a while and every two weeks there after I will upgrade your gravity by five again."

Naruto looked at him unbelievingly but he soon smiled. "This will make me strong, this will give me what I need to protect everyone." thought Naruto. Sarutobi threw the schedule to Naruto. All it said to do today was twenty-five push-ups. Naruto remembered the effort it took just to push himself up once with this weight.

"Naruto it won't be easy but for you it is very possible." Sarutobi said.

And so it continued like that the next day Naruto had to manage twenty-five sit-ups followed by twenty-five laps around his training area. Everyday new exercises and soon it got to doing multiple ones in the same day, as well as the amount he had to do increased. Sarutobi had spent a few days throwing kunai at him in which he had to doge. The ones that hit him he had to pull out and let his charkra heal. This forced him to learn about his healing ability.

Two months past and he was now on forty times normal gravity which to say was only one thing…killer. He could barely move at all with it on. He lied down panting heavily.

"I will do this no matter what." he said to himself as he stood up shakily. And then it happened a huge pain erupted from his back. It was sharp and precise as it cut open on his back. Two angelic white wings burst forth from his upper back. They stayed frozenly pointed out as feathers fell around Naruto. Clapping was heard from Naruto's side. When he looked over he saw the face of the Hokage.

"Well done Naruto, you brought them out sooner then I thought." said the old man. "Now that you have awakened them all you have to do to summon them is place chakra on your back."

Naruto smiled at the old man. "Thank you…for everything." said Naruto. Sarutobi fought back a tear.

"It is the least I can do…especially since you plan to use that power to protect my village." said Sarutobi. Naruto nodded. "We are done increasing you gravity for a while. I will finally let you get used to a setting instead of switching it when it becomes slightly easier."

Naruto stood up and tried to summon the wings back into him. With a small stab of pain they went back into him. Naruto got ready to run laps when the old man held up his hand. "Naruto what is the point of wings if you can't use them." said Sarutobi. "Take them out."

Naruto summoned chakra to his back and once again he felt a small tinge of pain. He doubled over only slightly as they came out. He spread his wing and pushed off the ground however he was disappointed to find out he only got three feet of the ground. He was flapping them as hard as he could but he couldn't go any higher. He fell panting slightly from the effort.

"Why can't I fly?" he asked.

"Because of your weights." said Sarutobi. "Your wing muscles are only as strong as your other ones. That is why they only woke now because of the weight training you got the necessary strength for flight. If you removed you gravity seal you could fly easily."

Naruto nodded and was about to remove the seal when Sarutobi shook his head no.

"What why?" asked Naruto.

"For the next two days I want you to remain in that spot trying to fly as high as you can nonstop." said the Hokage. "No sleep no food you must be in the air even if it is only an inch off the ground."

Naruto looked at him shocked at what he was supposed to do. But then he thought about it, so far he had constantly been put through training that no one else could do at the pace he was. Sure it was all extremely hard but he had managed. And Naruto could tell by the look in the old mans eyes that he had complete confidence in him.

"Naruto you can use your special chakra to stay strong." said Sarutobi. Naruto nodded and a swirl of bluish-white chakra swept around him. His form was glowing even his wings seemed to pulsate with energy and his eyes glowed with an electric blue. With that he was up ten feet in the air.

Sarutobi smiled. "Radiance, when used to its real potential it increases the bodies attributes above the users already limitless body. Thus, creating almost a super powered self. Truly it is the strongest bloodline in Fire Country if not every country." Thought Sarutobi as he vanished.

In the dark sewer that was Naruto's mind a young girl paced back and forth in her cage. "I'm so bored." she said. Kyuubi then looked out her cell past the barrier. She could see Naruto training as if he were on television. "Why does he do that, no one will except him, he is a fool."

"And when the time comes that he is shown the error of his ways, I will be there to rub it in his face." said the Kyuubi with an evil smirk. "He'll regret not using my power and putting up this barrier to prevent me from giving it…not that I would want to give it to him at this point." Kyuubi continued making plans with herself and imagining what she should do.

