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A Second Chance to Choose

Chapter 4: Misunderstandings

"…I don't know if you feel the same, but…I love you."

I can feel his strong arms around my waist and I gaze up into his hypnotizing amber eyes. I know he's waiting for a reply.

He look so sincere. So true. So, as if he actually meant it. Maybe…he did…

I felt my breath caught in my throat. Is he serious? Or is he only pretending?

"I love you too…" I felt myself mutter.

Then, suddenly, I felt a strong sense of déjà vu, as if this had all happened before. But when?


"AHH!" I shrieked. I heard laughter. I looked around. Hey, it's the drama class. What am I doing here?

"About time you woke up, sleepy head." a familiar voice smirked. I looked up to see Syaoran gazing at me. I felt my cheeks rise in temperature.

I observed my surroundings. I'm currently in the school's drama classroom. The only time I was in the drama club was back in third year. My green eyes widen.

"I'm in third year already!" I said out loud.

"Yeah, for the past six months you have been in third year." Syaoran grinned. He offered me his hand, and I took it as support to stand up. "Now hurry up, we're discussing our play."

The play.

No wonder I felt déjà vu in my dreams. I felt tears prick my eyes at the horribly embarrassing memory of that play.

But whatever.

It won't happen again the second time around.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo called to me.


"Okay, so Naoko wrote our play for us." Chiharu piped up.

"Yes, it's called Star Crossed." Naoko said excitedly. "It's about two kingdoms who are at war, but the prince and princess of the opposing kingdoms ran away from home during the war. They met up on the streets as common citizens, not knowing the identity of each other and fell in love."

I, of course, knew the entire plotline already.

"Chiharu and I spent the night at Naoko's house, figuring out who should play each role." Tomoyo added in.

I, of course, already know who has each role.

Eriol was going to be the king of the Akimoto kingdom

"Eriol will be the king Akimoto kingdom." Chiharu read from the list.

Then, Yamazaki will be the king of the Yamiyoto kingdom.

"Yamazaki will be the king of the Yamiyoto kingdom."

And, Tomoyo will be the queen of the Akimoto kingdom, aka, Eriol's wife.

"Tomoyo will be the queen of the Akimoto kingdom, aka, Eriol's wife." Chiharu continued. I grinned as I noticed the blush on Eriol's and Tomoyo's faces.

Hmm…then, Chiharu will be the queen of the Yamiyoto kingdom.

"I'll be the queen of the Yamiyoto kingdom." Chiharu announced. "And Rika will be the maid of the princess of the Akimoto kingdom."

Last but not least, Syaoran will be the prince of the Yamiyoto kingdom, and I, Sakura Kinomoto, will be the princess of the Akimoto kingdom.

"Last but not least, Syaoran will be the prince of the Yamiyoto kingdom, and Sakura will be the princess of the Akimoto kingdom."

See? What did I tell you? Told you I knew all the roles.

"The play will be on in a month! Practice at my house today after school!" Tomoyo announced.

"Sure, I'll come." I gathered my books into my arms. Everyone nodded.

"This will be the best play the drama club have ever put on!" Chiharu squealed.

I gave a small smile as I remember what happened at Tomoyo's house the first time around, back in third year.


"Okay everyone! This is the last scene!" Tomoyo sighed. So far, there hasn't been a scene where we didn't screw up in. Either someone forgot their lines, someone was out of position, or some other problem.

"Let's try to have at least one perfect scene, people." Eriol sighed. Everyone's really tired.

"Let's hold practice again tomorrow and call it quits after this last scene." Syaoran suggested. He yawned. Aww… he's just so cute!

Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Okay, okay, in your position everyone!" Tomoyo called. I got up from Tomoyo's sofa and so did Syaoran.

"Begin whenever you're ready." Eriol nodded.

Syaoran looked at me and began his lines, a realistic expression on his face.

"I…I can't believe this. You…you're the princess? H-how could this be?"

I cast my green eyes down at the floor and said in a guilty voice, "I'm sorry…yes, I've lied to you. I'm no common citizen. I am the princess. I have to go back home now. My kingdom needs me…especially at a war time like this."

I felt Syaoran move closer to me and he grabbed me by my shoulder. I looked up at him. I almost swooned.

"Yumiki," he said, "I have something to tell you. I…I'm the prince of…the Yamiyoto kingdom."

I opened my green eyes in false shock and took a step back from him. "No…no…you're not."

"I am." and he pulled out an imaginary jade, which will be replace with a piece of prop on the night of the actual show. "This Jade of the Peony proves my identity."

"But, Kaitou…I…" I let my voice trailed off, like it's suppose to. I looked away from him. "I'm not suppose to know you. I'm not suppose to have become friends with the enemy. But…I didn't regret that I did."

