Summary: The story behind Serena Benson's rape leading towards Olivia's birth.

Author's Notes: Details from Serena's rape taken from Season One's "Bad Blood" and Season Five's "Control".
It was darker than usual. Normally, midnight was nothing for Serena Benson. She could easily spend her time drinking into the wee hours. However, this night was different. She had just finished gathering some research for one of her papers that night. The campus library had closed at midnight, which was about five minutes ago.

Serena had the research she needed, but just having the research was not enough. Now she actually had to write the paper. And in order to do that, she would need another drink. Another beer or something. She had almost finished a six-pack, so she might as well take the last bottle to avoid bringing the case home. She liked her thinking.

As she opened the bottle, she started down her usual shortcut back to her apartment. She was in grad school after all. She did not need to live on campus. It was April, so the weather was relatively nice. It was a lot nicer than the previous week. Although, it was a bit less focused. The world was clearer the previous week. Before Serena could ponder the thought further, she took another large sip of beer. It tasted too good to think about anything else.

She was about half-way through stumbling back towards her apartment when she felt some pain explode in the back of her head. She thought she heard a man laughing, but she could not be certain of it. Whatever it was, that sound was the last thing she heard before she lost consciousness.

Serena rubbed her eyes as she regained consciousness. Her vision was blurred. She immediately wondered how much she had to drink. As she rubbed her eyes again, she realized she did not know where exactly she was. It was a landing somewhere. She was definitely below street level. Seriously. How drunk was she?

She felt something wrong with her stomach. All right, she thought. It's ok. You're just a little hung over. Beer does that. Embrace it already.

No, she immediately realized. That jab in her stomach was not from the need to get sick after her typical too much drinking. It was from a man crawling on top of her. As he laughed, Serena thought she recognized his voice. That laugh…She had heard it before. Why couldn't she remember?

Before she was aware of what was happening, her dress was being pulled up. The bottom part of the dress covered her face. She could not see the man anymore. She tried to push it off, but it was difficult. She felt her underwear being ripped off her legs.

She passed out again. The next time she woke up, she was alone. She could feel pain. She managed to stumble to street level. From there, she took a cab to the closest hospital.