Naruto's Weakening Seal and the Darkness Shinobi :

Part I of the Darkness Chronicles

Written by Entei Artist, Devdog47, and Senacku


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This story is written in three perspectives. Kyoka is written by Devdog47, Natari is written by Senacku, and Mikomi is written by Entei Artist. Because of this, chapters will have different writing styles because of the variation of authors.

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Chapter 1

Told by Kyoka Keitaro, rumored 4th Sanin of Konoha, given the title by the Fourth

I looked at the wall opposite to me, wondering how life is back in Konoha and waiting for a mission to pop up. It had been three weeks since I had had a mission. I was just about to drift into the boredom-sucking haven of sleep, when someone -cough, cough- stupid -cough, cough- bursts open my door…

"Kyoka! Kyoka! Where are you," Natari practically screamed, just to annoy me.

Natari Roo was one of my least favorite Genin – a loud mouth, cocky, annoying kid, who won't leave me alone! Just kidding, she's really one of my best friends, and she's an orphan like me, from here in the Village Hidden in the Consuming Darkness. Don't let the name suggest anything, the people here are all right. I came here after I became a Sanin and the Fourth died. I've made some friends and I'm now considered a part of the Darkness Village.

Back in Konoha, I'm a rumor. Yeah, I said rumor. Before, like right before, Nine Tails killed the Fourth, he gave me the title of Sanin, because I was one of the top ninjas there and I knew over a thousand jutsus. The Fourth was killed before anyone knew about me becoming a Sanin, so I just packed up and left. I don't know too much about the other Sanins. I know one of them trained the Fourth, one of them betrayed Konoha and the last one was a medical nin. I don't even know their names. It's somewhat funny…

"Natari, leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep," I said.

"Get up! Hiromasu wants to see us and the others," Natari said, impatiently.

Hiromasu was the leader of the Darkness Village. They had asked me to take his place, but I didn't really want to. He's a good guy, a little secretive; but now a days, who can't be?

"All right, all right, already! Did he give you any details?" I said, as I stood up and stretched.

"Can't tell! You'll have to find out yourself!"

I stared at her. Then, I got my bag and followed her to Hiromasu's house. When we walked in…

"Hey, been a while, Kyoka," Eureka said, looking up as I entered the room.

Eureka Shoji was an ANBU nin, who is also my friend and a fellow orphan. He's a great medical nin. He's also a little strange, but of course, we all are in a sense…

"Oh, shut up, Eureka, you just saw her yesterday! Hey, Kyoka," Mikomi said.

Mikomi Miyako, a Jounin, another one of my best friends and fellow orphans. She can be very mature, when she wants to. She's a good ninja…

"Ah, you are here, now we may begin. I have a mission for you four. Since most of our ninjas are away, you have to take it. The mission is to go to Konoha and find the boy who has Nine Tails sealed within him. Here is the picture," He passed me a faded picture. "We have found a flaw in the Fourth's seal. Nine Tails could escape through this flaw. You are to bring him back here because Konoha is not as advanced as we are in things such as this. You must do all of this in secret, for if anyone finds out, this information could spread-"

"What's wrong with the information spreading?" Natari asked, stupidly.

"Because, child, if any person who wanted to control the ultimate power of Nine Tails, they could measly take Naruto and somehow channel Nine Tail's power through him," Hiromasu said, his voice rising in annoyance.

That's what I like about Natari, she can easily manipulate others or at least she can make anyone mad and that especially helps on missions that we do together…

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but how did you find this flaw in the seal?" I asked.

"One of our spies in Konoha, after searching through some forbidden scrolls, found a scroll explaining the seal. There is where he found a small flaw that eventually will allow Nine Tails to take over Naruto's body, if Nine Tails ever finds it," Hiromasu said.

"And what were Darkness Village spies doing in my village?" I shouted.

"We have to protect ourselves! If Konoha were to issue an attack on us, wouldn't it be better if we knew about it," Hiromasu said a little defensively.

"If Konoha issued an attack on us, we would never survive," Eureka stated cheerfully.

That's the strange part of Eureka, he says the truth, but it's somewhat obvious…

"I accept your challenge," Natari declared as she stood up and pointed at Hiromasu.