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him walk closer and closer to me. When he got to where I was, he wrapped his strong arms around my waist.

"Friends? Is that what you really think?" he asked. I looked up into his eyes. Suddenly, everything felt real.

It didn't feel like we were only pretending.

It didn't feel like he's Kaitou Yamiyoto of the Yamiyoto kingdom.

It didn't feel like I'm Yumiki Akimoto of the Akimoto kingdom.

It didn't' feel like all our friends were there watching us.

It feels real. It feels like he, Syaoran Li, is confessing his love for me, Sakura Kinomoto. It feels like we were the only people standing in that room. I feel my heart beat faster and faster, and the temperature rise on my cheeks.

"I love you too…" I mutter. I stared into his amber eyes as I said it. Real and true.

Then, I saw a flicker, just a slight flicker, of shock in those amber eyes of his and a hint of confusion on his face.. It was that slight flicker that brought me back to reality. He had been acting all along, while I had confessed.

I felt the warmth on my waist disappear and Syaoran backed away, running his hand over his messy chocolate brown hair.

"What's wrong? The scene is not over yet." Naoko said, consulting the script to make sure.

"I know, but I'm just really tired and sweaty. Wouldn't want to hug Sakura-chan here while I stink of sweat, right?" he grinned at everyone casually, as if nothing has happened. And, maybe, nothing really has.

With any luck, maybe he thought I had been acting too.

End of flashback

I continue to walk to my locker, trying to keep tears from falling as the memory replays itself again and again in my head.

"Hey, Sakura?" a shy, yet familiar, voice snapped me out of my reverie. I hastily blink my tears away and turned around. It was Syaoran.

What is he doing here? This never happened the first time around.

"Oh, hi, Syaoran-kun." I replied back, with a smile, still feeling strange with the change of events.

"Hey, yeah, I was wondering if you'll like to walk to Tomoyo's with me?" he asked shyly.

I blinked. Does this mean anything? Does it mean he likes me?

"Sure," I agreed. "I'd love to."

And before anything else could be done, I fainted.

I gently opened my eyes, uncertain of where I am. The first thing I saw were Syaoran's amazing amber eyes, his face close to mines, his arms around my waist.

Behind him, I see Tomoyo, Eriol, and everyone else from the drama club. It slowly dawned on me that I must have time travelled again.

"…I don't know if you feel the same, but…I love you." Syaoran said.

I blinked at him, confused. Then it clicked. The play. Of course. Why else would he say things like that? I looked back at him. Just like the first time around, it felt real and true. But I know better than that. I know that he was simply acting. I learned from my mistakes.

"I love you too." I said, as casually as I can, without ruining the scene.

I waited for that flicker of shock in his eyes and the confusion to appear on his face.

It never came.

Instead, he went on with his next lines.

"Do you think we will ever be together?" he recited. I opened my to reply, only to realize that…

….I had forgotten my line.

Hey, it had been two years since the play! Did you really expect me to remember?

So I kept quiet…until someone realized that I had forgotten my lines.

"Sakura!" everyone groaned.

"Sorry," I apologized sheepishly as I feel Syaoran let go of me.

"That's okay, Saku." Tomoyo smiled. "That's it for today, everyone. Let's have another practice tomorrow."

Everyone nodded, and gathered their belongings, getting ready to go home.

"Sakura?" Syaoran called out to me. "Wanna walk together? We live next door anyways." he grinned.

"Sure," I said. Nothing out of the ordinary here. I had walked home with him the first time around too.

It was a crisp spring evening, with the cherry blossom petals falling gently and swaying in the calm breeze. We walked in silence.

Until I decided to break it.



"What is it, Sakura?" he asked again.

I couldn't say it.

"Do you think our play will be successful?" I asked, when what I really wanted to say was do you like me as more than a friend?

He gave me a warm smile. "Of course. That is, if you can remember your lines." He smirked.

I punched him on the arm gently, with a smile on my face, as we continued to walk home together.

I still have to figure out why the sudden change of events the second time around.

But isn't this what I've always wanted, back in third year? For him not to have pulled away?

I've always wondered what would have happened that day if he hadn't pulled away after I had said my line of I love you too.

Back then, I had thought to myself, if he hadn't pulled away, maybe I would have confessed.

And I've always wondered since then, would I really have confessed if he hadn't pulled away? Would I have had the courage to?

Would he have confessed if he hadn't pulled away?

What really would have happened if he hadn't pulled away?

Would the aftermath be any different if he hadn't pulled away?

Or would the end results be the same, with us remaining as nothing more than friends after that rehearsal?

Well, I guess I got the answer to all my questions today.

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