Title: Sudden Changes

Title: Sudden Changes

Author: Darkalli

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Warnings: Slash, AU, incest, violence, language, self harm. Dumble's bashing. Severus is very OOC in this chapter.

Pairings: HP/SS, RL/LM, DM/BZ, PP/TN, FW/GW

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War is a profession by which a man cannot live honourably; an employment by which the Soldier, if he would reap any profit, is obliged to be false, rapacious, and cruel. – Machiavelli.

Chapter Fourteen: Life of a Soldier!

When Draco walked into the bathroom and saw his best friend slumped over on the floor, he stood frozen. He couldn't believe what he had just walked into, but once his eyes settled on the puddle of blood under Harry's hand he went into action. He rushed over to the black haired Wizard while grabbing a towel on the way. When he got to Harry, he quickly wrapped the towel around the bleeding wrist to try to slow the blood flow. He needed to get someone here fast; he had no idea as to what he needed to do. Thinking fast, Draco grabbed another towel to place under Harry's head and then called out for Blaise, hoping the Italian was able to hear him.

Hearing the shout from his boyfriend, Blaise made a beeline for the bathroom and busted through thee door. Upon entering, he froze at the site of Harry lying on the floor and Draco holding a bloody towel against a still heavily bleeding wrist. Draco's anguished voice seemed to bring him out of the state he was currently in.

"Blaise, I need you to go and get Sev. I can't heal him, I don't know how." Blaise just stood there and continued to stare. "BLAISE! Go now; he's already lost to much blood."

At the note of anxiety that Blaise noted in his boyfriends voice, he turned around and raced out of the bathroom. He ran faster then he had ever run before and ignored the people calling out to him. Once he made it past the portrait, he sprinted down the corridors until he reached Severus' quarters. Not caring if he made to much noise, he banged on the door with his fist as hard and loud as he could. Blaise raised his hand to knock again after a minute of silence, when the door was suddenly wrenched open and Severus stood there with a scowl on his face.

"What is the meaning of this, Mister Zabini? What is so important that you felt the need to nearly abolish my door with you heavy handedness?" Severus asked the sixth year Slytherin standing in front of him.

"There's no time to explain…to much blood…won't stop…you have to come quickly." Blaise tried to say all at once.

"What are you blathering on about?" Severus demanded, it was hard understanding students when they babbled.

"Harry!" that one word made Severus go into action, from the babbled words before he was able to determine that something was wrong with Harry and he needed to hurry. He rushed back into his quarters and grabbed his potions bag before following Blaise to the Slytherin common room.

When the pair reached the common room, they briskly walked passed the other occupants and Blaise showed the way to the bathroom that Harry's prone body was lying in. When they got there, it was only Severus' training as a spy that enabled him to keep his masks up at the sight of Harry. The Potions Master rushed over to Draco and asked him what had happened.

"I don't know, we were looking for him after dinner and I just found him in here like this. The knife he must have used is over there, I moved it out of the way when I moved him so I could wrap the towel around his arm." Draco replied as he helped Severus to lay Harry on his back properly.

"Foolish boy. Why did he do this?" Severus asked him self as he started to remove the blood soaked towel.

Once the towel was removed, Severus pulled his wand from out of his robe and cast a few spells on Harry slashed wrist. The tendons that were cut started to knit back together and the blood flow stopped, because of the severity of the wound, Severus had to transfigure a clean towel into a bandage and then proceeded to wrap Harry's wrist with it. When that was done, he then moved behind Harry and sat the unconscious boy up whilst leaning him against his chest.

"Draco, pass me out a blood replenishing potion from out of my bag as well as a pain reliever." The blond rushed to do as he was told and handed Severus the Potions he wanted once he retrieved them.

Severus poured the potions down the prone boy's throat whilst he massaged it so he would swallow the potions. When Severus had successfully given Harry the potions, he stood up with the boy in his arms and noticed how light he was. He had gained muscle over the summer and had put some weight on, but he still didn't weigh what he was supposed to weigh. Severus walked out of the bathroom and entered the boy's dormitory, he moved over to the bed that Draco showed as Harry's and placed the young Wizard on the bed after removing Harry's shoes and getting Draco to pull the covers down. Severus' covered Harry back up and then turned to the other occupants of the room.

"We won't be able to tell the effects until morning, he lost a lot of blood. I want one of you to come straight to me if he wakes up before morning. If he doesn't, then I will be back before breakfast to keep an eye on him till he does wake up." Severus said to Blaise and Draco before he gave one last look at Harry, then turned to leave the room.

