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Summary: With graduation and prom around the corner, Sakura Kinomoto is caught in the middle of a huge heartbreak. Why? The cute guy next door Syaoran Li--whom Sakura had a crush on since the start of high school--asked her to be his prom date...only to cancel the date for another girl! While crying over it, Sakura is given a second; a chance to choose again. Sakura is magically sent back to the past, back to her first year of high school when she first met and fell in love with Syaoran. With knowledge of the future, will Sakura make any changes in her choices and decisions? What if she decides not to meet Syaoran Li at all, in order to save herself heartache in the future?

A Second Chance to Choose

Chapter 1: A Blast to the Past

I flung myself on my bed and cried my eyes out. How could he do that to me! Why! I thought he wouldn't do something that will hurt me. The sad thing is, I don't even think he knows he had hurt my feelings. He simply doesn't know I'm that sensitive of a girl. He simply doesn't know that I have had a crush on him since first year high school. How am I going to face him tomorrow? How can I explain why I had suddenly run off like that, bursting in tears?


"...and I just can't imagine that she would ask me." he said, not meeting my eyes.

"...oh..." I replied.

"I didn't tell her I asked you to the prom first." he added.

"Why didn't you?" I looked up at him, confused.

" sort of told her that I'll go with her when she asked me."

"..." I was stunned. Did I hear him correctly? First he asked me to be his prom date. Then he accepted Kumiko's invitation when she asked him?




"Why did you accept her, Syaoran!" I hear my own voice rising in volume. It's starting to sound like an angry voice more like a confused and lost voice, which is what I'm trying to aim for. The confused and lost voice, I mean. Not the angry one.

"Well..." he looked down at the water below, a blush slowing creeping on his cheeks and a smile making its slow way to his lips.

It was then that I knew. He likes her.

"If you liked her, then why did you ask me?" my voice started to rise more and more in volume.

"I-I-I don't like her!"

"Stop denying it, Syaoran Li!" I snapped at him. I can't take it anymore. He looked at me in surprise. "Everyone in the school knows that you like her! The two of you always go to the back booth in the ice-cream shop every Friday! You two think you're being so secretive, but I know you two always order chocolate sundaes after school every Friday!"

I can't believe I had just said that! I had in fact found out about Syaoran and Kumiko's little dating spot when I was going to the ice-cream shop to pick up an ice cream cake for Touya's twenty first birthday. Most teenagers don't go to the ice cream shop after school on a Friday afternoon. They all head to the mall.

"Y-you know a-about--" his blush reddened.

"Yes, I know about your little secret affair with Kumiko-chan! If you like her that much, then why did you ask me to go to the prom with you in the first place! Is it because you wanted to make her jealous enough so that she'll take the initiative and ask you?" I snapped. I didn't really mean what I had said. It was a spur of the moment. I shouldn't have accused him of using me to make Kumiko jealous.

But...his silence proved my hypothesis correct. I was shocked once again. I was right? Oh. My. Gosh!

"You mean I'm RIGHT? You only asked me to make KUMIKO JEALOUS?" I screamed. He winced at the hurt and volume of my voice.

"Sakura, I'm sorry--"

"I hate you!"

"Sakura, let me explain!" he called after me. But I ignored him.

With that, I turned around and ran all the way home. I didn't want him to see the tears in my eyes. I wanted him to think I'm angry...but not heartbrokenly depressed. Because if he knows how heartbroken I am...he'll know how much I am in love with him.

End of flashback

I cried in my pillow, my emerald green eyes filling up with fresh tears again. A knock sounded at my door.

"Sakura, are you okay?" a concerned voice said behind the door. It was my mother's voice, I recognized.

"I'm fine." I said, trying to make my voice sound as casual as possible. I closed my eyes and laid my head on my soft pillow and several thoughts ran though my head.

I wish I can go back in time and change things.

What if I had never met Syaoran Li? No, that's not possible. He's my next door neighbour. Even if I can go back in time, I can't change that.

