A/N: So, I was bored and decided to write stuff from the bird's point of view in Live Together Die Alone. Then I wrote what Charlie would say on the comp in the hatch, God, you guys can tell I'm down to the wire and going crazy! Anyway this is a one shotter and I'll accept flames or whatever. I'll understand if ur completely like wtf.

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Dear Diary,

Oh my God! Today I finally worked up enough courage to talk to Hurley, well sort of. I decided to tell him how I felt when he, the doc, the con man, the dude who hurts my ears, and the chick convict were out in the jungle looking for Walt. So I was like stealthily following them and being all I'm- undercover-and-totally-rock like when they stopped for a moment. Then I flew down and shouted Hurley! Hurley! I freaked out when Hurley looked straight at me and I flew away. But he looked at me! He knows I exist! It feels like forever that I've been trying to get his attention. Unfortunately, now I feel like an idiot. I think I embarrassed him in front of his friends because he said, "Dude, did that bird just yell my name?" I knew I should have waited for a better time to confess my feelings for him. I probably came on too strong. Why can't anything work out the right way for me! Hurley why are you torturing my heart like this!

Fantasy: Hurley is running down the beach in slow motion as the bird is flying at him. A weird happy music is playing in the background. Then they both go get some ice cream. Hurley accidentally drops his and the two both start laughing. Finally, the two of them are seen in a small church called Li'l Chapel getting hitched.


One day Charlie randomly pops into the hatch for button duty. When he sits down, he notices that he can type words into it.

>:( Hello?

>:( Yo this is Charlie. Is there anyone in the bloody hell out there?

IM Police: Hello, this is the IM police. This is your first warning for using profanity. If you continue to do so, I will have to terminate your account.

>:( Ok, I'll say whatever the hell I want. I've been trapped on a sodin island for months!

IM Police: Sir, I will not warn you again.

>:( So you're an IM policeman, hows that working out for you? Meet any hot chicks out there:)

IM Police: I am not obligated to anwer that.

>:( Answer F :)

>:( U :)

>:( ur mom

IM Police: I am not joking. I will terminate you account.

>:( What's stopping you?

IM Police: Nothing.

>:( Are you a computer?

IM Police: No

>:( So ur human? Or maybe a smart dog.

IM Police: I'm human.

>:( Hey have you ever heard of a band called driveshaft?

IM Police: …No

>:( Well they rock. I'm the bass guitarist.

>:( You won't believe what me and the other survivors have been through on this island. Attacking polar bears, crashed planes, this button that we gotta push every 108 min and a dude named Ethan who tried to kill us. Not to mention the spooky monster that hides in the jungle.

IM Police: Yeah, sure.

>:( I wish I could sit on my ass all day like you do. And tell people not to cuss all day. How much do they pay you for that anyway?

IM Police: If you do that again, I will destroy your account.

>:( Maybe I'll just make another one. And the cycle will just keep repeating. Besides, you and me are like best buds. You wouldn't do that to me. I'll prove it 2 ya- shit

IM Police: Good bye sir.

>:( Bye Bye:) :) maybe we could hang out some time!


A/N: Sooooo that was weird and pretty crapy. Send me hate mail! I love getting stuff like that, seriously it entertains me! 9 is a magic gypsy number! Chinchillas are friends not furs! Jockeys are elves!

Yeah and u guys are probably like this girl has no life! Which I don't. I'm writing this in the middle of the night!

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