Naruto had been flying over the same spot for almost a day. It was harder then anything that he could imagine and yet even still he added to the challenge. He went over all the seals again and was performing them. Why'll doing so he was barely able to stay a foot off the ground but the Hokage had said that even one inch was enough.

To him he thought his seal rate was impressive but he had the distinct feeling that compared to other ninja it was probably rather slow. He stopped forming seals so he could focus on flying. He struggled but he eventually made it above the trees. Naruto was surprised at how far away he was from the village; he could barely make out the Hokage monuments in the distance.

The young demon container wondered how long he had be out there or when the Hokage would show up. Good thing he was a patient person because he was there for hours still. Finally Sarutobi showed up in front of Naruto. He gave the boy a nod and Naruto stopped flapping his wings. He fell to the ground with a thump breathing heavily almost gasping for air as he tried to relax.

"Well done Naruto well done." said old man Sarutobi. "We're going back home, you can rest for a while you've earned it."

The Hokage and Naruto teleported back to the village outside Naruto's apartment. Naruto went inside and immediately passed out on his bed.

Naruto had been asleep for a full day, as a matter of fact he probably would have been out even longer had the Hokage not come and woken him up. "Wake up Naruto I have a few things to go over with you now." said the Hokage.

Naruto got up groggily not knowing what was going on. "Old man why are you here?" asked Naruto tiredly. The old man smiled at him. He then took something out of his pocket and placed it in Naruto's hand. He looked down at it and saw it was a pair of dark black sunglasses.

"Glowing eyes aren't exactly natural Naruto." said the old man Hokage. "Arashi always kept his blood a secret and you should do your best to keep it a secret as well."

Naruto put on the sunglasses and looked up at the old man with a smile. "Hey Hokage-sama when do I start the academy?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto normally kids don't begin until they are seven, and I am thinking of entering you later then usual." said the Hokage. Naruto frowned downward at this. "Naruto, you are already showing that you are stronger in your bloodline then your father was, your eyes are the proof of that(a/n: being that the glowing doesn't stop and only gets brighter as he accesses it.).

"I just want to keep training you in studies more suited towards your skills, you will still be able to go to the academy to make friends." said Sarutobi.

"Friends?" asked Naruto. He then looked back down with a sad smile. "I would only be so fortunate." The Hokage was taken aback by the maturity in the statement. "I'm not really deserving of friends…but I will still make as many people as I can happy." he said that last part looking up with a truly happy smile.

"Yes, I'm sure you will." said the Hokage.

"Will I still graduate when I'm supposed to?" asked the blonde.

"Provided you don't fail then yes." said Sarutobi smiling. "And Naruto look on getting a weapon, I happen to know that it is extremely hard to make affective attacks with your fists while flying at the speeds you'll be traveling at."

Naruto nodded. "Big sword." he said. The Hokage looked a little surprised.

"Naruto there are other weapons then just a-"

"Big sword." said Naruto cutting him off. "I saw this really big cool one at a weapons shop I passed by, do you think maybe I could get it with you." Sarutobi looked into the glowing eyes of the boy.

"Alright, but only if you train seriously and diligently with it almost everyday." said the old man. "I don't just want you to be some one who swings a giant hunk of steel around."

The two of them made their way to the store Naruto wanted to shop at. Naruto stayed outside and pointed out the sword from the window. When the Hokage looked at it he was more then a little surprised, when Naruto meant big sword he meant a big sword it was huge. (Clouds sword from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.)

But then Sarutobi looked at it again, its size and weight were perfect considering what Naruto was able to handle. It would definitely help him in his training. The Hokage walked in and purchased the sword, the owner was all too happy to sell. He brought Naruto home and gave him a scroll as well as a holder for the sword.

"Now Naruto, this is actually six blades in one, that scroll was specifically meant for this sword." said the Hokage. Naruto took the sword and lifted surprisingly easily. "Train well with it."

"They call you the hot-blooded dropout!" shouted a group of kids. A kid with rather large eyebrows covered his ears and ran away.

