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5 Years Later

Mika lay on her lawn chair, basking in the warm Suna sun. She technically should've been burned by this point; however, she had invented a type of sunscreen that was the equivalent of SPF 200 to protect her pale skin, she was fine. A 5-year-old Kenji was playing on the ground in the shade a couple feet away.

As she got up from her comfortable position to go and prepare supper for Gaara, herself, and the kids, she felt a charkas pattern…a very familiar chakra pattern approaching at a very rapid pace. She barely had time to whirl around and open her arms as two bodies leapt at her. "AUNT MIKA!" The two attackers shrieked happily. As she set down the two bodies to catch her balance she caught sight of a tuft of unruly brown hair with a blindfold covering his left eye. The other attacker had shaggy brown-black hair with gray pupil less eyes.

When Yoichi's bloodline trait had finally awoken it had been discovered that he hadn't gotten the Sharingan or the Byakkugan…he had gotten both. And turning each on was relatively easy-all he had to do for the Sharingan was to close his eyes and say 'Sharingan' and in order to gain the Byakkugan, his father had taught him the necessary hand seals to test if he had the Byakkugan…and lo and behold he did, much to everyone's surprise.

"How are you two little trouble makers?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"We're not troublemakers." Said Angel, indignantly. "We're not?" asked Yoichi before turning back and said "That's right, we're not!" wincing when Angel had elbowed him. "Where are your parents?"

"Mommies and Daddies let us run ahead. Sienna is coming, and so is Itachi…where's Kenji?" Mika smiled. 'Here we go, the three troublemakers.' She thought dryly. "He's over there." The two ran off to meet up with their friends.

Mika smiled knowingly, once the two were gone. It was common knowledge between all the parents that Itachi had a very big crush on Sienna-even though they were all only 9 years old. Sienna, even though she was flattered by the attention that Itachi bestowed upon her, was rather distant…she felt nothing for the Uchiha, she was crushing on Kame, Naruto and Hinata's son. And as far as everyone was concerned, Kame returned the feelings.

It was her own daughter, Keiko, who was crushing on the Uchiha…as long as he was in Suna, Keiko would have a bit of a blushing problem.

Later on that night, in front of the Kazekage's house, a barbeque took place. The three little boys had gotten into a ketchup fight and were now covered from head to toe with ketchup. Itachi, Sienna and Keiko sat off to the side, chatting.

"So how's your mother dealing Mika?" asked Seyann softly. Mika looked away. Her father had died a couple moths ago. "She's holding up…we knew it was going to happen, he was a lot older than her. The support that everyone in Suna has given her and myself is remarkable. If she had still been in the other world, she would've had no one."

Mika glanced over at the older kids under the trees, watching Itachi fawn over Sienna and watching Keiko gaze at Itachi with unabashed love in her eyes. "Sey, someone's going to have to break it to Itachi that him and Sienna are related...and that cousins really shouldn't date...even second and third cousins. That's just wrong. Remember how we reacted whenever we read a Hinata/Neji fanfiction in the old world?" Seyann laughed. "You're right...I'll have to talk to Sakura about that."

"Let's see…the kids are distracted… girls, what say we pill our old stunt?" Suggested Mika, wriggling her eyebrows. Seyann burst out laughing. "Mika we haven't done that one in months. Why suggest it now?" A smirk grew on Michelle's face. "I think that's the point Sey."

"Very well…" The three girls all stood up and turned to face their husbands. "Boys…" they chorused. The boys looked over to their wives…it hit Gaara first.

"Mika…. why do I feel like this is your idea…" he said warningly.

His wife just smiled and shrugged. "Ready girls?" "Ready!" they said in unison.

"Oiroke no Jutsu." They chorused and turned into sexy men…

"Ok, that's enough of that…" said Gaara idly, glancing at his son. Right on cue, as he glanced at his son, a splatter of ketchup landed on his wife's male form, shocking her back to her real form. Similar things happened to Michelle and Seyann, courtesy of Yoichi and Angel.

"Oh you're going to get it Kenji." Laughed Mika as she grabbed the mustard bottle and aimed it at her son. "Mika…" said Gaara rolling his eyes "Don't start…." He was cut off when some of the ketchup 'somehow' landed on his body. He looked down at his mustard covered mesh t-shirt and looked back up at his son. "Sorry daddy…" said Kenji sheepishly.

"Oh you'll be sorry Kenji." Assured Gaara before he picked up the relish.

Mika laughed as she watched the adults and the youngest children engage in a full out condiment fight. She could see the older kids over by the tree and could imagine that they were telling each other something along the lines of how they were obviously the most mature people there.

Life was good.

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