What's in a name?

River danced around the room, looking at her skirt as it spun. She had been bored, very bored. For a long time now.

"Do you want me to leave before you make love to Vera, or would you rather I watch?" River spoke, shocking her self. The voice that had said that had come from her but been deeper, less childlike. Her eyes wide she looked to Jayne.

"Well, looks like you're gettin' better." Jayne said, a smirk plastered on his face. He got up, setting Vera, who he was cleaning, down.

River giggled. He walked slowly over to her, his smirk turning in to a full on grin. She was looking him dead in the eyes. A raise of an eyebrow and she was off. She ran out of the kitchen, down past the infirmary, and into the cargo bay. She stopped and caught her breath behind a staircase. She could feel him only a bend behind her. She then heard lighter steps; she stood to see who it was. She felt his arms circle around from behind her.

"You trying to run lil missy?" Jayne kissed the top of her head turned her around and swung her over his shoulder. She giggled at the expressions of her brother and the captain as she was carried past them.

Once in their bunk Jayne thru River down on to the bed. She giggled stood up on the bed and jumped on to him, knocking him to the floor. An hour later, finally lying in their bed, River had her head on Jayne's chest. She played with his chest hair for ten minuets before she spoke or moved.

"Jayne's a girls name."

"Well then darlin' you must be a lezbo."

River looked back up at him, he was fully expecting a kiss when she poked his nose and said, "beep." She then got up, found some clothes and said she'd bring him food.

"If you're a good girl" she said with a wild grin before running out the door, a boot was heading for her head.

AN: ok my first attemet into this fandom. This is a little weird for me, I prefer to write in first person but well I just couldn't write this like that. So tell me what you think? I know that someone had already brought up the whole "Jayne is a girl's name" a while ago but I had been writing this when that came out. All well. This isn't the best but I like it. Please review. And thank you for reading.