'I can't believe he would do something like that. Why didn't I realise the signs? He was always wearing long sleeves, flinched whenever anyone touched him on the arms. Why didn't I see the signs?' Severus chastised himself as he walked back to his quarters in a daze. He and Harry would have a lot to talk about in the morning.

Harry woke up the next day with a dull throb in his left arm. He was wondering why he was lying on a soft surface when last he knew, he was lying on the bathroom floor. Realising someone must have found him; Harry sat up with a start but made a grab for his arm when a stab of pain went through it. It was only then that he got the feeling that someone was watching him. He looked to the right and saw Severus sitting in a chair next to his bed; the worrying part was the disappointed frown on his face.

"Err – Hi."

"What were you thinking?" Severus said as he suddenly stood up, making Harry flinch.

Harry knew what Severus was talking about, but he didn't have the answer to the question asked. He just sat on the bed and watched as Severus paced in front of him.

"Were you even thinking about what would happen to everyone else if you died? You are too important to die now. If Draco hadn't of found you when he did, then the Wizarding world would go to hell. Why didn't you say something to someone, anyone?" Severus said as he continued to pace.

"It always comes back to that, doesn't it?" Harry said quietly, but it was loud enough to make Severus take notice and stop his pacing. "If I died right now, no one would give a shit that I'm dead. They'd only care about the fact that I didn't take Voldemort with me. 'Harry Potter isn't allowed to have a life, he has to do our dirty work and rid the world of the Monster that we created. Who gives a fuck if he dies in the process.'?"

"Harry…" Severus started to say, but he was cut off as Harry jumped from the bed and started to pace the same path that he himself had previously trodden.

"My whole life has been ruled by a stupid prophecy. My parents were taken from me because of that prophecy, my childhood was taken because of that prophecy, and my life will most likely be taken because of that stupid bloody prophecy. I've never been able to have a normal life, yet that is what I crave the most. You don't know how many times I have just wanted to up and leave, and make the Wizarding world fix the mistakes they made. I've even contemplated offing myself numerous times because I knew no one would give a damn." Harry said as he continued to pace. Severus was unable to get a word in edgewise because Harry just kept talking over him.

"Tell me what I'm supposed to do, you seem to know everything. When things are going great, the public praises me. But as soon as things turn bad, I'm made out to be the bad guy. I'm either going insane or going dark, unless you forgot the fiasco in fifth year. I just don't know what to do anymore." He continued as he sat down on his bed.

"Harry, people do care about you. I know the ones you once called friends turned their backs on you, but the ones who really count still care. Remus, Lucius, Draco and the other Slytherin's care. The Weasley twins care and I care as well. Every one of the people I just mentioned will care if you die, not because you are the Boy-Who-Lived but because you're Harry. Just Harry. I know it may seem that we don't care sometimes, but the only reason we push you is because we want you to survive when you go up against The Dark Lord and his followers." Severus told the teen as he sat next to him.

"Cutting isn't going to solve your problems. It's only going to add to them. Talking to someone, anyone will help you. You don't need to lock yourself up in your only little world to stay safe. It doesn't hurt to let people in every now and then; it hurts more to keep them out. I know that from experience. Just promise me that if you get the urge to cut, that you will talk to someone, tell them why you feel the need too. You can even talk to me, I won't ridicule you. I'll listen to anything that you have to say, no matter what it is. Even if it's to complain about how unfair I was in Potions." Harry sat and listened to everything that Severus told him. Maybe it was time he let someone in, but he was afraid that if he let anyone in he would be hurt.

"I promise that I'll try," was Harry's reply.

Severus smiled, that was the best he could hope for. If Harry started to open up to someone about his insecurities and fears then maybe he will heal enough to let more people in.

Two hours after their talk in the seventh year Slytherin boys' dorm room, Harry and Severus were down in Severus' personal lab working on the werewolf cure again. Harry was beginning to get frustrated because they still hadn't figured out the missing ingredient and Christmas wasn't that far away. He really didn't want the last link to his parents and Sirius to die, especially when he saw Remus as a father.

"I think it will be best if we go over the ingredients again, right from the start. Maybe that way we can try and figure out which ingredient we need." Severus told Harry when he noticed him getting fidgety.

"That might help," Harry replied, he then grabbed the piece of paper with the ingredients on it and read through them aloud.

"Alright, we have Aconite, Alihosty Leaves, Glumbumble Secretion which counteracts the poison in the Alihosty Leaves, Crocodile scales and Dittany. We also have Dragon's blood and even though it reacts badly with the aconite, Draco and I were able to find an ingredient that would make them work together which surprisingly enough is Dragon's liver." Harry told Severus as he read from the list of ingredients.

