Title: Dying Sucks

Author: Sami

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: Hex

Summary: Thelma's really dead.

Notes: I just saw the first episode of Hex on BBC America and I just loved it. Thelma is awesome. I couldn't find very much fic. I don't understand it; good looking brooding evil guy, funny lesbians, co-ed boarding school. That should equal fanfic - tons of it. When I describe it like that its basically Harry Potter. Anyway, my first fic for this fandom.

It really hurt to die; what with the stabbing and all. That's pretty flippant but its not like she's gone. Totally. First, she was gone and then she wasn't. She was at the lake. She saw her... body and then saw Cassie but that wasn't any better. So, Thelma went home; that was a mistake. It wasn't just dying that hurt, it was that she stuck around for everything else. Seeing Cassie, her Dad and Mum crying along with the sight of her own corpse - That hurt more than the knife.

Dying fucking sucked and Thelma knew that it was only going to get worse. She needed something to cheer herself up; something that she had always wanted to do. Thelma watched Angelina Jolie in the shower.