The Bully's First attack!

Spyro was walking to school one day with his friends Ember, Ember 2, Smoke and Flame. There was a new arrival and they were excited. They trotted through the golden school gates and were met by a royal-blue dragon.

"Turn back, go back to your homes, just ruuun!" screamed the blue dragon as he passed them on the way out.

Spyro and his friends crept in and saw a large red dragon with black horns and spikes and blue wings. Plus although muscled he was fat and heavy. He was too busy picking on the little ones that he did not notice Spyro charge into him.

The bully yelped and whipped round and hit Spyro sending him flying. The bully plodded over to Spyro. His mouth was bleeding and when he opened his eyes he could see the bully's yellow underneath and cold blue eyes. He punched Spyro in the

face sending him skidding a little way.

"How dare you try and bully me Squirt, I'm the new person!" he shouted.

"Burn, come here now!" the teacher screamed.

"See ya later Squirt," he whispered in a threatening voice…

To be continued…