But what if I never fell in love with him? Of course, now that I know what kind of heartache I go through j-ust because I'm in love with him, it'll make sense that I try not to like him if I can go back in time.

If I never fell in love with him, that means all the little things that had happened between us wouldn't mean as much to me.

I remember when he first moved here in Tomoeda. I had taken the liberty to be friendly to him. Gosh, if I can go back, I'll definitely not be friendly to him. That way we'll be less close as friends and I wouldn't like him, and I wouldn't have to be the one crying right now.

If I can choose again...I won't make the same mistakes again.

I feel my eyelids get heavier and heavier...and before I know it...I fell asleep.

Several hours later, I don't know how long, I woke up. Early morning sunlight was pouring into my room. Wow. I had slept that long? I remember it was only 4:00 in the afternoon when I fell asleep.

I glanced at my pink Hello Kitty alarm clock. 8:00AM. I was right. I did slept that long! Wow! From four in the afternoon till eight in the morning! That's sixteen hours of sleep!

I yawned and wandered out of bed. It's time to get ready for school anyways. I was about to open the door and go downstairs when I noticed something. I frowned.

I was looking at my alarm clock. More specifically, my pink, Hello Kitty alarm clock. My emerald eyes widen. That alarm clock was broken and thrown out three years ago. Why is it here again?

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and my shoulder length auburn hair flew in every direction. Wait! Shoulder length auburn hair? The last time I checked, my hair is mid-back length! In fact, the last time I had shoulder length hair was back in first year high school. Ever since then, I've been trying to grow my hair out.

I quickly rushed to the mirror. I screamed. The birds that were singing peacefully outside my opened window flew away in fright.

Oh. My. Gosh!

When I looked in the mirror, I see my reflection stare back at me. Except it wasn't my reflection! But it was my reflection...back in first year high school! Now, as I look in the mirror, I noticed that instead of being 5"4, I'm approximately 5"0. Four inches shorter since the last time I had seen myself in the mirror. And my facial features certainly looked younger.

Of course, my eyes and hair colour is still the same. I glanced around my room. I looked at the area on the wall where I had won my Japanese academic award plaque last year. It's not there.

I glanced at the area where my graduation photos had been just last week. It's not there either.

I took several deep breaths. Okay, Sakura. Calm down. First of all, figure out what year this is. How far in time did I go back? I know I didn't went back in time for one year, since my Japanese award plaque isn't on the wall like it usually was. And I had won that last year. So according to this, I haven't won it yet.

I rushed to my desk, and turned on my computer. I had got a new computer two years ago. When the computer finished finally loading, I realized that it wasn't the same computer I had got used to using for two years. In fact...this was the computer I had got back in first year high school. And back then, it was new.

I leaned back on my chair, trying to let this all sink in. So I've gone back in time. I've gone back to first year high school. I've gone back in time five years. Suddenly, I remembered something. Every year, we students of Seijuu High are issued a student card. It's a card that says what our name is, what homeroom we are in, and what school we go to, with the Seijuu High's mascot on the card itself.

And every year, I made a habit of collecting mines. So since I am in the last year of high school, I should have collected five cards. I opened the little box where I kept my student cards for the past years. I groaned in desperation when I only found one card. My first year one.

Great. So now I'm only thirteen years old! I quickly opened the door and ran downstairs.

"Mom! Dad! Touya!" I screamed my lungs out as I dashed down the stairs.

"Sakura, sweetie, what's wrong?" my father's kind eyes looked at me from where he's standing. He's cooking breakfast.

"It figures, the monster never wakes up in time for school, and here she is, so alert on a Saturday." my older brother, Touya smirked. Touya looked several years younger than what I remember him to be.

I decided to do one final check. Just to see if I really did go back in time.

Touya is three years older than me. Before I fell asleep and got sent back in time, I was 18, in my last year of Seijuu High, and Touya just had his 21st birthday.

" old are you?" I asked slowly. He gave me a weird look.

"Are you feeling okay, monster? I'm sixteen."

"That means...I'm thirteen! I'm only in first year!" I collapsed on a nearby chair.

