Chapter 1: The beginning

Summary: Draco Malfoy is your average pureblood prat who enjoys making other 'lesser' people's lifes hell. But is that really his choice? When his parents die he is forced into muggle orphanage. He can finally be himself, not who his father forces him to be. As he goes back to Hogwarts, mysteries are revealed. And who is the mysterious new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor? What is her secrets? Read to find out!!!!!!

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It was the heat that woke him up. His room was large one with tall french windows on the East side of the Malfoy Manor. He woke up with sun rays warming his pale pointed face. As he opened his cold grey eyes the brightness of it blinded him. He slowly got up from his silk green sheets to stretch. Guessing by the heat it could be around midday. He grinned to himself at the realization: Great, no school ,no classes and best of all: No Potter.Plus he had the whole manor to himself as his both father and mother left few days ago for some "business" matters but he didn't know when they'd be back but he wasn't worried, they were always fine so far. He put on his black jeans and a shirt and pulled plain ( When a Malfoy said plain he meant the best of kind ) black robes on. He decided that he would go to the library to have breakfast while reading through some of his school books for the next year.

As soon as he got there a house elf appeared with his breakfast- eggs benedict with bacon carried on a silver tray bearing the Malfoy crest. Draco was halfway through the breakfast concentrating on his Potions book that he didn't hear the door bell ringing. Even if he did hear it he wouldn't bother because he knew one of the house elves would get the door. Seconds later Binky or whatever his name was appeared to announce the guest. Draco waved him off and stood up just as a very formal-looking, middle-aged man walked into the room. "Good afternoon Mr. Malfoy, I'm Thompson and I'm from the Ministry..."

This made Draco lift an eyebrow in wonder what would Ministry want from him- "I'm very sorry to have some very unfortunate news. I'm afraid that your parents have been found dead." Draco disbelievingly stared at the man not knowing whether to believe him. They just stood string at each other silently, then the man spoke up: "I'm very sorry about your loss. There is one more issue that I have to inform you about. Because you are not of age until December next year it is illegal for you to live on your own and therefore until you come of age you will have to live at an orphanage." At this Draco spoke up "What do you mean, I own this house, I'm a Malfoy ! I can't and I won't just go to an orphanage, you understand?" Thompson replied: "Like I said I'm sorry mister Malfoy, that's the law, as you do not have any living relatives other than the Lestranges whom as you know are in Azkaban, you will have to stay at an orphanage." Malfoy was too shocked to ask more about his property " Hey but there is no wizard orphanage that I know of, where am I going?" "There isn't a wizarding orphanage, you will have to stay in muggle one. Your transport will be arranged after the funeral. I must be on my way now, you will hear from us again. Goodday." With that Thompson apparated leaving stunned Draco behind still standing in the library.

Draco was the last person standing next to his parents' graves. Even though it was the summer it was surprisingly cold and windy. The heavy grey clouds floating across the sky were reflecting how Draco was feeling on the inside, the battle between clouds and sun, just like grief about his mother's death and oblivion about his father's. They've never had real Father-Son relationship but when Lucius joined The Dark Lord once more Draco ignored his father and he couldn't care less about ehat he gets into while serving Voldemort. Draco didn't know how long he'd been standing over his mother's grave lost in thought. He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around to face fatherly looking man. "Mr. Malfoy I'm Stanley I will be escorting you to your new home." Draco silently nodded and with one last look towards his mother's grave he left.

Stanley drove a red muggle car which has been magicaly expanded to fit Draco's belongings. He couldn't take too much because he didn't know if there would be enough room in the orphanage and he couldn't take the obviously magical things other than his school books and of course his broomstick, there were some things he just couldn't leave behind. Draco was sitting in the front seat and thankfully Stanley didn't try to make a conversation because Draco was lost in deep thought.

After about half and hour of drive through London they reached the place. It was a old looking four storey house with a large simple sign that read "Welestley's Place" in large bold letters. Draco was surprised that the name didn't give away the fact that the place was in fact an orphanage. He got out of the car to get his trunk and the family- now his owl Eliot. He reached the door which Stanley already opened for him and followed him through into a large hall where an elderly lady was already waiting for them. "Hello there, I'm Doris Welestley and I run this place. You must be Draco."She smiled welcomingly at Draco who couldn't help but smile back. Doris Welestley was looked around sixty years old, she wore pale blue flowery dress with little cardigan. Her grey hair was pulled back into a bun. She had very prominent black eyebrows which dominated her aged face.

That night Draco couldn't sleep. He was in his new room, he looked around at the blank walls, his bags still in the corner waiting to be unpacked, and the dark crimson curtains. He wasn't surprised the least that he couldn't sleep with everything that happened that day. He tried not to think about his parents but it was hard when he knew that they weren't in the room next to his anymore and that his mother won't be asking him about his plans for the day at the breakfast. A tear ran down his cheek. He didn't wipe it off, he didn't need to, there was no one to see him crying in the darkness. He tried to occupy his mind with a thoughts about his new home, there were other kids that he can make friends with. No more loneliness for an only child. He didn't have to worry about who he is supposed to be friends with or not, and the best of all he could be himself. At Hogwarts he was expected to be a Malfoy, he was supposed to hate muggleborns and couldn't just be a carefree teenager. Here, no one gave a rat's tail about who is a Malfoy or what is he supposed to be. With this final thought Draco finally fell fast asleep.

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