Disclaimer- I don't own these characters, OK?

(This is my first fanfic so I didn't know that it was better to write in paragraph form. My other chapters are in paragraph form)

(Cliff is sitting in the living room on the couch, eating a sandwich and watching T.V. Rudy walks through the front door, arriving home from school.)

Rudy: Hi daddy!

Cliff: Hi cupcake.

(They hug.)

Cliff: How was school today?

Rudy: It was great! Guess what I brought home.

Cliff: What?

(Rudy reaches into her pocket of her overalls.)

Rudy: It's Willie the lizard.

Cliff: Now where'd you get a thing like that?

Rudy: My teacher.

Cliff: Your teacher just gave it to you?

Rudy: Well, I told her it was alright with you if I had a pet.

Cliff: And what did I tell you about having a pet?

Rudy: Umm… no.

Cliff: You're going to need to free Willie before Mom finds out.

(Clare walks in through the kitchen doors into the living room.)

Clare: Finds out about what?

Rudy: Nothing.

(Rudy runs upstairs to her bedroom.)

Clare: Cliff, what was that all about?

(Cliff shoves his sandwich into his mouth so his speech is impaired.)

Cliff: Mbbmbbmgg.

Clare: Oh, Cliff (laughing).

(Theo walks through to front door, looking guilty, with Cockroach following right behind him.)

Theo: Hi mom, hi dad.

Cliff: Hello there son. What's happening?

Cockroach: Hello Mrs. Huxtable, Mr. Huxtable.

(Theo sidesteps his way toward the staircase, keeping his back faced away from his parents.)

Theo: Well, talk to you guys later. I got lots of homework to do and I…

Cliff: Stop! Turn around.

(Theo turns around but places his hand over the back of his neck, pretending to scratch it.)

Cliff: Put your hands on your head.

(Theo puts his hands on his head, but turns back around.)

Cockroach: Now boogie on down tonight!

(Cockroach puts his hands on his head and begins turning in circles, doing some sort of funny dance. Theo uses this quick distraction as a chance to slip upstairs to his room.)

Clare: Sherlock Holmes, you have a case to crack.

(They laugh together and walk into the kitchen.)