"We also have Knotgrass, Powdered Horn of Bicorn and Unicorn Tears that were freely given by a Unicorn that lives in the forest that surrounds my Manor. I'm positive that we are only missing one key ingredient but I have no idea as to what that ingredient could be. Harry said as he sat down on a stool at the bench they were working at.

"From the journal with this potion in it, Salazar was unable to figure that one out either. It has to be something that won't counter act any of the other ingredients. I just can't seem to locate an ingredient that won't counteract the Dragon's Blood and Unicorn Tears. Everyone I have thought of negates the effects of one or the other." Severus said as he sat on a stool next to Harry.

"Hang on a minute, what about Phoenix Tears. Wouldn't they be able to heal the mutated tissue inside a werewolf that occurs when they are bitten?" Harry asked all of a sudden.

"I already thought of that, the Dragon's blood overpowers it." Severus told him.

"Not if we mix Essence of Rue with the Phoenix Tears before we add it to the potion. The Essence of Rue will strengthen the Phoenix Tears so that the Dragon's Blood won't overpower them. If we can find the right amount to add then we may have a cure." Harry told him.

"You just might be right, the Essence of Rue won't strengthen the Phoenix Tears to much but just enough that the Dragon's Blood won't affect them." Severus said after a minute of thought.

"Well, what are we waiting for. Let's see if Fawkes is willing to supply us with a vile of his tears that way we have plenty to experiment with," Harry replied.

With a hopeful solution, Harry called Fawkes to him. The Phoenix had come to Harry during the summer because of the way Dumbledore was acting. The fire bird didn't like the way Dumbledore was acting towards his favourite student and vowed to help Harry in anyway possible. Harry had never been gladder about seeing that bird then he did when he heard the news from Fawkes. Even though Dumbledore told people that the Phoenix was his familiar, it was a total lie. Dumbledore had forced the fire bird into staying with him, Fawkes vowed to himself that when he found the right wizard then he would bind himself to that wizard. When he met Harry, he knew that he was worthy enough to be bound with Fawkes.

Half an hour later Harry had two full vials of Phoenix Tears, just enough to experiment with. First they needed to find the right amount to mix with the Essence of Rue, once they had that right all they had to do was get a sample of Remus' blood and try some of the Potion with that. If the Potion killed off the Werewolf virus then they had a cure. If not, then they were back to square one.

The following weekend came rather quickly. Harry and Severus were able to find the right amount of Phoenix Tears and Essence of Rue to add to the Potion and they now had a complete potion that would hopefully work when they procured the blood sample from Remus. Harry planned to get the blood after the meeting that Saturday. Harry was hoping that he the potion did work and then he would be able to get the potion to Remus before Christmas.

"That's great guys. Most of you have got the gist of the Patronus Charm and some have actually been able to cast a solid form. Those of you who have successfully conjured a solid Patronus get into a group and practice some more together. From now on I want you to work in only that group, you will still be taught other things but keeping the Dementor's away from everyone else is your main priority." Harry told the students.

"I want you all to keep practicing in your spare time, then when we come back next lesson we will move onto the next level." Harry said as the students gathered their stuff and headed to the exit.

Once they left, Harry walked over to Remus to speak with him. Remus was sitting with Lucius and Severus discussing what went on in that day's meeting.

"Remus, can I talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked once he stood in front of the three adults.

"Sure Harry," Remus said as he stood up and followed Harry across the Chamber. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, there's this potion that Severus and I are working on. We need to do some experiments before it's complete and I was wondering if I could get a vial of your blood," Harry told the Werewolf.

"Can you tell me what the potion is for?" Remus asked.

"Not yet, I want to make sure that it actually works before I tell anyone else about it." Harry told him, hoping that the man agreed.

"Alright, just as long as you tell me when the potion works." Remus said as he rolled up his sleeve.

"Don't worry, you'll be the first to know." Harry said with a smile on his face. Harry pierced into one of Remus' veins and then held a vial up to the flowing liquid of life.

Once the vial was full, Harry healed the puncture and thanked Remus before placing the vial securely into his jacket pocket. They both headed back over to where Severus and Lucius were sitting. The twin's, Draco, Blaise, Theo and Pansy had joined them. Remus sat back down next to Lucius and at his mate's curious look he told him that he would explain when they returned home.

"Lucius, I have a proposition for you." Harry told the blond once he sat down.

"And what would that be, Harry?" Lucius asked with a raised eyebrow.

"How would you like to become the next Minister of Magic?" Harry asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

"I'm intrigued," was Lucius' reply.

