Wow, today will probably be one of the best days of my life. So far I've gotten to fly from San Francisco to Las Vegas first class, book a room in a really nice hotel, and play the slot machines a couple of times in a casino. The best part of all though, will be seeing him. For the past year I have only had contact with him through email. I've had to guess how he looks and how he feels because he only talks about work over email. Always asking me questions and telling me facts about a case he is working on. I always answer his questions and give him new facts to ponder. I've missed what we had before he moved to Vegas, when he was my teacher. I use to go to all his seminars and then after we would go out for coffee and discuss the latest cases, which would lead to talks about other things and eventually lead into discussions about our personal lives. When he said he was moving to Vegas for a job I was happy for him, but I knew our relationship would change. He promised he would email me every week and he did, but it became strictly about work. I guess it happened because we weren't talking face to face anymore. Hopefully that will change now that he's asked me to come to Vegas and help him with a difficult case.

I remember the phone conversation word for word.


"Well hello Ms. Sidle."

Oh my god! Only my professors have ever called me Ms. Sidle and none of them have kept contact with me except…

"Grissom, is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. How are you?"

"I'm good. Just a little surprised to hear your voice. How are you?"

"I'm doing well. Listen, I have a big favour to ask you. There has been a case where I think some misconduct has occurred and I need someone to do some searching for me."

"Okay just give me the information and I'll get right on it."

"The only snag is that it has to be undercover so I need to you to come to Vegas."

This is unbelievable. Is Gil Grissom actually inviting me to come to Vegas to help him?

"Sure. When you need me to come?"

"The soonest you can get here."

"Okay! I'll take a week off of work and take the soonest flight out of San Francisco."

"That'll be great. I'll email you the details of the investigation. See you soon. Bye."