There was so much panting and sweat.

White knuckles were unhinged from the fabric of the silk red sheets the surrounding them both a in a deep ocean of heat and security.

No one can touch them, especially the princess that lay silently panting underneath her sweet prince. She was safe. No matter how many battles she won, she still needed protection.

Why did she need protection? She was no longer hiding! It was a dream, but pain was bad. She didn't like pain. Her child was sent peacefully, she wouldn't stand for that pain.

And like if the very thoughts attracted the little six-year old, here came her son.

" Mommy! Mommy!" he called quickly scurrying with his wobbly legs that moved him from side to side.

Uh oh. Mommy was caught red handed. And so was Daddy.

" Daddy? What are you doing?" the curious boy asked his father climbing onto the bed. " Why are you on top of mommy?"

" You won't understand until you're older, son." the prince said laughing nervously as he shifted himself next to his princess, and away from his son.

" You say that a lot!" the little child cried. " I AM older!"

" I think he means you aren't old enough sweetheart!" the princess said cheerfully. She ruffled at the young ones long brown hair.

The young six year-old closed his ocean green eyes as his mother ruffled at his hair. She soon stopped letting his re-open his eyes and look upon his lovely mother lovingly. He lay down next to her and outstretched his arms awaiting a greeting form her arms. The princess smiled and embraced her son lovingly while he did the same. " I love you , Mommy!"

" I love you too, Hikaru."

She let go of her son and soon found her prince embracing her from behind. " I don't get any love?"

" You had enough," the princess hissed. There was nothing but playfulness behind her words.

" Daddy! I love you too!" the little one smiled at his father.

" I love you too!" he said ruffling his son's hair for a second time.

One big happy family …

" You can't be serious!" quaked the wizard duck.

" I'm quite serious," his mouse friend continued, " I'm afraid there will be a key blade war…one that will require the assistance of our new prince and princess."

" But what about Hikaru?" the dog warrior asked.

" We'll have to leave him somewhere safe …but where?" the king sat on his thrown with his eyes closed in thought.

" It would be great if the prince and princess didn't have to be in the war…they would keep Hikaru safe," mumbled the warrior.

" That's it! Goofy you're a genius!" said the king.

The duck huffed in sarcasm

The king jumped off his thrown and headed toward the west wing where the prince and princess were. Goofy and his duck friend followed him.

" What are you planning?" the duck asked.

" Space works quite differently Donald," the king explained, " You see here it is present, but because Destiny Islands are so far away they are at different times. You see where Riku and Sora live it is about ten years into what we call the past….maybe we could take Hikaru there."

"How long would it take to get there now?" Donald asked waddling by his friend.

" About an hour although we would be passing by decades of time…space is quite a remarkable thing…" The king explained.

The turned quite a few times to the right, and once by the left. There was a room which was adorned with a large oak door. On the frame of the door was two hearts on the very center top, while the rest of the frame looked like ribbon. It was often called the red room since everything in it was red.

Although the door wasn't closed….and the princess and prince were naked.

" I!…I'm SO sorry! I didn't!" The kind stuttered on looking away.

The sight of the princess just tying the belt around her red silk robe made the mouse blush and look away. While the prince was hiding in only three layers of blankets that only hid his lower regions. Hikaru on the meanwhile was sitting on the bed smiling.

" Hi Mickey!" said Hikaru in his cheerful mood.

" Hello Hikaru," the king mumbled.

Hikaru ran out the door and hugged his friend who wasn't much taller than him. King Mickey looked up at him and smiled. He hugged the rascal back.

The parents of the child walked out dressed in nothing but robes, and their smiles. " Is there something you wanted your majesty?" the asked in unison.

" Yes, but I think it would be better if you were dressed…please meet me in the thrown room." King Mickey said blushing. He looked away and headed towards the room he had earlier mentioned.

" Come on Hikaru!" Donald said holding his wing out. Hikaru ran up to him and hugged the loveable duck, while Donald hugged back. Goofy smiled and walked alongside them.

" What do you think they want?" the princess asked in worry.

" I'm not sure," the prince responded, " But what ever it is it sounds important."

" I'm starting to worry…" the princess trailed off.

" Come on let's get dressed…no reason to worry," he said holding his wife. The walked inside and closed the door.

Meanwhile in the thrown room …

Goofy was playing with Hikaru. They were usually playing tag or something, but this time Goofy looked sad while chasing Hikaru, which worried him. " Are you sad, Goofy?"

" Naw! Just tired kiddo…" Goofy said chasing him around once more.

Donald sighed as he watched the two friend play and laugh together. It would all end soon though, and as much as he afraid to admit it, he would miss those times.

Mickey hopped off his thrown and put a hand around Donald's shoulder, " Don't worry Hikaru will be fine with Riku and Sora…I mean they are-" he was interrupted by the sound of slippers hitting the white tile floor.

King Mickey looked to see the princess in her lovely blue gown which matched her eyes. Her messy brown hair was now brushed and kept down, although he had her bangs remain spiked up for old time sake. Her tiara was placed a top her head sparkling with brilliance. Her gown dragged upon the floor as she walked, but they way it did made her movements more graceful.

Followed by the princess was the handsome prince. He wore a blue outfit as well, his jacket and slacks were the same blue as his wife's dress. He kept his messy sliver hair back with a bow making him look more elegant then he felt comfortable to be.

But you have to dress nicely when you are in the thrown room, the queens rule.

" I hate this thing!" The prince complained.

" It's okay as soon as we get news we'll go back to our room," the princess suggested.

" Again?" the prince looked up looking quite tired from their… "activities".

" No you pervert!" The princess hissed.

They neared where Donald and the kind were with fake annoyed smiles. Both were very uncomfortable getting dressed up, and all the wanted to do was head for the beach. " Hello your majesty," they said in unison.

" Hello…we have some…troubling news," The kind said slowly as if trying to find the words. " Hikaru! Goofy! Please…come here." The two both nodded and walked over to where the small group was forming.

" I told you …" The princess said with an obvious frown.

When the group finally formed they made a crowd around the king. The

princess held her baby boy up in her arms so that he could also listen. All of them intent on hearing his words. " I'm sorry for burdening this on you, but we are amidst a key blade war, one that will need our princess and prince to fight in."

The princess gasped while holding her son up, " Who-who will take care of Hikaru?"

" That's what I was getting at…you see I thought of leaving him on Destiny Islands.." King Mickey trailed off when he heard Hikaru.

" Mommy what's key blade?" he said tugging at her hair to get attention.

" You won't understand until you're older," said the motherly princess.

" Why on Destiny Islands? Kairi no longer lives there…who would take care of him?" asked the fatherly prince.

" They will be taken care of Riku and Sora of course!" Kind Mickey said happily.

" That's impossible…how would-" the prince trailed off when the king coughed.

" You see time and space work differently it's ten years in the past for them!" explain the king, " Which means Hikaru will still be safe."

" …I …but," the prince couldn't find words. Would this actually work?

" I guess…it would be best for Hikaru….it would be like if we were still with him, after all we are Sora and Riku," giggled Sora still holding her son.

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