"Well we need someone in office who isn't going to lead the Auror's to their slaughter. I was going to pick Madame Bones but I don't believe that she will be sympathetic to all of our causes." Harry paused to make sure that everyone was listening. "You are the best choice, you're already political and you know how the Ministry should be run. If I can get the Wizengamot to call in a vote of no confidence, would you run for the position?"

"If it's possible, then yes, I will run. It's about time that the Ministry was cleared out. There are so many Voldemort supporters within the Ministry that I am surprised he hasn't taken it over yet." Lucius replied. The boy never ceased to amaze him.

"Good, I still want Madame Bones to have a high position. Preferably higher then what she has, she will be able to help bring about a lot of change. I'm afraid that it will take a lot of convincing on our parts to have her agree to the sequestration of Dumbledore from Hogwarts. This school is a farce with that man as the Headmaster," said Harry.

"Alright, what if I make Madame Bones the Undersecretary if I am voted in as the Minister? We will need to come up with a good campaign if I am to be voted into office." Lucius said.

"That's where everyone else comes in. Draco, do you think that you and the guys can come up with a good campaign for your father?" Harry asked his best friend.

"Sure, we'll get started on it tonight." Draco said after he got affirmative nods from the other three.

"Fred, George. I want you two to make some very intriguing signs that will attract the attention of the public. I want everyone, including Voldy and his little Death Munchers, to know that Lucius doesn't support the Dark side of this ongoing battle." Harry asked the two pranksters.

"Sure thing mate, we'll start on them when we return to the shop." Fred replied whilst his brother nodded his head.

"Remy, I have a really important job for you. I need you to seek out any Werewolf that does not want to side with Voldemort, there are plenty of rooms at the Manor to house them. If there are more then the Manor can take, then send me a letter and I will send you a key to another of my homes that they can reside in." Harry asked his godfather.

"What exactly do you want with them?" Remus asked.

"Well, after the Ministry is cleared out there are going to be a lot of vacant jobs. I believe that they will be best suited for the positions. I want this all too happen by the end of December. If we can pull this off without Dumbledore knowing, then we can progress without interruption." Harry explained.

"Alright, cub, I'll head out on Monday in search of the Werewolves that I know of. They can probably help in finding others." Remus said as he smiled at Harry.

"Great, let's put these plans into action."

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They all agreed and then they all left to their homes or rooms. Harry walked with Draco, Blaise, Pansy and Theo. After a detour to the kitchens to get a snack Harry said goodbye to his friends before he knocked on the door of Severus' quarters. He only had to wait a minute before the door was opened and he was ushered in, it seemed that Severus was anxious to find out if the Potion worked just as much as he did.

Without talking, the pair went straight to the Potions Lab. Harry picked up a vial of the potion and then took the vial of blood from out of his pocket. He then took his leather jacket off and hung it on a hook by the door, then he walked over to one of the work benches where he had a Muggle Microscope set up. This would enable him to actually see the results as they happened on a microscopic level.

Harry pulled a sterilised slide out of a box full of them, he placed it on the table and picked up a small eye dropper. He got some of Remus' blood and put it onto the slide, he then picked up another eye dropper and used it to take out some of the potion from the vial it was in. Harry slid the slide under the microscope and looked into it, he was able to see the microscopic organism that created a Werewolf. Harry then adjusted the view then looked through it again as he mixed the potion with the blood. The reaction was slow at first but then he was able to see the real effects, the Potion was eating away at the Werewolf virus. The Potion worked, they had found a cure.

"This is excellent, it works, the potion works." Harry practically yelled as he looked at Severus.

"Really? How does it work?" Severus asked the excited teen.

"The Potion eats away at the microscopic organism that is transferred when a Werewolf is created. It literally undoes the virus, it cleans the blood to the point of it being pure." Harry as he pushed Severus in front of the Microscope so that he could see what it does.

"Can you see it?" Harry asked after he made up a new slide for Severus to examine.

"This is fantastic, every Werewolf that doesn't want to be one, now has a chance at a normal ridicule free life. They can jobs, have families. Imagine the look on Remus' face when you give him the cure?" Severus said once he finished viewing the workings of the potion.

"I know, now all we have to do is give a goblet of this potion to Remus and he'll be cured. The only part of the Werewolf that he has to put up with is the heightened senses, not only that but he will have the Animagus form of a wolf. So will all the others that take the potion." Harry said as he poured some of the potion into a goblet.

Harry didn't want to wait, he wanted to get the potion to Remus as soon as possible. Once he filled the goblet, Harry grabbed his jacket from the hook and put it back on. He walked back over to the bench and picked up the full goblet, he then walked to the door before turning around to look at Severus.

