Title: The Diary Of A Rebel

Summary: Rebel Without A Cause This is Judy's diary. It's going to be pretty long. It will start the day she meets Buzz and it will end the day she graduates.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rebel Without A Cause, any of the characters or anything else that has to do with that movie.

Dear Diary, September 1, 1954

Oh my goodness! I met the most gorgeous boy today. He is so dreamy! He is such a bully though and a total rebel. My father would hate him.

Anyway, I have to tell you what happened.

I was walking out of the drug store with my ice cream that I had bought, Chocolate, and I had made it almost halfway across the parking lot when I heard this loud whistle coming from behind me. When I turned I saw this handsome boy with dark hair, dark eyes and a black leather jacket on. He was surrounded by a bunch of other boys dressed almost exactly like him. There we're a few girls with them but not many. When I looked at him this strange smile came across his face and he started walking toward me. I was so scared but it was I couldn't move. Like it was important for me to meet this guy. He didn't speak until he was standing just inches away from me.

"I like your shirt," he said, glancing down at my chest. I heard his friend's laughing so I crossed my arms across my chest quickly. That just seemed to make them laugh louder. The boy staring at my chest looked up into my eyes when he heard his friend's laughing more. The look in his eyes told me that he was fighting his own laughter. I rolled my eyes and turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm and spun me back around to face him.

"I'm Buzz. Buzz Gunderson," Buzz continued, still not releasing his hold on my arm. I just nodded and looked over his shoulder at his friends. He laughed and moved his head in front of mine.

"Who are you, honey," Buzz said, smiling down into my eyes.

"Judy," I whispered so that only he could hear me. His smile widened and he loosened his grip on my arm.

"Wanna go out with me sometime? A movie or something," Buzz asked. I was about to tell him no when I heard the car pull up behind me and my dad's voice.

"Judy, get away from him. Come on," dad yelled. I stared up into Buzz's eyes for a minute before answering his question.

"Sure, whenever you want," I replied. Buzz smiled down at me as I told him my address and ran to get into the car with my dad.

Anything to pay daddy back, you know? He's been ignoring me since I turned fourteen and now I'll get his attention anyway I can.

Dear Diary, September 5, 1954

I just got back from my date with Buzz. It was kind of awkward. All of his friend's we're with us. They had brought dates and everything but it was still awkward. There we're six couples piled into Buzz's convertible and everyone but Buzz and I we're making out. I was so afraid we we're going to get kicked out of the drive-in but every time someone who worked there even started walking toward the car all Buzz had to do was look at them and they would turn around and go back the way they had come. That made me realize how safe I am with Buzz. No one will ever try to hurt me as long as I'm with him.

He even kissed me tonight. Can you believe that? He kissed me right in front of everyone. It was about half way through the movie when he moved his arm around my shoulder. I couldn't hide my smile. Every move he made kept making me feel more and more special. I used to feel like that around my dad but I just don't anymore.

Anyway, back to the kiss. He kissed me gently and I couldn't have kept myself from kissing him back if I had tried. He held me gently but at the same time he held me like I belonged to him and I want to. I realized that tonight while we we're kissing. I want to belong to Buzz Gunderson.

Dear Diary, September 15, 1954

Tonight was the first time it had happened. The other girl's told me that the boys did it all the time and nobody ever got hurt too bad. It was all just for fun so when the boy with the dark hair came walking around the corner I wasn't afraid. I knew Buzz would protect me if things got out of control. Boy, was I wrong.

We all jumped out in front of the boy when he turned the corner. The boys started grabbing at him and yelling at him to give them money. Then they all started shoving him. One of them reached in his back pocket and stole his wallet. I was yelling just like the others. I assumed that once the boys got finished having fun they would give the boy back his wallet and everything would be okay. I knew I was wrong the second I heard the sirens.

Buzz and everybody else started running down the street and back into the darkness. I tried to call out to them but no one seemed to be able to hear me. The boy was sitting on the side walk a few feet away from me now looking up at me. I watched him for a second before I saw the red and blue lights flashing from the other end of the street. I turned quickly and started running down the street.

About an hour later I was waiting in a chair outside the office to one of the officer's working in the Juvenile division. I had my hands clasped in my lap and I was staring at my hands when I heard my voice being called.

"Judy," a man's voice said, loudly. I looked up and nodded. He stepped aside to indicate that I should stand up and walk into his office so I did. I walked into his office and stood in front of a brown leather seat. He walked to the other side of the seat and smiled at me.

"Have a seat," he said, softly. I nodded and sat down. I had never been in trouble before so I didn't have any idea what was going to happen. He smiled at me.

"My name is Ray Fremrick. You can call me Ray, alright," Ray asked. I nodded but remained silent.

"We have called your parents and they are on their way but I would like to talk to you for a minute before they get here," Ray said, "in your records it says that this is the first time you've been in trouble like this so tell me, why are you in trouble now?"

I felt like not saying anything but I didn't know this guy so I decided that they might make me stay if I didn't answer.

"I don't know. I was just trying to make some new friend's," I replied. Ray frowned and leaned across his desk toward me.

"I think you've chosen the wrong ones, Judy," Ray replied. I nodded and glanced down at the floor.

It was a few minutes later before my parents showed up. Of course they both acted like I was going to prison for the rest of my life. That was really the last thing on my mind tonight though. I just can't believe that Buzz would just leave me like that.

Dear Diary, September 16, 1954

The best thing just happened. It's one in the morning but I had to go ahead and write about it. I was laying in my bed almost asleep when I heard something hitting my window. I walked over to it and saw Buzz sitting on one of the tree limbs on the tree outside my window. He had been tapping on my window to get my attention. I was still angry with him but I still opened the window. I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at him. He smiled at me softly.

"Can I come in," he asked, softly. I glanced back at my bedroom door and then turned back toward him.

"Why did you leave me," I replied, angrily. He leaned closer so that I could see his eyes better.

"I'm sorry, Judy. I thought you we're with us," he said, pouting, "Come on. Let me in." I tried to fight the smile that I could feel on my face. I couldn't help it. He just looked so cute looking up at me like that. I rolled my eyes and stepped back out of the way so he could climb through the window.

He pulled his jacket off and threw it onto my bed before putting his hands on my waist and pulling me tightly against him. He leaned down until his lips we're only about an inch away from mine. He was so close I could feel his breath on my lips.

"Hi, honey," he whispered, softly. I smiled up at him.

"Hi," I whispered back, moments before his lips came down onto mine. Before I knew it we we're laying on my bed kissing. We kissed for about thirty minutes before he raised up, winked at me, grabbed his jacket and left.