"Lee get back here." shouted out an instructor. Lee didn't hear it with his ears covered and continued to run. He ran through the whole village on the verge of tears.

"I'll show them all, I will be a great ninja." thought Lee as he ran towards one of the training areas. When he arrived he halted in the middle of the training area was a boy in a plain white T-shirt and black shorts. That wasn't the odd thing what was really odd was the huge object he was wielding. It was at least five feet long and a foot wide. It was completely covered in bandages making it almost impossible to identify.

"Excuse me but is it alright if I train here as well, I will only use that log over there." said Lee. The boy turned around, he was wearing dark sunglasses, he smiled.

"Sure go right a head." said the blonde haired boy.

"Thank you, I'm Rock Lee by the way." said Lee.

"It's nice to meet you Lee, I'm Uzumaki Naruto." said Naruto. Lee walked over to the log while Naruto kept swinging the bandaged covered object. "So Lee what you doing here?"

"I'm here to get stronger." said Lee punching away at a log.

"Stronger why?" asked Naruto.

"I..I'm called a dropout at the ninja academy." said Lee. "I can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu and I have below average taijutsu." Naruto looked at him thoughtfully. "That is why I must get strong to show them that hard work can make a ninja strong, that I can be great with just taijutsu that is my dream."

Lee looked over at Naruto expecting him to laugh. "That's a nice dream Lee." said Naruto. Lee looked a little surprised but smiled.

"And why are you here why do you want to be strong?" asked Lee.

"I want to protect everybody." said Naruto. Lee looked at him curiously. "I am a reminder of something terrible something that causes people pain, I want to stop that I want their pain to go away to make them feel safe."

Lee looked at him completely shocked but then smiled a wide grin." Then let us work hard Naruto-kun." said Lee. Naruto looked at him and smiled as well. "Hey Naruto…" Naruto looked over at Lee. "Do you think maybe we could be friends?"

Naruto went completely still. "Does something like me deserve friends." he thought.

"You see you're the only one who hasn't laughed at my dream, and well I don't have any friends." said Lee.

"Lee I would like to but…your parents wouldn't agree." said Naruto. Lee looked up at him with a huge grin.

"That's not a problem Naruto-kun I'm an orphan." said Lee. "I'm already living on my own on special request so I won't ever get parents."

Naruto looked at Lee once again. "Can I…have a friend." thought Naruto. Despite what people would say Naruto wanted a friend, even if Lee for some reason had to leave he still would of known it.

"Yes I'll be your friend Lee." said Naruto not knowing tears were falling from his eyes.

"Great then let us continue." said Lee pounding the log faster. The two of them were there tell late in the night training. Naruto had shown Lee exercises he could do to improve himself. And Lee seemed to get it pretty quick.

"Hey Naruto I don't have classes tomorrow do you want to train?" asked Lee. Naruto nodded happily.

"But before we do that can you help me with something?" said Naruto.

"Sure anything." said Lee.

"Well you see I was thinking…"

"Its all over Uzumaki." said an Anbu member. "Why did you and your friend defile this monument?"

The Hokage monument was completely changed. A naked girl with smoke covering her private areas was painted just below the faces. And the faces had been painted to have different reactions. The first looked mad with a scowl, the second was sweatdropping and it looked like his eyes were looking away, the third looked like his eyes were wide and had a perverted blush and smile on his face, and the fourth had a nosebleed.

The Third Hokage walked out on his balcony and stared up at the monument. A small smile came onto his face. And then that smile turned to a laugh.

"I'll ask you again why did you do thi-" The Anbu were cut off as a sound made its way across the air. They all listened carefully and soon it was recognized as laughter. First it started out small but then it grew, as multiple people seemed to join. The Anbu members looked over at the village and saw hundreds of people in the streets all of them…laughing. They could even see the Hokage on his balcony laughing. They looked over at the demon container and his apparent new friend. Both the boys were looking over the village with a small smile on there face.

"Okay…we'll clean it up now." said Naruto not looking away from the village and its laughing citizens.

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