Dear Diary, April 12, 1955

Forty three years ago people boarded the Titanic on this day to come to America only to find out a few days later that their futures weren't going to be as perfect andas happy as they had expected them to be. Yesterday I learned that neither was mine. I'm not dead, of course, becauseI'm writing but Buzz is and Plato is. To have you understand I guess I should start at the beginning.

Yesterday morning I woke up and ran out into the yard toget my brother when my mother asked me to. She needed him to come to the house so she could take him to school. After I got his attention I started walking out toward the main road to wait for Buzz to come pick me up. That's when I learned the boy's name. Remember? The one that I saw at the police station on Easter?It is Jim. At first I thought he was a joke and completely ignored him after I got into the car with the other kids and Buzz.

Most of the day went by pretty okay but we had a field trip at the planetarium to hear some old guy speak about the stars and constellations and stuff like that.

About halfway through the presentation Buzz made a remark about one of the constellations and a few minutes later Jim made a remark about one of the constellations. The boys felt like messing with Jim so we all agreed.

After everyone was outside Buzz slashed one of Jim's car tires with his knife. That just started a huge fight that ended with Buzz challenging Jim to a chickie race. That's where all the problems begun.

That night I was the one who was to signal for the race to start and when the time came, I did. I'm sitting here regretting that right now because Buzz didn't jump out of his car. He was in the car when the car went over the edge of the cliff and exploded on the rocks below. The other boys all blamed Jim even though everyone knew it wasn't his fault and that's what started all the trouble later that night. Everyone left my side besides Jim when we heard the sirens. I don't think I would have been able to move from the edge of the cliff without him.

Afterwards, Crunch and a few of the other boys saw Jim going into the police station to tell the officer's what had happened. That's when they decided to go after Jim. Jim, Plato and I ended up hiding out in an old mansion that sits a little ways back behind the planetarium. Jim and I had no idea that Plato had a gun and we didn't find out about the gun until he shot one of the boys that had come looking for Jim with Crunch. After that Plato almost shot Jim but Jim got out of the way in time.

Plato ran out of the mansion soon after the cops showed up and ran through the trees back toward the planetarium. A police officer close behind him, Jim and I followed close behind that.

We heard a shot and we're worried about Plato until we saw him run out of the trees and break into the planetarium. Jim and I ran and hid in some bushes a few feet away from the planetarium entrance.

Jim and I glanced toward the parking lot as we heard some cars pulling up in the planetarium parking lot. Jim's parents and Ray climbed out of one of the cars. It wasn't long after that when Jim and I ran into the planetarium, joining Plato.

I waited in the lobby, hidden from view while Jim went to get Plato.

After about fifteen minutes, Jim returned with Plato but right after we stepped out of the doors, Plato panicked and started running. Jim screamed to tell the officer's that the gun Plato had wasn't loaded but it was too late. One of the officer's had already shot Plato. Plato died instantly.

Dear Diary, June 5, 1955

Today was the day we graduated. In the last few months my life has changed drastically. I'm a better person now than I was before. My parents still don't treat me very well but I haven't been back to see Ray since Easter.

Jim's parents adore me and I adore them. I stay at Jim's house as much as possible. My parents don't seem to care what I do now since they don't have to go into the police station anymore.

Jim and I go visit Plato's and Buzz's graves often now. I miss Buzz but I don't miss the things we did. I'm really ashamed of most of the things we did but I still hold a special place in my heart for him. I know that I never really loved him but I know that he did really love me. He would have done anything for me and I'll never forget that. I'll never regret having known Buzz Gunderson. He saved me from a time in my life that could have been a lot worse without him.

Jim and I go visit the black woman who had been taking care of Plato often as well. Plato had been like a son to her and she loved him dearly. She's an amazing woman and I hope that I can be just like her someday.

Crunch and the other kids haven't really changed much but that doesn't really matter much to me. They pretty much leave Jim and I alone except for the occasional glares that Jim and I receive in the halls at school.

The best thing about all this is that I've finally found someone to love.

The End!