"I'll be back, I want to take this to Remus now. If he takes the potion now, then he can use that as a way to prove to the Werewolves he finds that we mean what we say."

"Alright, I'll bottle the rest of the potion and discard the rest of Remus' blood. Use my Floo to get to he Manor, when you are finished come back here. There is something I need to tell you." Severus replied.

"Okay, I'll see you soon." Harry said before he left the room and headed towards the fireplace in the living room. He grabbed a fist full of Floo Powder before stepping into the fireplace and calling out his destination.

When Harry arrived at his destination, he mentally thanked Severus for casting a charm on the goblet so that nothing could spill out of it. He has never been able to land properly after flooing and one of his friends, namely Draco, always found his landings funny. The same could be said for Portkey's.

Once he stood from the floor in his antechamber, Harry dusted the soot from his clothing. He then walked through the door and headed to the living room, hoping to Remus and Lucius there and not in a position he really didn't want to see. Thankfully when he arrived at the doorway he saw Lucius sitting on the couch reading the Daily Prophet whilst and exhausted Remus slept with his head in his mate's lap. Harry smiled at the picture that the two made.

"Luc!" Harry quietly called out.

"Harry, what are you doing here?" Lucius asked as he looked up from the newspaper.

"Can you wake Remy up? I need to talk to the both of you." Harry asked as he walked further into the room.

"Of course," Lucius replied and then he proceeded to wake his mate up.

"Harry, didn't we just see you an hour ago?" Remus asked tiredly as he sat up on the couch.

Harry just smiled as he made his way to the other couch in front of the fireplace. He placed the goblet on the table in front of him then looked up at the two older men.

"Remy, remember how I asked you for a sample of your blood earlier?" Harry started.

"Yes, you said you were making a potion. Have you come to tell me what this potion is?"

"Yes, I have. First I want you to sit on the couch by yourself, Luc can you move over here?" Harry said with a smile.

The two men did as asked and then turned to look at Harry with confusion evident in their eyes. They were also curious as to where all this secrecy was leading.

"Now, Remus I want you to drink every last bit of this potion before I tell you what it is. Do you trust me?" Harry asked as he handed the goblet to Remus. Remus took the goblet and drank every last drop, gagging at the fowl taste.

"Okay, so what did you give him Harry?" Lucius asked.

"Hang on, lie down on the couch Rem. Or otherwise you might fall down." Harry said with a laugh.

When Remus lay down, Harry explained to them what the potion was. "Draco first started helping me with that potion during the summer but we had difficulties in finding a few key ingredients. Salazar Slytherin first started on the potion when he was my age, he invented it to help a friend of his but he was unable to complete it. Since school started, Sev has been helping me with it and only a week ago we were able to complete it."

"Okay, we're with you so far." Lucius said as he started to notice the sweat covering Remus' face.

"Anyway, I wanted Remus' blood to see if the potion actually worked like it is meant to. We didn't want to test it on a human specimen, the blood was the easiest. Now, the reason Remus is sweating so much is because the potion is working its way into his blood stream. I imagine it hurts a bit?" Harry continued.

"Just tell us what the potion is for." Lucius demanded when Remus let out a pained gasp.

"The potion is a cure for Lycanthropy, once the potion has completely worked its way into Remy's blood stream it will kill the virus and make Remus just a normal human." Harry told them.

Harry just sat back and laughed at the stunned looks on both men's faces. The look of hope in Remus' eyes tugged at his heartstrings.

"Are you serious Harry?" Remus asked wondrously.

"I'm very serious Remus. In exactly half an hour, you will cease to be a Werewolf. No more transformations, no more pain. The only thing that will be left of the Werewolf will be the heightened senses. Oh, and you'll gain the Animagus form of a wolf as well." Harry told him.

Harry had never seen both men so happy before. Knowing that he was the reason for that happiness, Harry felt a weight lift from his shoulders. Remus could now live a normal life and won't have to worry about anymore prejudice because of being a Werewolf. He could now get a job wherever he wanted and his bond with Lucius would never be looked down upon.

"Wait a minute, what about the bond between Lucius and me? Do we still have that?" Remus asked with a panicked look in his eyes.

"Yes, you still have that. The potion only got rid of the monthly transformations. You and Luc are still mates, nothing can destroy that." Harry reassured him.

Relief flashed across both men's faces and it didn't take long before Lucius was up from his seat and across the room kissing the life out of Remus. Harry decided that now would be a good time to leave, he really didn't want to be around when things got physical.

"Remember, no funny business for another half hour. Let the potion do its job." Harry said as he walked from the room. 'Mission accomplished!' Harry thought as he whistled quietly on his way to the Floo. It was time to go and see what Severus wanted.

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