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I never imagined that I would ever reach this low. Only a dozen years ago, I had it all. My life was perfect. Now everything is ruined, destroyed. Perhaps, to explain it properly to you, I should begin in the beginning. I had a perfect childhood, growing up with my sisters. It was always the three of us despite the age difference. I was the youngest but my sisters took me under their wing. They taught me how to behave differently around mother and father and what to say to get our Aunt Editha off of my back but still be polite.

I was naturally a poised, prim, and bossy child, quite like my sisters. Because I was the youngest, I was generally the one who was bossed around. When my little cousin was born, I was pleased to have someone younger than me to boss around. We would have fun when we were younger, especially after Bella left for Hogwarts. Once Sirius got older, he became more rebellious and would resent the way I would treat him. He began to cling more to Andromeda. His little brother, Regulus, was easy to order about but he was so much younger than me. Funnily, Sirius always seemed much older than he really was.

I remember when Andromeda became a Ravenclaw. My parents and aunts and uncles were all shocked. It was rare for a Black to become anything but a Slytherin but Ravenclaw was the next best thing. My relationship with Andi changed after that. She was more secretive. She spent less time with me and Bella than before. Bella said that she was going through a phase. She always said it with a look of disgust on her face.

I was the next to go to Hogwarts. It was like a dream. I naturally got into Slytherin. I always suspected that Andi was disappointed but I wasn't. I belonged. Being a natural leader, I became quite popular and I finally had people to boss around.

Then, at the end of my fourth year, I got a steady boyfriend. Lucius Malfoy was one year older than me and was the perfect boyfriend. He was suave, popular, and my parents loved him. I was so in love with him that I didn't even care when Sirius got sorted into Gryffindor even though everyone else had a fit.

In my seventh year, I was made Head Girl. It was only to be expected; both my sisters had been head girls also. Even though Lucius wasn't there, it was still one of the best years of my life. I had power and I used it. Sometimes I feel guilty about how I would torment Sirius but he deserved it. Andromeda was too soft on him for his own good.

I never really understood what happened to Sirius. I can't ask him anymore either. Not after Bella finished with him. I always thought it would be Bella who would have the final word with him. I know that sounds ridiculous but Bella had been even angrier with him than Aunt Editha when he ran away from home. He had it coming, I suppose. Not like Regulus. That was a shock. Especially when I learned the reason for his death.

Lucius had told me grimly. I cried for him and for my aunt, who was inconsolable. It was even more of a shock than when Andi married that muggle. There is no worse shame than that. As odd as my big sister had always been, I had still looked up to her. But she disgraced our family. Bella told me that we should forget about her. We would be even closer when it was just the two of us.

Of course then Bella had to go and get herself locked up. She was unstable after the Dark Lord's death. I told her to be rational but of course, as always, she wouldn't listen to me. Lucius had enough sense to plead bewitchment but not Bella. My sister has to be the center of everything. So she tortured those aurors. Not that they didn't deserve it.

When the Dark Lord rose again I thought that my life was going to be wonderful. My sister was brought back to me and Lucius was in his inner circle once again, the right hand man.

How foolish of me. How could I believe that my life could be in perfect order? It all comes down to Harry Potter. He is destroying my life. Because of him, Lucius is locked up and my son, my Draco, is attempting the impossible. No one has managed to kill Albus Dumbledore. No one. My son is smart and talented but he is not a miracle worker. He is just a boy. He is my boy. My only son.

I hadn't wanted to have more children. I just wanted one perfect child to dote on. Lucius also scorned the idea of more children. He hates families like the Weasleys who have more children than they can manage. But now I'm beginning to see the appeal of a large family. If I lose one child then there would always be another.

Maybe that is what my parents were thinking when they had three daughters. It proved right. Andromeda was a disappointment and Bella was locked up for fourteen years but all that time they still had me.

I have been the perfect daughter, both as a child and an adult. But now I fear that I'm losing any control I have and my perfectly placed life is falling into disarray. I have no choices left and no one to turn to. I have done all I can and now I have to wait. I hate feeling this helpless. I'm not sure I can handle it.

I am Narcissa Malfoy, Control Freak, Too Perfect, and Completely Powerless

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