I HATE serial killers! I DESPISE them! Serial cases are always the hardest to solve and sometimes become cold, so their never brought to justice. When I found out another woman was killed because of the strip strangler I was pissed. I wasn't even excited that I was getting to work with Grissom; I just wanted to solve the damn case.

(I walk into the bed room of the crime scene where Grissom is and I see the young woman on the bed strangled to death.)

Not again!

"Damn it!"

(Grissom turns around to look at me.)

Why isn't he mad?

"Damn that guy!"

(Grissom takes me by the arm and leads me out into the hallway.)

"Listen, no emotions in here."

Easy for you to say since you don't have any!

"He's escalating, Grissom."

"That's the pattern; it's a continuum."

I know that! Don't try to talk to me like I'm a child!

The case didn't have a lot of evidence so the Sheriff decided to bring in the FBI. Grissom didn't like this idea at all. I liked it because they had made me an offer to work as bait for the killer. This was the break I was waiting for! Grissom's way of doing things was so slow and people kept getting murdered, so maybe I could change that. When Agent Culpepper told Grissom, oh man, was he pissed.

Conference Room

(I walk into the conference room where Grissom is standing.)

"You're not serious."

I'm not joking.

"I'm going to do it Grissom."

(Grissom looks at me with a surprised and shocked face.)

"I want to."

"You want to put yourself in the path of a psychotic killer?"

If it means he'll be caught and brought to justice then yes.

"I'm trained in weaponless defense."

"Too bad, because that's what turns him on women fighting back. It gives him a greater sense of power when he makes his final kill."

Ugh, it will be a controlled environment! There will be agents and cameras, etc.


(I can see the anger flaring in his eyes.)

"Sit down Sara!"

Okay, maybe I'll do that…

Although Grissom didn't like the idea, Agent Culpepper and I decided to go on with the operation, we just didn't tell Grissom…

Grocery Store

(I'm getting wired up for the assignment when Grissom enters fairly mad.)

Oh crap…

"This is a pretty flimsy excuse to get your circus up and running, don't you think?"

But I want to do this!

(I walk up to Grissom.)

"Look, this is my idea. I want to do something before another girl gets killed and..."

(He holds up a hand to interrupt me.)

"Listen to me, Sara. If we study his past, we can predict his future."

But that takes too long Grissom!

"You've been saying that for weeks. It's taking too long. Someone else is going to die and you're still going to be figuring it out."

(Grissom just stares at me.)

I think he finally gets my point.

"Wish me luck."

(I turn away from him and walk away leaving him by himself.)

The operation ended up bombing. I was in that damn grocery store for three hours until one guy became interested and all he wanted to do was steal my wallet. I was so upset and disappointed. Even more so when Culpepper informed me that another woman was murdered by the Strip Strangler while we we're on the operation. Although he was still mad, Grissom was surprisingly gentle and nice to me.

Grocery Store

(Grissom turns to look at me.)

I thought he was the guy.

"He met the profile."

(Grissom hands me my wallet.)

"Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to do nothing."

I guess…

(He takes me by the elbow and escorts me out of the store.)