"So do I," Mikomi said, a little sarcastically.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Natari yelled at her.

"What do you mean?" Mikomi asked innocently.

"You were being sarcastic!"

"You wanna bet?"

"Yeah, I wanna bet!"

"You wanna fight?"

"Yeah, I wanna fight!"

"Cat fight," Eureka said.

"Break it up, break it up," I told them, getting in between them.

"Grrrrrrr…" Natari growled.

"Grrrrr, your face," Mikomi replied.

"Yours! What now?" Natari said.

"Uhm, excuse me, but can you do this some other time?" Hiromasu said.

"Sure," Natari told him, shrugging.

"So, what do you guys say about the mission," Hiromasu asked.

"Again, I accept your challenge," Natari declares yet again.

"I'm in," I said.

"So am I," Mikomi agreed.

"Not like we have a choice," Eureka said.

"Good, now leave my office," Hiromasu told us.

We left the office…

"Ooo-ooo, Natari, tonight's the full moon," Mikomi said teasingly.

"I know; are you guys gonna help me?" Natari asked.

"Sure, whatever," Eureka said.

"Of course," I said reassuringly.

See, Natari has the short end of stick. When she was born, since her parents were dead, the last leader of the Darkness Village sealed the last wolf spirit into her. The seal appears on her hand because it just does. Since she has a wolf spirit in her, on the full moon she turns into a werewolf. She has no or little control when she is a werewolf…

"Maybe we should've reminded Hiromasu before we took the mission," Mikomi said.

"We never think of it when we need to," Eureka mumbled.

"I guess we should pack our stuff," I said, sighing.

"Yeah," the others agreed, and we walked our separate ways.

I ran home, excited with all the previous boredom gone. I emptied my bag to see what I had left in there. Nothing new, a magazine, some chap stick, some kunai, my bladed Tonfa, some candy, a scroll or two and a whole bunch of other crap…

"What to pack?" I asked myself.

I got my big backpack out and put a short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, some shorts, some pants, my Konoha forehead protector, my contacts, some chap stick, some rations, some soldier pills, some money, an assortment of many weapons, some candy, some soap, shampoo, some scrolls, some rope, some more candy, some pajamas, my toothbrush, toothpaste, metal chains (for tying an enemy to a tree or something) and a book. I looked at what I wore for the first time today and realize I'm wearing a dress; and it's the one with the Konoha leaf symbol on it, which is good because I going to Konoha. Maybe they won't kill me for being a missing nin, but I'm not really one; I just left for about 17 years. I put on some shorts underneath my dress, then I almost left my house with out my glasses, my keys, or with out locking my house. I grabbed my glasses, shoved them on my face, got my keys and locked the door behind me, but before I did that, I made sure I had tons of concealed weapons in case of an attack; you can never be too careful. I walked to the gates of the Darkness Village, to see Mikomi and Eureka there…

"Where's Natari?" I asked.

"I don't know," Mikomi said absent mindedly.

"She might have gotten lost," Eureka suggested.

"Yeah, we all know she has no sense of direction," Mikomi mumbled.

"Hey, don't talk about her like that behind her back, even if it's true," I said.

"But it's fun," Mikomi protested.

"Well, while we're waiting, Mikomi, do you have a ribbon?" I asked.

"Sure, why do you need it?"

"I'm going to pull back my hair with it."

"Yeah, you should do that," Eureka said.

"Here you go," Mikomi said as she handed me the ribbon.

"Thanks," I told her.

I tied the ribbon near the very bottom of my hair, as I usually do.

"That's better," I said.

"You should cut your hair, Kyoka, it's down to your knees," Mikomi pointed out.

"I like my hair long, I may cut it if it gets in the way," I said.

We waited for a long time, until Natari came at last with a bag the size of the Fire country!

"Sorry, I'm late," Natari grinned.

"Sure you are," Mikomi said sarcastically.

"You wanna fight?" Natari threatened.

"Sure, not like it would be a real fight for me, anyway," Mikomi said.

"Break it up, you two," I told them.

Then, the gates opened and before us lay a beautiful forest, with a path running through it along a river, which would lead us to Konoha...

To Be Continued…


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