"Did you suddenly wake up and forgot how old you are?" Touya smirked.

"Sakura, are you okay?" my mother asked me. Her forest green eyes are filled with concern. My eyes are exactly like my mom's.

"I-I'm fine. I just had a nightmare that I became a ninety years old woman." I lied and forced a smile.

My parents laughed while Touya snickered.

Suddenly, I remembered what Touya had said a few minutes ago.

"It figures, the monster never wakes up in time for school, and here she is, so alert on a Saturday."

It's a Saturday? My head started to hurt. Okay, what happened? I was fully eighteen years old. I was a late teen! How did I travel back in time? Why back to first year? A strand of my short hair blew into my eyes. Gosh, stupid hair! It took me ages to grow that out!

I glanced around my family and a wave of relief washed over me. At least they're still here with me. So I just have to live through the last five years again. No big deal. I've done it once. And now...with knowledge of the future, maybe I can change it. You know, get better marks on my tests and stuff. I get a second chance to do all the things I regret I did or not do.

I sat up suddenly. I remember thinking that to myself before I feel asleep and got myself into this mess...

I wish I can go back in time and change things.

If I never fell in love with him, that means all the little things that had happened between us wouldn't mean as much to me.

If I can choose again...I won't make the same mistakes again.

Maybe I shouldn't have thought that. If I never wished to have a second chance at this, maybe this whole crisis wouldn't have happened.

"Touya, will you flip the calendar? It still says it's November. Today's December first already." my mother said.

"Okay, mom." Touya said and walked up to the calendar. I went into shock once again. Gosh it felt like I've been doing that a lot in the last twenty four hours...or has it been twenty four hours? Gosh, I don't know anymore!

But December first...that's the day when--

"Oh, look! Our new neighbours are here!" my dad said, placing a plate of pancakes in front of me and looking out the window at the same time.

--when the he moved next door.

"Let's invite them over for breakfast!" my mom said.

"No!" I protested. I don't want to see him now. I remember my last thoughts. If I can choose again...I won't make the same mistakes again.

I will not fall for him again. And in order for me not to do so, I must not see him, or meet him or even be friends with him. This is the beginning. This is how it all got started five years ago. I will not follow the same path.

"Sakura, be nice. I see that they have a son your age." mom looked out the window too.

"I'll go out and have a chat with them." my dad put on his jacket and slipped out the door before I had a chance to convince them to not invite the Li's over.

I look out the window with my mom. I remember this day five years ago. Syaoran and his family came in for breakfast, and the two of us had spent hours together, watching TV, pigging out on junk food, and just hung out in my house. It was one of the best Saturday's I've ever had.

Unfortunately, after today, I started to fall in love with him.

I winced as I noticed the Li's starting to walk towards our house along with my dad. I saw Syaoran. Instead of being 5"9, he's approximately 5"4. Five inches shorter compared to the last time I saw him.

I guess he's thirteen years old too.

"--and Syaoran here is going to be in Seijuu High tomorrow. It's his first year." Yang Rui, Syaoran's father, said as he came in through the door.

"Oh, my daughter Sakura is in first year too." my dad replied with a smile. "I suppose your son is the same age as my daughter."

"I'm thirteen." Syaoran added in. I noticed his voice is not as deep since the last time I had heard it too...and the last time I had heard it was when he broke my heart...on the bridge...telling me he only asked me to the prom to make Kumiko-chan jealous...

Ugh, that headache is coming back!

"This is our daughter, Sakura, and our son, Touya." my mom introduced us. I saw Syaoran's eyes locked onto mines. Gosh, I love his eyes. They're such a brilliant shade of amber.

Okay, Sakura. Mustn't think that. You said you won't make the same mistake and fall for him a second time, remember? Besides, I still need to think of a way to sort out this whole mess...

I wonder if Syaoran got sent back in time just like me. Maybe he remembers that we're actually suppose to be graduating this year, not starting high school.

"Hi, I'm Syaoran. Nice to meet you." He offered me the cutest and most sincere smile.

Okay, I guess he didn't get sent back in time just like me.

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