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Cliff enters Theo's room where Theo and Cockroach are both sitting on his bed, reading a magazine. When Cliff walks through, Theo quickly jumps up and turns so his father can't see his back. "Son, we need to have a talk." Cliff looks pretty serious. "Aww, right now? What'd I do wrong?" says Cockroach in a joking matter. Cliff just glares back at him. "Well, I guess it's time for me to head home," says Cockroach quickly. He stands up and leaves the room. Cliff looks at his son and says, "Have a seat son." Theo sits awkwardly so his father can't see the back of his neck. "What's wrong, son. You have to pee or something?" Right then, Theo knows that the jig is up. "So, I guess you're wondering why I'm acting so weird," sighs Theo. Cliff nods slowly.

Theo turns around, revealing a drawing of Japanese characters on the back of his neck. "What in a rat's patootie is that?" "A tattoo," whimpers Theo. "But it's not real… yet." "What do you mean yet?" yells Cliff. "I was just trying this one out. It's only marker. I'm not sure exactly what I want yet," answers Theo. "Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you," say Cliff with a rising temper. "You are never getting a tattoo as long as you live under my roof and use up my money and eat all of my Twinkies. Do you understand me boy?" "Yes, dad," says Theo in a defeated voice. "All righty then. You're just lucky that that thing on your neck isn't real." Cliff says as he stands up and hikes up his pants. He walks out of the room in a proud strut as Theo is left sitting alone on his bed. "Oh man," says Theo in a worried voice. "I really got to find a way to get this thing removed."