It took quite a lot of convincing for Sora to finally come out in her high school uniform. This very source of her rage was fabricated in the piece of clothing they demanded was called a "skirt". She cursed the very existence of the particular piece of clothing. She also wished she could damn the designer of the short skirt to hell and back, to be whisked away once more.

But Sora wasn't allowed to complain, or be attacked with two pairs of puppy dog eyes.

Sora walked along the beach, holding her precious son. Riku walked along side her, wishing he could tell her of his feelings. Still the fear of rejection kept his heart quiet. He did not say a word that his heart would tell him.

" Mommy?" Hikaru asked with great concerned concealed in his voice.

" Yes, sweetie?" Sora said while smiling brightly.

" What is that?" Hikaru asked pointing off to the horizon where a comet had seemed to hit the water away from them.

Sora looked up and saw that a small brown vessel was heading towards them, splashing water behind it as it came by. It was right by the shore in a matter of minutes. It was only a few feet away from Sora's feet. She was a bit startled, and held onto her "baby" tighter.

Hikaru only giggled.

The circular pod opened up on the shore, and a light shone through the opening of the "door".

Sora and Riku gasped.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

Two figures stepped out of the pod that carried them onto the shore. One was a beautiful woman, whom was dressed in a pink kimono, which patterned a pink flower. Her hair was long, although it did spike as it went down, while her bangs almost concealed her blue eyes. Her bangs were spiked up in the same way as Sora's, although she only missed a few. " Sweet heart!" she squealed as she wrapped her arms around Hikaru.

The other figured that stepped out of the pod, was dressed in casual jeans and white t-shirt. Although the t-shirt was about two sizes to small, making it expose his muscular stomach. His jeans of course, where also wearing pants themselves that were connected to them by the belt loop. He was also wearing a jean jacket. "Hey Hikaru!" he smiled and hugged his child.

Riku and Sora were string at each other's future selves. Both admiring how their future partner would appear as. They were finding that the future looked very bright for them.

Riku gaped at Sora's future self, thinking of how incredibly gorgeous she was.

Sora admired how incredibly sexy he was, and was still going to be in future years.

Both of them not realizing that their "other's" were raising eyebrow's.

" Hey." The older Riku said simply calling fourth the attention of the younger.

" Y-Yeah!" Riku almost shouted as his thoughts and attention were no longer focused on the beauty that was holding his future child.

" You can stop gaping at my wife…besides YOUR Sora is just as beautiful." Riku gave a short laugh before wrapping an arm around his companion's waist.

The younger Sora blushed and said a quiet, " Thank you."

The younger Riku instantly became jealous.

" Okay everyone onto the ship! That includes you too!" The older Sora said picking up her son.

Sora and Riku looked at one another for any look of hesitation. Finding none the couple set off into the pod, which was not a very large size, and was very "cozy". Although they only spent about a half of a minute actually being in the pod.

Once the pod's "door" opened it revealed a pathway to a vessel similar to the gummi ship. This brought old memories to Sora, whom missed her adventures with Donald and Goofy. Which reminded her, " How are Donald and Goofy?"

" They're both doing great, Goofy has a son." The elder Sora announce cheerfully.

Sora gasped, " Really?"

" Yes, his name is Max and he's turning 7 next week." Sora started walking into the gummi ship, followed by her son, and husband. Riku and Sora looked at one another, and shrugged. They walked through and entered the ship.

The elder Sora seated herself in the captain's chair, and began awaited for the wheel to appear on the dash. Once it did and she received the okay from Chip and Dale, she was off.

The younger Sora knew it was different the most of her ship rides, since she could not feel the movement of the ship. She assumed that in their time, technology would be different, thus no movement. Although something struck as odd when she was in the gummi ship.

" Where are we going?" Riku asked, almost knowing Sora's anxiety.

" To the past." The elder Riku said to the other.

Sora gasped, " What do you mean?"

" We can't have you knowing of the future!" Sora explained, " That would be suicide! So…we are going to orbit around your planet counter clock wise, at a faster speed than what the earth is traveling. That way we would be orbiting back in time."

" Yes, you see it works the same way as time zones. In Japan it is Monday, while in American it is Sunday. We are merely traveling time zones." Riku explained to the unaware teens.

" But what good would that do? Wouldn't there be two of us then?" Riku asked the elder.

" Well no," The elder wanted to explain, but it would be later when science was better suited to explain. " But that's for another time."

" But how will I remember that Sora was a girl?" Riku asked the elder one.

" I'm not at liberty to say." The elder said simply. The Sora who was piloting nodded and winked at the older Riku. He in turned winked back.

" Well here's your stop!" The pilot said cheerfully. She instructed them to go near the pod entrance, and they would be beamed down. " Here you go Sora! Don't look at it okay?" the elder whispered in her ear and shoved a folded piece of paper in her pocket.

"Wait what?" but Sora didn't have time to ask, for she was roughly pushed into a small thin beam of light that touched the floor. Almost like the same manner that she was sent into the computer in Hallow Bastion, she went back on Destiny Islands. With a crash landing onto her feet.

The 16 year-old hissed when the cool sea water washed over the sore feet, which both soothed and pained her. Although it was helping to keep the swelling down. " You run too fast Riku," the teenager hissed at the companion next to the poor child.

" You shouldn't stomp the ground when you're running, SORA!" Riku responded throwing more sand at the exhausted teen.

" Stop," Sora whined. She could hardly remember why she was running or what had hurt her feet, but she didn't question it…that was until she reached into her pocket.

"Tell him"

Sora gasped in utter shock when she saw the little note in her hand. She folded it up quickly and hid it in her pocket, once more. Riku looked over and asked, " What was that about?"

"Hey Riku! How oblivious do you have to be?" Sora faked her anger in her shouting.

" What do you mean?" Riku asked leaning backward away from the sounds that were about to break his ear drums.

Sora sighed, she then took Riku's rough hand, and placed it over her concealed chest.

She wasn't quite prepared for Riku's shocked scream of terror.

" Hey Mommy! Where's my hair clip?" Hikaru asked his mother.

" Oh right!" Sora pulled out a silver hair clip from a pocket that was on her kimono.

" You were dressing like a boy again, weren't you?" Hikaru's father asked looking at his daughter putting on her hair clip. She smiled at her father.

" I always where these clothes! Besides they were the ones who didn't notice!" Hikaru giggled. She put her hair in a pony-tail with a hair band her mother handed her. It was a short pony-tail, since her hair was very short itself.

Riku sighed, " I told you not to get her hair cut."

Sora giggled, " Well it's a good thing Hikaru knows how to bathe herself, or Sora and Riku would have had a bit of a nasty shock."

Riku shrugged, " Oh well…Hikaru is naturally girly anyway!"

" No I'm not!"

A/N: Surprise! Hell yeah! I realize I made Hikaru cry a lot and made him kind of girly, so I kind of tweaked the ending! Anyway this is the end! Look out for my other stories k?