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When Reality Becomes Blurred

Chapter one

MikaFieldsstood in front of the TV, dance mat unfolded in front of her. She loved the game 'Dance Dance Revolution' and did an hour every day for her work out. She liked how it decreased her waistline, kept her fit and increased her agility. Changing the setting from 'light' to 'standard' she picked a song and began to dance.

She was caught off-guard, however when her mother came up behind her and said right in her ear "I don't know how you do that hon. Looks too hard for me." Mika leapt straight up into the air and, whirling around and said "MOM! Don't DO that. You know how badly you caught me off guard? That and you made me fail this dance." For when her mother had startled her and caused her to lose the rhythm…and 'FAILED' had flashed on the TV screen. "Sorry….Dinner is in 10." Mika glanced at the clock and smiled to herself. With dinner in 10 minutes she had plenty of time to eat before Naruto came on.

She turned off the game and turned to the giant ornate mirror that hung beside the TV. Checking her hair to make sure that she looked ok for supper-her mother had gone to the lengths to make a nice supper, so she, in turn should look nice. However she paused and looked at herself-it had been a while since she had done that.

Looking back at her in the mirror was a 18-year old girl with long black hair. Her skin was a deep tan in the summer but once winter rolled around her skin had a tenancy to lose all it's color and she became rather pale-this feature only accentuation her black hair and offset her hazel eyes. She wasn't particularly fond of her appearance-especially since noone else in her family was 'blessed' with these colors and was slightly resentful that she hadn't gotten her mothers crystal clear blue eyes or her fathers dark brown eyes.

She was so engrossed in looking at herself; she didn't hear her mother calling her for supper. Her mom came back downstairs and stood behind her and said "What are you looking at?" Mika jumped and said "Coming mom…."

Within the shadowy depths of the mirror stood a cluster of people, one standing over to the side. A silver-haired man towered over the four teenagers-a bandana holding his hair back and covering one of his eyes. A mask covered three quarters of the rest of his face. The only girl in the group had shoulder length pink hair and emerald eyes. There were three young boys-one had longish black hair, with eyes the color of onyx and a shirt that came up to his chin. One boy had an orange jump suit on and a shock of yellow hair coming out of his head with clear blue eyes. The final boy stood off to the side-his hair was a deep red and his eyes were a jade color and his eyes were rimmed with black. A brown gourd sat on his back.

"Sensei I must ask you. Is there a point to watching this girl?" Asked the black haired one. "Yes there is. I wouldn't waste your time like this if there wasn't." The silver haired one looked at the mirror glass that Mika's image had just vacated. "She lives outside the mirror...outside our realm however she bears the powers and capabilities for chakra control and a bloodline trait we thought that had all but died off." This caused the blonde one, the pink-haired one and the black haired one to gasp in shock and turn to look at the place Mika had just vacated as well. The red haired one merely said "Humph" and turned to watch the girl as she ate. There was something about her…

Mika toyed with her food, staring at it with her green-gold eyes before flicking said eyes towards the clock on the wall. She had seriously misjudged how much time she had because Naruto started in five minutes. Placing her hands firmly on the table, she pushed herself back and said "May I please be excused?" Her father looked at her suspiciously-he knew tonight was Naruto night. "Why?" he asked anyways. Mika merely flicked her eyes to the clock and back down to her father's scowling face. "I cannot understand why you watch that crud." Said her father darkly. Mika rolled her eyes-they went through this every week it seemed. "Dad leave my show alone." She said, and with a toss of her black hair, went downstairs to the TV room.

The shadows within the mirror watched the show with Mika. "That's the information that Orochimaru leaked to certain people before he was killed isn't it?" "Close Sakura." Said an older voice. "Remember…a few years ago we still lived…not in the mirror? Well Hokage-sama used a highly dangerous Jutsu to make everyone forget that we existed and we came here. There were a select few however, who chose to remain outside but retain their memories. Mostly Orochimaru's old gang. Tsunade let them stay out under the condition that they behaved themselves. So far they have-their only thing was they made this anime."

After the half-hour was over and Mika was finished watching Naruto, she plugged her dance pad back in to finish her work out. "I really wish that was real…" she said (speaking of Naruto). "Oh well." That being said she began to dance again.

Although her supper had revitalized her somewhat, she soon found herself fatigued because it was rather late by this point. This being said, she decided to try and send energy to her feet as she had seen done on Naruto. She wasn't stupid-nothing would happen-but she could possibly get like a psychological type of strength. Closing her eyes, she began to focus.

The red-head within the mirror was the only one who caught a glimpse of what she was doing (being the only one watching her) and said in a sharp voice "Kakashi." The silver-haired nin turned around and saw at once the level of chakra the girl was using. "Does she know?" he said to the insomniac Shinobi "I don't think so." Replied the other one in a grim voice. "We've got to stop her before she hurts herself…." Said the one named Kakashi, more to himself than to anyone else. A single hand seal formed on his hand and he dropped the barrier that prevented sound from escaping the mirror. "Mika stop it!" he called-loud enough for her to hear, soft enough so as not to raise her parent's suspicions that anyone else was down there.

This caught Mika off guard and she stopped focusing to look around. She mentally shrugged and looked down towards her feet. She was startled to see that they glowed a soft purple but when she blinked and it vanished she wrote it off as being a figment of her imagination. What was mysterious however, was the fact that she was suddenly no longer tired. This being said she danced for two straight hours without stopping.

At the end of two hours however, she was completely and utterly exhausted. She staggered over to the couch in front of the TV and collapsed onto it, falling asleep almost immediately.

When she awoke several hours later it was to muffled voices. "So we know she's a Shinobi. Now what?" That voice…. "Maybe we can communicate with her…" and that voice…she knew these voices…"How can Kakashi-sensei teach her through that stupid barrier Sakura?" Those names… "My sand could probably get me at least through the mirror." The mirror. Mika pushed herself off of the couch and stumbled quietly over to the hunge guilt mirror that hung in her TV room. Looking into it she saw her reflection but past that she saw into the mirror.

A silver-haired man, wearing a mask over 3/4ths of his face. A black haired, black eyed teen leaning against a wall, a pink haired, green eyed girl looking at their teacher. A blonde wearing an orange jumpsuit and a redhead standing in the shadows looking bored.

"Kakashi-sensei can she see us?" said the black haired one. "Only if my guard is down. That's the only time the Jutsu is down." "Oh because she's looking right at us."

Kakashi whirled around as Mika fainted dead away.

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