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Please Understand

Toya P.O.V

I kneel in front of you, velour box held out, tinge of red on my cheeks. This was not how I pictured this day.

You're not how I pictured the one I want to marry.

But your eyes show happiness-as they should-and you smile and say "Yes" as you should. The ring goes on the ring finger of your left hand. Yes, everything is as it should be.

And yet it's not.

I hold you in my arms and smile but even as I do I wish I could say to you...tell you...the truth so you won't end up hurt.

I want to tell you….

If, during our marriage I act distant, ignore it, I'm just thinking.

If I go out for long walks, I just need to clear my head and I'll be right back.

If I never respond when you say 'I love you'…

Well for that, then I'll need to ask you to forgive me…and I'll need to ask you to please, please understand.

Please understand that I can never love you the way you want me to…when I'm in love with someone else.

(Few months down the road, Toya's wedding, P.O.V ?)

I sit in the pew of the church, looking up at the altar. You stand there, looking at me, past me…through me as though I don't exist. Through me to the person standing at the other end of the church. This was not how I pictured the day of the wedding of Toya Kinomoto.

They aren't the person I wish you would marry.

And I wonder, as I look at your face, standing at the front of the church…am I the only one who can tell? Even amidst your friends and family, even…the one you're going to be with…am I the only one who knows you well enough to tell…

That you aren't happy?

Oh you smile but it doesn't reach your eyes. They don't sparkle, as they should, with happiness. The one you have chosen walks towards you and you take their hand and, in the eyes of everyone but me everything is as it should be.

And I am the only one who knows it's not.

Later at the reception, I watch you go around to tables and greet the guests. I can watch you but it hurts to see you holding their hand. You smile but, again, it doesn't reach your eyes.

Am I truly the only one who sees this?

When you get to me, your eyes truly light up and sparkle, as they should on your wedding day. For the first time all day you finally look happy. And yet it is a dim happiness, muted…sad. You reach out a hand and stand me up. Wrapping your arms around me in a tight embrace.

An embrace of friendship…but it hinted at…what could have been. There was a hidden longing there. One of us had to end it before…

And then you do.

Pulling back, you say to me "Perhaps you will be next…I will be watching for an invitation." I detect a sadness to these words but perhaps it is my imagination.

I simply smile and nod but I long to say to you…

Forgive me and please understand. There will be no wedding invitation from me…

The only one I could picture my self spending a lifetime with…was married today.

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