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Warning: This is slash and has incest. If you don't like either then don't read my story. No one is forcing you too.

Pairings: HP/SS, DM/BZ, LM/RL & FW/GW.


What would you do if you were beaten constantly by your relatives? Would you sit there and keep taking the punishments? Or would you put your foot down and change your attitude so that no one could take advantage of you again?

This was a decision that Harry Potter was faced with in the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first day of holidays saw Harry beaten violently by his uncle and locked in his bedroom with no food for a week, all because a few members of the Order of the Phoenix decided to but in and cause more problems for Harry then he was ready to deal with after the death of his godfather Sirius. Harry had turned to cutting to some how gain some semblance of normalcy. The knowledge that he had caused the pain to himself somehow garnered the idea that he at least had some control over his life with the knowledge that it was he who caused the pain.

Harry was currently sitting on the floor of his bedroom waiting for his birthday. It was 11:55pm and he only had five minutes to wait until he turned sixteen and he could finally get out of this hell hole that had been called his home for fifteen years. He had stopped caring after the first few beatings he had received from Vernon, sure he had been abused in the passed by his uncle, but it had definitely gotten worse this summer after the threat his uncle Vernon had received for the Order members.

Once midnight struck, Harry planned to leave Privett Drive and the Dursley's once and for all. Even though the pain of learning that he was nothing but a pawn in a giant game of chess that the Wizarding world was playing stung more than the beatings, Harry still planned to go back into that world intent on killing Voldemort once and for all. Only this new school year bought with it a new and improved Harry Potter that didn't plan on taking shit from anyone.

No more manipulations from his so called mentor, Albus Dumbledore and he would take the harassment and verbal abuse from the Slytherin's no longer. He planned to be re-sorted once school started, knowing that he would be placed into Slytherin. Once there he planned to gather as much information on Voldemort as possible. Harry also planned on having a friendship with Draco Malfoy, who's father Harry had known was a spy for the for over a year. To say he was shocked to find out that Lucius Malfoy, the Ice Prince extraordinaire is and has always been a spy for the Order of the Phoenix came as quite a shock to Harry when he first found out. But it made sense; Draco's attitude towards him was faked due to the remaining Death Eaters that escaped Azkaban who would no doubt inform Voldemort of his revolt and betrayal. When Harry found out this information, through leads that he would not disclose, made it easier to forgive Draco's past doings and would make a friendship between the pair a possibility.

Coming out of his musings, Harry looked at the clock and noticed that it was now 12:05am. Time to get the hell out of there, and start anew. After cleaning the blood from his newest self inflicted wounds, Harry stood up and used wandless magic to pack and shrink his school trunk. He had gotten better at the rare art of magic during his confinement in his bedroom for the last month and planned on keeping it a secret until the right time to reveal it. After letting Hedwig out of her cage and telling her to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry shrunk the cage and put it in his pocket along with his trunk and with one last look at his previous prison shut the door and left number 4 Privett Drive for the last time.

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