Cannonball Run 2006: TBA


A few days after the race, Rob drove Patrick to the airport.

"Well, I can't say that was boring." said Patrick.

"First Cannonball for us both." said Rob. "Not boring at all."

"Well, I gotta catch my flight." said Patrick. "Maybe we'll do this again next year."

"Hopefully." said Rob.

"Rob." said Bison.

"Oh, I almost forgot." said Rob as he handed the gnome to Patrick.

"Thanks." said Patrick. "I'll send this back in a month." He turned and ran for the gate.


A few weeks later in Los Angeles, Jill was parked by the side of the road in her Civic. Shortly afterward, Pete pulled up next to her in a blue Toyota MR2 Spyder.

"New car?" she asked.

"Yeah, I thought I could use one." said Pete. "You know how I love Toyotas. It's not a Levin, but what is?"

"How about a race to try it out?" asked Jill.

"Why not?" said Pete. "Hey, how about dinner tonight?"

"You're on." said Jill. "Winner picks the place, loser pays."

"Sounds fair." said Pete.

Jill started her car, then pulled up to a traffic light not far away. Pete pulled next to her.

"Next traffic light?" asked Pete.

"You got it." said Jill.

A few seconds later, the light turned green and both drivers hit their accelerators. Unfortunately, Pete wasn't used to the new gearbox and stalled coming off the line. Seeing she was going to win easily, Jill kept it within legal speeds.

Pete stared at his gauges and said "In the famous words of Chuck Prescott, 'Come on!'"


In Poughkeepsie, Chuck treated J.J, Victor, and their lady loves to a lunch at a fancy restaurant.

"This is a nice place." said Lisa.

"Thanks." said Chuck. "Just a second."

He took out a PDA and crossed off "Take friends to fancy lunch". Further up were "Screw bosses" and "Run Cannonball with good car". Just below it was "Buy Segway".

"So, what's the occasion?" asked J.J.

"Well, if you've been reading the paper," said Betty "you'll know that J.C. was convicted for conspiracy to commit murder."

"He's going to be going away for a long time." said Chuck.

"So, what about Miss Whitaker?" asked Pamela.

"I declined to press charges." said Chuck.

"Why?" asked Victor.

"I had something else in mind." said Chuck.


Back at Magnacorp, Miss Whitaker sat at what used to be Chuck's desk in the mailroom. A clerk dropped a tray of mail in front of her. She slowly went to open it.


The next morning in Chicago, a tuning shop owned by Brad finished repairing the Drake's 4-door M3. The Drake and Ron came to pick it up.

"How does it look?" asked Brad.

"Nice." said the Drake. "Looks as good as when I finished it."

"How much is this going to cost?" asked Ron.

"This one's on me." said Brad as he took the service invoice.

"So, how's your divorce going?" asked the Drake.

"My lawyers are trying to knock it down to an annullment." said Brad. "That way, we can part ways like the marriage never occured."

"Don't you have to prove you never consummated the marriage?" asked the Drake.

"Yes, but sex is not something you can easily prove anyway." said Brad.

"Unless you got her pregnant." said Ron.

"What are the odds of that?" laughed Brad.


About that time in San Francisco, Susan was getting ready for the day. After brushing her teeth, she checked a pregnancy test and sighed. "Well, there goes wine tasting in Napa." she said.


A month after the race finished, Rob was at his home in L.A. practicing his skateboarding in the drained pool. Around noon, he took a break and went to eat lunch. He found Bison walking in with the mail.

"What's that box?" asked Rob.

"It's from Patrick." said Bison. "I think it's the gnome."

"Cool." said Rob.

Bison handed him the box and he opened it. The first thing he took out was a note. He handed it to Bison, then continued taking things out.

"Dear Rob," read Bison "Here's the gnome back. I got you some great high-quality photos to send to Terry. Best regards, Patrick."

"Alright." said Rob. He took out the gnome and was surprised to see a chip in its cap.

"P.S." said Bison. "Sorry about the chip. There was a slight accident while he was kissing the Blarney Stone."

Rob started looking through the photos. "Look at these." he said. "The Liffey River in Dublin."

"If what I know about Dublin is right," said Bison "this dark pool is what gives the city its name. I mean 'Dubh Linn' is Gaelic for 'dark pool'."

"I think you might be right." said Rob. "And here's Trinity College. And O'Connell Street."

"How do you know so much about Ireland?" asked Bison.

"Patrick sent me a travel guide." said Rob. He looked at the next photo and stared in awe.

Bison leaned in for a look. "Is that U2?" he asked.


AN:Thank you for reading. I hope you found the story enjoyable. CR2007 will be coming soon. I can say that it will be quite different from this in numerous ways. For starters, it will be set in Europe.
Once again, thank you for reading. I'll see you soon.